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  1. The hot sultry conditions gave some good views of Saturn. Here is an IR luminance - Colour image showing some nice detail in the belts and polar region. Peter
  2. The hot sultry conditions gave a lazy boiling appearance to Jupiter with some good detail visible beneath. Autostakkert and Registax did their magic and produced a reasonable result for 17 degs altitude. GRS and Callisto's shadow prominent. Peter
  3. Another image from the night of 6th August. GRS and oval BA prominent as is the GRS hollow pushing into the SEB. Peter
  4. Great progress over the past 4 years especially when you realise that Saturn was much higher in the sky then. Peter
  5. Very nice result. I have found that also with the seeing on Saturn better than Jupiter despite the almost same altitude. Peter
  6. The hot weather brought some better seeing on 6th August. Here is an image of Jupiter showing the GRS region well and an IR luminence colour image fo Saturn. If only they were a bit higher in the sky. Peter
  7. An excellent image, lots of detail Looking forward to imaging Mars as it gets higher in the sky. Peter
  8. An excellent image from the UK this year. Well done. Better than I have managed with my C14! Peter
  9. Thinking again about the red hue, are you using an IR/UV cut filter with your colour camera? if not you can get this issue. Peter
  10. Great results considering the problems. Peter
  11. Some good detail, just needs a tweak with colour balance, looks too red to me. It would also help with contrast of surface features as well. Polar cap should be bright white. I took the liberty of having a tweak, see attached image. Peter
  12. The planets should look yellow at low altitude due to scattering of blue. How did you correct the colour? Saturn looks blue which is strange. Jupiter is not far off, have you tried boosting saturation in photoshop or Gimp? Do you have the white balance set to auto on your colour cam, assuming this is taken with a colour cam. Normally I colour correct in Photoshop. Go to Levels, blue channel and move the RH slider left until the white areas look about right. That's all you should have to do. Peter
  13. Great work Darryl. Is the main improvement the sensitivity so you can get higher frame rates and lower gain? Looking forward to getting one when the planets rise a bit higher from the UK. Peter
  14. Superb result. One of the best I've seen from the UK this year, great detail and colour - well done. Peter
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