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  1. Always need to tweak focus with each filter. The colours are brought to slightly different focus distances. Peter
  2. Solis Lacus dominates this hemisphere. Olympus Mons at lower right. Jittery seeing and windy conditions again. Peter
  3. A windy session with jittery seeing, but still managed to get some detail Can see the central crater on Olympus Mons just. Solis Lacis at upper left. Peter
  4. An image of Mars taken in jittery jetstream seeing. Nice clouds on both limbs. Peter
  5. Excellent image well done. Peter
  6. Craig Very nice images. Good detail captured. Peter
  7. HI Geoff, Great images, lots of detail despite the jetstream being around. Peter
  8. Increasing image scale with a Barlow will help. Can't do anything about the clouds however. Peter
  9. Well done, a 3x or 5x Powermate will help increase image scale. Peter
  10. Great images. The red looks better than the IR, try a RRGB instead of IRRGB. Peter
  11. Spacecake2 - It's focal length and fine camera pixels. My focal length is close to 10,000 mm at the camera chip. With very small pixels, the image looks larger on the computer screen. Clever software does the rest. Peter
  12. Software managed to tease out some reasonable detail despite poor seeing due to high speed jetstream overhead. Peter
  13. Great work Craig, good rendition of Mars this opposition. Peter
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