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  1. Blimey that's a draw dropper, Congratulations on gathering and processing the data so well. wall hanger for sure. well done Paul
  2. I can only dream of such data, wow what a impressive shot taken on some serious astro equipment. Thanks for sharing Paul
  3. A great start to a project, I hope the weather stays kind for you, Paul
  4. Nice data and very nicely processed, love the colors and detail coming through well done Paul
  5. Very nice indeed, I like version 2, but I dare say you will be doing several versions until you settle on one that you like the most, Great data, and nicely processed well done. Paul
  6. Nice colors and detail coming through, well done Paul
  7. Very nice result indeed, Nothing worse than trying to get things sorted out with the hardware /software There's only so much you can do before your under the stars hoping it all comes together, and by the look of it I think you've cracked it Adam, well done Paul
  8. Nice result, even more so that it was unguided, very nice colors , I can not remember the last time someone posted a pic using a vc200L Results speak for themselves. Well done Paul
  9. Wow that's getting up close and personal, I take my hat off to you for capturing this at toes focal lengths very nice image well done Paul
  10. Wow, that's not good, glad you found the issue and sorted it. Paul
  11. Indeed we did have a good chat trying to resolve the spacing issues,, I wasted 2 clear nights trying to resolve the the warped stars at the corners , it wasn't the fact the the camera needed tilting as the star distortion was very even in all four corners, which for me , I could not live with, and I wasn't seeking perfection,, it was a real shame as it is a beautiful scope. If I was you Carole I would really take your time on deciding and picking something, as Like Olly said, unfortunately, like most things you only get what what you pay for , there are exceptions I dare say but very rare.
  12. I wonder which one of the Astrophotography softwear giants are going to , do a plug in for the software , rightly called satellite trail eliminator. Paul
  13. Cracking image DataLord, well done, I think Beauty is going to be in the eye of the beholder on this one. Paul
  14. lots of depth and good separation of stars Looking good, Paul
  15. Nice touch on adding the extra data, looks very good. well done Paul
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