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  1. Nice results and presentation. Peter
  2. Here is an image taken with Nikon D5200 on ED80 15 x 30 sec subs stacked in DSS comet mode. No sign of tail, but some faint streak caused by the stacking I think. Peter
  3. Love the composite image of the planet and moons, huge image scale. Well done. Peter
  4. Tom, I've never needed to do this, but what you describe sounds like it should work. Best way to find out would be to try it before the main planets disappear into the twilight. Good luck Peter
  5. Great evolution of your skills. Is it time to update this with what has happened since 2013? Peter
  6. Very good results considering the recent conditions. Well done. Peter
  7. Great images. Enke division well resolved and good views of the polar hexagon. Peter
  8. Tom The seeing was so bad that I didn't bother with RGB, I didn't think the IR would be that good. Peter
  9. Here is an IR RGB image of Mars on 1st September. Aurorae Sinus area is central with SInus Meridiani is on RH limb. Argyre region looks bright. Best regards Peter
  10. The seeing was boiling rapidly pulling the disk into contorted shapes, but there was detail visible to focus upon. The software did a great job bringing out the detail in this IR image. Aurorae Sinus is prominent near the CM with Solis Lacus just visible to the left of CM. Best regards Peter
  11. Here are IR742, RGB and (IR)RGB images of Mars from last night. Seeing was fair for the altitude, but poor transparency. Blue only manages 15 fps. This side of Mars is a bit dull and devoid of much detail. Best regards Peter
  12. Good result, certainly picked up all the details visible at the moment. Peter
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