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  1. astroman001

    Jupiter, August 13-2018

    Excellent image this late in the season. Peter
  2. astroman001

    Filter query for RGB Mars with ASI290MM

    Yes the RGB filters will not pass either IR or UV except for a small overlap at the red and blue end. I would recommend taking 4 filters, R G B and IR. Produce both images as usual, the RGB will be washed out both by dust and the low altitude The IR will show nice details (less affected by atmospheric turbulence and Mars dust). Then combine using the IR as a luminence channel. This can all be done in WINJupos. Best regards Peter
  3. astroman001

    A quick day time Venus

    I use a C14 with an ASI224MC camera and IR filter. You don't need a big aperture though, it's a bright object. Venus easily visible in a 50mm finderscope in daylight. A Goto mount helps you find it in daylight. For safety, do it from a shaded spot so can't see the sun. Peter
  4. astroman001

    A quick day time Venus

    Getting close to 50% phase now. Taken at 4:40pm on 5th Aug, poor seeing. Peter
  5. astroman001

    Saturn with polar storm - 5 Aug 2018

    Great image, I can definitely see the storm. I think I will try some RGB imaging and see if that helps beat the seeing rather than colour L. Peter
  6. astroman001

    Mars - seeing is everything

    That pretty much matches what I saw with the best seeing on 23rd and 31st and poor seeing since then. Nicely illustrated comparison. Peter
  7. astroman001

    Saturn 4th-Aug-18

    Seeing wasn't great on the 4th, so well done for getting a reasonable result. Peter
  8. astroman001

    Saturn 5-8-2018 IR RGB

    Nice image, seeing wasn't great last night. Peter
  9. astroman001

    Mars with new scope 5th August UK

    A very good result, well done. You have achieved a good colour result with showing the major features well. Peter
  10. Seeing not as good as 31st July. Probably my last Jupiter this year, lost behind a house now. Europa shadow and Io in transit. A nice IR/colour Saturn IR Mars showing dark ridge in polar cap, bright Hellas basin upper left and Sinus Meridiani centrally placed. IR RGB colour image with the same details as above and showing the bluish N polar hood.. Peter
  11. astroman001

    Saturn from the 2.8.2018

    A very nice Saturn Peter
  12. astroman001

    At last a half reasonable Mars image.

    Well done, i's a difficult target. Peter
  13. astroman001

    Downloading the Dust on the Red Planet

    Wonderful images, superb detail and processing - well done. Peter
  14. astroman001

    Another Mars.... what else?

  15. astroman001

    Mars 31st July - good seeing

    Thanks for the encouraging comments everyone. Peter

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