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  1. Oh yes always move in 2 parts. I do have a holdall from Argos that the OTA fits in perfectly for car journeys.
  2. It was the auto tracking version before the GOTO Dobs came out but it works with the GOTO handset.
  3. Just a point to make if this hasn't been mentioned. The 10" skywatcher flextube Dob has the same size mount as the 8". The 12" is a much larger beast altogether. I've had my 10" flextube for 13 years now and wouldn't swap it for anything. I keep it upstairs and it's light enough to carry up and down without trips to A & E 🙂
  4. Congratulations to Kostas, Geof & Nigella for producing work of such a high standard considering how bad the weather has been this planetary season. Its a shame the planetary challenge wasn't a month earlier to allow more time on Jupiter 🙂 Love the mug Geof! Best wishes with your recovery! 👍
  5. You're on the right track there Ian. As Kostas says just a few subtle tweaks.
  6. When planetary imaging you'll be able to lay back and smoke a cigar 😎 Short exposure DSO is an option now.
  7. Woahhhh!!!! Lewis Hamilton just got a better car!! 💪 Great to see you with a big gun Kostas!
  8. Very nicely detailed image Harvey!
  9. Nice final look at Venus 🙂 Lets hope 2025 gives us plenty of good seeing.
  10. Nice way to finish your Jupiter season Kostas. 👍
  11. I believe seeing a GRS moon transit in good seeing is as rare as seeing a unicorn with hen's teeth 🙂
  12. Nice animation Geof! I could see the stars flickering away last night. Always good to see a moon transit whatever the conditions 👍
  13. Nice set of images considering the less than great seeing we've had this season.
  14. That's super image Kostas! I'm sure you were frustrated not getting the full frame rate given the few opportunities there have been but in reality I doubt it's harmed your capture much if at all. I made a rookie mistake last night by taking the cloudy forecast at face value and watching the final of strictly come dancing only to discover the sky had been clear outside! 😱
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