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  1. Recent Jove...

    Still some lovely detail visible, especially when animated. best regards Peter
  2. Jupiter

    Hi all, Not many posts here recently - where have all the imagers gone? Here is an image of Jupiter from the 19th Jan. Usual poor jetstream seeing. Peter
  3. A Christmas Jupiter

    I dusted off the kit and had a go at Jupiter in the pre-dawn sky on the 28th December. Conditions were rubbish with jet stream ripple and jumping all over the screen. Still good to get out and actually image a planet again. Hopefully it can only get better from here in 2018. Peter
  4. Thank you everyone. I have now bought one from FLO. Hope to try it tonight. peter
  5. Hi all, thanks for the comments. Thank you Freddie for the link. The 610nm filter is well suited to showing surface storms on the outer planets, especially Neptune. best regards peter
  6. I am trying to locate and buy a 610nm IR pass filter for planetary imaging, specifically Neptune and Uranus. I have tried all the usual online shops without success. Does anyone here know of a UK or European supplier? Best regards Peter
  7. Neptune's large EQ spot...

    Brilliant work Darryl. Love the animation of what looks like a huge disturbance. Peter
  8. Here is a close up of big bright galaxy NGC6946 taken during the recent spell of warm clear nights. 25 x 5 min subs with OSC ST2000XCM on C14 at f/7. Amazed that this never made the Messier list. Supernova SN 2017eaw is still visible see red arrow - thank you andrew63 for pointing this out! Peter
  9. Saturn 12th Aug

    Excellent images under the conditions. I gave up on Saturn a while ago! Peter
  10. Io and Europa, double transit

    Lovely animation of the transits. Peter
  11. Cocoon Nebula

  12. Cocoon Nebula

    The cocoon nebula 33 x 5 min subs with ST2000XCM OSC on an ED80.
  13. Crescent nebula in moonlight

    Here is an image of the Crescent nebula NGC6888 in Cygnus taken with a gibbous moon causing sky brightening. Surprised I at what I did, but amazed at so many background stars in this region almost swamping the nebula. 15 x 5 mins subs with a ST2000XCM OSC on an ED80. I wasn't expecting that?? Peter
  14. M31 The Andromeda Galaxy

    Beautiful image
  15. insight-astronomy-photographer-year

    Congratulations, well deserved. Peter