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  1. What a cracker, nice and sharp, looks like you have a real nice setup there, with the f3.9 looks very well collimated. well done. Paul
  2. Very pleasing to the eye and the star colours are superb, Nice and deep judging by all the nebulosity you guy's have captured. Nicely done both of you. Paul
  3. Nicely done, very natural looking ( if there is such a thing ), Taken with a un -modified camera as well, you must be pleased. well done Paul
  4. wow, quite a bit of difference to the first image, looks a lot better now. well done. Paul
  5. ultranova

    NGC 2244

    Beautifully captured and processed, a wall hanger if I have ever seen one well done Paul
  6. That's come out a treat, I would imagine it was very satisfying to produce such an image if you have been out of it for a while. well done Paul
  7. Looking good Adrian, Its not over stretched and looks Natural looking, Around Essex last night there was some very high thin cloud knocking about that might have Took the edge off those valuable photons, don't know if it was similar over your way. don't think you can improve it much more unless you stretch the data a bit more the only other option as you say is to catch more subs, Looks good to me though. Paul
  8. Wow that's nice, up close and personal, A big well done Paul
  9. I would say sensationally caught, and processed, beautiful target Fist time in seeing this, so I thank you both for that. well done Olly, Paul, its a cracker for sure. Paul
  10. very nice topic, nice to see something that old still giving people pleasure I wonder if any of my gear will look as good as that in 158 years in saying that if the damn cloud don't go away, they will find it in a 158 years still wrapped up in its box Nice post Paul
  11. Wow that's beautiful Sara, it looks so surreal love the colours, would make a cracking wall hanger. Nicely done Paul
  12. Very nice capture indeed, Thanks for sharing, its nice to see the sun again, even if it is a picture Paul clear skies
  13. Hi Every one, this might have been done before on SGL so ill keep it brief. When I went to B and q with the Wife this morning, I noticed these packs of interlocking Floor tiles, on the packaging it said they are suitable for sheds, garages and the like, They are a around 9mm/10mm thick and feel quite hard wearing, plus they are weather resistant Its like walking on carpet now at £9 a pack I needed 2 packs and used 1.5 packs for a 6 foot square Obsy. They cut nice with a sharp pair of scissors. All the best Paul.
  14. Hi, I have found the mini computers are ok as long as you don't overload them, running one or two not overly intensive programs at once is ok, but these little computers for the most part are not that powerful and can easily struggle with to much going on at the same time. It all boils down to how much load you are putting on it. If you are just running your mount and PHD2 it should be ok, but soon as you add something else it could start to cause issues again depending on the spec of the computer and what you intend to fully use on it. I went for a second hand dual core with 4gb of ram on eBay, not exactly a small laptop, compared to one of the mini ones but runs pretty much every thing, mount, phd, filter wheel camera. Hope that helps, someone else might have first hand experience with one of the mini computers that might blow my take on it out of the water. Good luck Paul
  15. Hi, In the End it was sent back. shame as it was what I was looking for, I was lucky enough at the time to have quite a few clear nights to try and get it sorted unfortunately I never was able to get it to a level where I could say the stars are ok in the corners, using a adjustable spacer I was going in and out of the purposed sweet spot, never did get right. Not to say they are all like that, you might be lucky and get one that's good from the start. I would like to see some astro photos take with one of these scope at 100% , at the time I could not find one. Paul
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