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  1. That' a good set of images considering the conditions. Lots of detail visible like the row of white ovals. Peter
  2. Interesting cassegrain choice. I always thought you were a Newtonian fan. At least you will not need to worry about dew on a corrector plate like a SCT. May be a good choice, small and compact for F/12. Peter
  3. Poor seeing conditions, but interesting moon activity. The 23rd Nov image (tonight) shows Ganymede starting a transit on the lhs, Io and Callisto on the rhs and Io's shadow beginning to leave Jupiter's disk. The 22nd Nov image shows the GRS coming around the limb. Peter
  4. Excellent, lovely animation and detail. Can you send some of that nice seeing down here. I imaged the moons as well this evening, see separate post, but the seeing was awful. Peter
  5. Great results for a 100mm scope. Well done. Peter
  6. Well done for trying. The seeing started off quite nicely in July/August, but since mid September it has been awful. I am also waiting until next year now. Might have a go at Uranus and Neptune though. Peter
  7. I would agree, Barlow, ADC, filter, camera as you suggest. Peter
  8. Nice job Neil. The seeing has been awful recently, so well done for getting a good level of detail. Good colour balance. Peter
  9. Great animation, looks like you had some moments of good seeing, I saw oval BA pop out at one point. Peter
  10. Thanks Neil, seeing was cooperative and everything worked well. Usually this only happens when the other side of Jupiter is visible ! Peter
  11. Here are images of Jupiter from 12th and 15th September. Better seeing on the 15th allowing some nice detail to be captured in and around the GRS. Peter
  12. Some really good detail captured, well done. Peter
  13. Some nice detail captured Martyn. Conditions have not been great recently, so well done. Peter
  14. Excellent work. great image and animation. Lots of detail and moon action. Peter
  15. It has taken me a while to get around to processing this image. The 3rd Sept was the last half decent seeing from my location. GRS nicely presented and some distinctive brown barges above the NEB. Peter
  16. Conditions poor here as well. Amazed you got good resolution on the moons when Jupiter was not so good. Peter
  17. Some great images in the thread, well done. No luck here since 3rd Sept. Seeing has been really awful, can't even focus at times. Peter
  18. Still a nice set of images. Agree, very few nights with clear decent seeing this year. Best regards Peter
  19. Great images. You had much better seeing than down here. It's been awful since 3rd Sept. Peter
  20. Hi Neil, thanks, I waited for Jupiter to be favorably located at a reasonable hour, ie before 1-2am. It's too tiring these days to be up imaging at 3am. Peter
  21. Hi Craig, thanks. It was totally cloudy in Sussex unfortunately. Peter
  22. Good work. I also notice that after up-loading images to SGL, the brightness is increased. I have raised it before but I am told it's not possilbe. But I believe my eyes. Peter
  23. Great detail, and nice processing. I believe it's real topography on Ganymede. Many amateurs have recorded such details so it's definitely possible. Peter
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