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  1. Hi tooth_dr and others. This is a great tool. I have now installed it as a plug in to my PS2. Thank you! Peter
  2. Hi Allinthehead, what do you mean by "this image would benefit from scnr green or hlvg"? Peter
  3. Here is an image taken with a standard Nikon DSLR. 2rs of 4 min subs with ED80 Pro, dark subtracted only. I struggled a lot with light pollution removal during processing. Peter
  4. Great image, almost looks 3D with the moons. Peter
  5. That's an excellent image of Saturn at 14 degrees. I have heard that the seeing on the 19th was very good. well done. Peter
  6. Probably my last Jupiter image this year. Rippling seeing and 14 degrees! Peter
  7. Nice set of images. Great result from a 6" scope. Peter
  8. Saturn using an IR luminance image to get some detail, colours subdued as a result. Peter
  9. Amazed at some detail visible in this single image at only 11 degrees altitude. GRS and Ganymede's shadow visible. Best regards Peter
  10. Not too bad considering the altitude and poor seeing at the moment from the UK. As Aussie Dvae says, in a couple of years they will be higher and much easier targets. Peter
  11. Great shots for a 6" scope well done! Peter
  12. Well done lovely shot for just 90mm aperture. Peter
  13. Congratulations, well done. A lovely image showing Cassini division in the rings. Peter
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