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  1. That's another super image Simon!
  2. Remarkable image of Saturn at that elevation!
  3. That's a lovely image of Mars Simon! I need to bring my gear out of hibernation!
  4. Cheers John you've confirmed my first thoughts.
  5. Thanks Dave I appreciate you can get better cigar sockets but my main question is about using a DC jack cable without fuse as it would work better for me on a long cable for the CCTV.
  6. I want to use a 12v leisure caravan battery to power my scope mount and a CCTV camera. I ordered a cigar socket with crocodile clips but the socket connection is very poor with the cigar plug. I do have a DC jack cable I can run straight off the battery but it has no fuse. Is this too risky? The CCTV camera and mount are both 12v 2amp.
  7. I've got the EQ5 pro Goto, I bought a new one last year and I've had nothing but trouble with the tracking, had to send it back for a replacement and that's been trouble too. I too was worried about buying used but after this experience I would have gone for a used HEQ5 which is a stronger mount and would certainly handle your 8" scope better than the EQ5. That eBay HEQ5 looks a great buy! It says the tripod is from an NEQ6 which is even stronger!
  8. Fancy a trip to North Wales? This mount looks ideal for £500. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Skywatcher-HEQ5-Equatorial-Mount/263315265676?hash=item3d4ed0188c:g:~oAAAOSweExaBu-q
  9. Thanks Roger thats an interesting tip! Cheers Steve it seems to be running ok so far. The true test will be out in the cold.
  10. There are 2 grub screws, one on the flat side of the shaft and one at 90 degrees to that. Both are tight thanks Neil.
  11. Thanks for your quick response guys! I've followed your instructions cheers Peter! The shaft screw was tight so I slackened off the 3 grub screws and moved the motor across and now things are a lot more snug but still with a tiny bit of play so hopefully this is the sweet spot. Taken another video of the result, alas camera phone focus slightly out this time but you get the idea!
  12. I'm having tracking issues with my Skywatcher EQ5 Pro mount. The tracking errors in RA suggest backlash. Here is a video I've taken of the RA gears. There is a small amount of play in them, is this normal? If the play needs tightening up, do I adjust the 3 grubs screws next to the gears? Thanks for any advice.
  13. Thanks, yes well f11.8 to be precise. The asi224mc is very sensitive. Unfortunately I had to trash over 50% of the 30 sec exposures due to tracking errors. It's possibly backlash or something worse. I've already sent one EQ5 back to the vendor. Not terribly impressed by the quality of the SW EQ5 mounts!
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