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  1. That's come out well, I admire your will power to get up again and have another go We all have to start some where in the great hobby of ours, and your certainly on the right track, the only way to learn is through making mistakes and asking the question how can I make it better, Like Olly said lots of little steps.. well done Paul
  2. Most impressive, for me it has to be the best take I have seen of this area, superbly processed and framed well done Paul
  3. Wow, it looks like you are setting some new standards, with your scope camera combo, beautifully captured and processed. Looking forward to your next Pic Well done Paul
  4. Congrats getting on with the AsiAir, All appears to be working well, your second take on M31 looks a tad green to me, unless its my monitor, also, make sure you take dark frames, and flats if you haven't, i can see the censor read noise top right,, i get it on my 294pro. apart from that a very nice take on M31, well done Paul
  5. Pretty photo indeed Rob, nicely captured and processed, I think the lens has performed admirably, I do not think you could ask for more. well done Paul
  6. Worth every minute you dedicated to it, Absolutely stunning, well done Paul
  7. wow nicely captured, Looks like the Aurora was in full swing whilst you were there. well done Paul
  8. Very nice image , lovely star colours and well processed Well done Paul
  9. That's a wall hanger for sure, I admire your dedication to this one target, but it has clearly paid off. cracking detail and color, and nicely processed. well done Paul
  10. Wow outstanding, , I think this is the best capture I have personally seen on this target. The RGB data on top is the icing on the cake, well done and thanks for sharing Paul
  11. Love this area of the sky, job to get from my location, you have captured these two very nice, the colors are striking whats not to like well done galatica77 Paul
  12. Very nice indeed Dave, Funny thing is i didn't even notice the magenta stars, More to the point, personally i do not find them intrusive especially on a false color image. But then beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder. I admire your long slog on this target, and its paid off Well done Paul
  13. That is up close and personal, I like it I had the same problem with my equipment, mainly the hardware Takes a couple sessions to get back into it. Trouble is with the good old UK weather it could be 2 months apart nice capture Paul
  14. Hi Olly and thanks for the comments, I see what you mean about the the black point, I just pointed it out to Dave, I have just replaced my old faithful monitor and it could be a Tad to dark I normally get the picture somewhere near right with the levels and curves then that last tiny bit i adjust by eye so it looks OK On my monitor. Its nice to be able to do a bit of imaging again, as i was missing it. Thanks for the info Paul
  15. Thanks Dave much appreciated, funny thing is I can see the image needs adjusting on my work computer, I could not see it from home, I have just replaced my aging monitor, probably needs a bit of adjustment, maybe I have it to dark, which would probably cause the problem, as the picture displayed on SGL looks a bit whited out. Thanks for your feed back much appreciated. Paul
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