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  1. It's edge rind - Google it. Caused by optical diffraction, hard to get rid of. A major issue imaging small bright planets. Peter
  2. Mars now only 9.6" diameter. Thought I would still have a go, managed to get reasonable detail sowing Sinus Meridiani near centre and Hellas Basin at upper left. No sign of South Polar Cap. Also horrible edge rind on bright LH limb. Peter
  3. It's edge rind, Google it. Quite normal I'm afraid. It's caused by diffraction and always affects the bright high contract limb of small bright planets. You can see it on my image just posted. Peter
  4. Well captured. Such a great sight. Peter
  5. Close up of terminator 20th December
  6. DSLR mosaic of 3 images on a C14 Peter
  7. Just about make out a belt on Jupiter. Single frame shot. DSLR on C14. Peter
  8. Crescent Moon DSLR on ED80 at f/15 Peter
  9. Now less than 0.5 degree apart. A couple of images from a DSLR on an ED80 at f/7.5 and f/15 Peter
  10. Keith, If you mean the strange left edge curved features, this is edge rind, a well known phenomena. It's caused by diffraction patterns from the optics. It's a real pain and hard to avoid. Google it. Peter
  11. Managed to get about 10 mins on Mars between the clouds. Only 12.9" diameter now. Some nice high altitude clouds on the terminator side. Elysium is very bright at lower left. Mare Cimmerium and Sinus Gomer prominent at centre. Peter
  12. Getting closer now in ED80 field of view - DSLR 1/100sec at ISO 400 Peter
  13. Hi Craig, I have read somewhere that the edge rind stays the same size, so therefore looks worse on smaller disks. Peter
  14. A quicky Mars image in jittery seeing from between the clouds. It's getting much smaller now at only 13 arc secs diameter. Syrtis Major on show. Peter
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