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  1. Kokatha man

    Small worlds: Mars, Uranus & Neptune in 1 night...

    Good grief..! I must admit I haven't posted on SGL for quite some time, but seeing a response to this old thread from last year was quite a surprise! Chris, we never image at native scale for any planet...& for this mono camera we barlow at about 1.8x...this is achieved by using just the lens element of a Televue 2x barlow & setting the camera sensor at the relevant back-spacing distance (which incorporates the EFW) to achieve said amplification. My conscience has been pricked.....so I'll try & put together a compendium of our 2018 Mars captures when I am able. (the 2018 Mars imaging opportunities have almost finished btw)
  2. Kokatha man

    Cloud Detail on Venus, at last!

    Well done Reggie..!
  3. Kokatha man

    rECENT jOVES...

    Thanks Gerry!
  4. Kokatha man

    rECENT jOVES...

    Ha-ha, thanks Chris...I remember such photos well also! As a young fella in the 1950's it was the images of the planets that fired my imagination...not realising that a lot of them I looked at in books were "touched up" quite often for presentation. I know my fascination back then was the catalyst for my immersion in this activity as I neared retirement quite some time back!
  5. Kokatha man

    rECENT jOVES...

    Hi fellas, thanks for the responses - appreciated! Angie, here's what you see when you use your screen-browser's magnifier to pump the image up to 400%...I've just taken a screen-shot for you..! What you are seeing isn't a "double image" but simply Io - this moon possesses darker/lower albedo at its' poles & there is a darker "filament" inter-connecting these poles...a commonly picked up aspect of Io's surface & the effect is to make Io appear egg-shaped or as if it has some sort of "doublet" appearance - against the brighter background of Jove's surface when in transit these aspects are exacerbated...our website has several examples of this in the Jupiter sections with Io as well as a graphic explanation of a brighter background's influence on Ganymede during transit in both an animation & "graphic display" using a tonal chart. If I was motivated to create a "special display image" for the website I'd probably select Io itself in CS4 & increase the sharpening & contrast a tad to "pull the moon off of Jove's surface" as per the quick play in the 2nd image here...
  6. Kokatha man

    Jupiter at last!

    Excellent for your elevation & SCOPE..!
  7. Kokatha man

    rECENT jOVES...

    Hi SGL'ers - I've only dropped in for a few fleeting replies over the last month or two...been busy with a lot of stuff, not all astro & not all of that planetary imaging! Nonetheless we've captured a few images whenever the clouds or seeing has conspired to let us - the relatively high elevations in Southern Oz for the planets has been influenced by rotten seeing & more often cloudy weather - a bit bizarre seeing that it has only been in the last week that drought-like conditions have started to break! First up a link to the animation over about 1.5 hours leading up to opposition...captures finishing about 9 hours before precise opposition UT. On the page I link to you can click on the rotating image to see it at slightly larger scale (or use your screenbrowser magnifier to increase the scale further if you wish) but also below that animation a WJ animation that is made in WJ by wrapping a cylindrical projection map around a "virtual globe." (also generated in WJ & shown above the WJ animation & below the "classic" animation) As my text says I'm not a great fan of these WJ animations but a lot of people are...& as I state they are a heck of a lot easier to create! See here: http://momilika.net/WebPages/Jupiter2018Pics.htm I've been tardy even on my website with 2018 Jupiter images & will get Pat to upload them as soon as I get off my backside & send her the images from this year so far..! Here are a couple of "stills" also from various dates including that night...a couple are multiple images from different nights so please excuse the mix-ups...it's a tad confusing for me also!
  8. Kokatha man

    Jupiter 18th May

    ....at 23° you can be fairly satisfied Peter!
  9. Kokatha man

    Jupiter 26-03-2018

    Very respectable from all aspects!
  10. Kokatha man

    Recent-er Jove...

    Thanks all! We're still waiting for some decent seeing tbh!
  11. Kokatha man

    Recent-er Jove...

    Someone responding to a Jovian image of ours that had slipped my memory had me posting this "more recent" Jove - "yes" I am semi-literate! About a week ago with Ganymede skimming Jove's northernmost disk...still waiting for some decent seeing etc but starting to get near the business-end of Jovian imaging...
  12. Kokatha man

    Recent Jove...

    Thanks, I'd forgotten about this thread...perhaps I should post a "Recenter Jove..?!?
  13. Kokatha man

    Recent Jove...

    Thanks folks - I don't use WinJupos unless it is beneficial Pete!
  14. Kokatha man

    a so-so Saturn and a rather iffy Mars !

    ...your image displays Mare Acidalium on the upper right with the regions from Sinus Meridiani to Solis Lacus on the lower left. (from about 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock) Astronominsk has a couple of very good interactive Mars globes for you to play with & has nomenclature & of course WinJupos will tell you the visible face of Mars for any time, date & location on Earth: http://www.astronominsk.org/Planets/Planets_en.htm http://jupos.org/gh/download.htm Here's WinJupos for your image showing the regions I've listed at a scale & suitable blur for your image for comparison.
  15. Kokatha man

    Recent Jove...

    Thanks Michael & Peter, this apparition Jove should provide some very nice opportunities for us in the Southern Hemisphere as long as we get good seeing...last year the weather patterns weren't quite as generous as we'd hoped for Jupiter & Saturn, but we are certainly hoping/wishing for a good Jove & Mars imaging season this year...

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