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  1. Well done a fine first capture!
  2. Thanks Craig its been poor this season up to now, the better the conditions the less we need to thrash the data thats for sure!
  3. A reasonable shot there Tom, conditions have not been great of late anywhere in the uk it seems. Regarding captures in 8 bit absolutely fine there should be no restriction or limitation in the information captured whatsoever, i usually shoot around 90fps with a 640 x 480 window as a rule!
  4. Hi Trevor some good advice given above & like Craig says its a trade off, detail is increased using lum channels but generally at incurred false colour especially using ir! I personally like to use ir on its own to highlight detail on the planets but accept there is a place for it in combination with rgb!
  5. Thanks Neil its frustrating knowing we can get better but unfortunately conditions dont always allow!
  6. Poor conditions again last night capturing through light cloud mostly but Jupiter still revealing some good detail at times! C9 skyris 236m 1.5 x amplification!
  7. Very nicely done Mark some super detail captured!
  8. Hi Neil conditions really letting us all down latley, still a decent capture and some great moon detail thoe!
  9. A good detailed shot with the grs bang in the middle, nice work!
  10. Nice work, like the colour balance too, very natural looking!
  11. Well done Angie nice work, i was hoping someone would catch it, moon eclipses are not that common, it was to early for me as its barely skipping the roof tops!
  12. Cheers Angie. Thanks Craig ,thermals & ground heat can be a real problem when imaging especially at low elevation!
  13. Very nice transit animation Neil in below par conditions too!
  14. I agree some fine detail there Martyn, as you know mine from that evening were recycled!
  15. Cheers Neil you make some good points about the conditions & the effects on capture, also heat from house roofs especially in hot weather when planets are at low alt can be a problem too!
  16. Cheers Peter hope the conditions improve for you soon. Thanks martyn just a couple out of 20 or so runs worth giving my time to lol! Heres an ir run from last night!
  17. Images taken in mixed seeing last night. Taken with a c9.25 & skyris 236m - 1.5x meade barlow Thanks for looking!
  18. A quality set of images Neil, dont think that Saturn can be beaten uk seeing wise this apparition, regarding last night mixed seeing here in the midlands again with low trans although clear skys managed a few half decent runs so will post results!
  19. Cheers Neil Saturn again fairing good in the red ch but think the g & b are weak because of the low elevation. Thanks Martyn yes the red on Jupiter does seem weak? Cheers Angie much appreciated.
  20. Great little capture razor sharp too!
  21. Not the best of conditions last night but managed Jupiter in ir, Saturn was more stable & at times looked the best ive seen it in the red ch for a long time but the green & blue let it down so decided only to post the red ch image! Thanks for looking!
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