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  1. Wow didn't know that was there, And 6.6 hours at F2., faint stuff for sure, Nicely captured and processed , a wall hanger for sure. Congratulations with the image and well deserved, Well done Paul
  2. Oh yes that's nice, The starless image looks surreal, almost like waves And where the Horse head is just above it, It looks like there's a void where everything is falling into it and Orion has been pushed up out the way by a wave I know ...........I have a active imagination lol very impressive. Well done Paul
  3. Hi Michael, Looking good, I don't know how much further you can go before you hit the point of diminishing returns. Looks nice as a HA image but some color would be the icing on the cake. I am not sure what your camera would come up as being on DSS, I think somewhere in the processing algorithm this is is a part you can tick to say it is a narrow band image. I could be wrong, I seem to remember seeing it once , unless I'm getting confused. Paul
  4. Hi Sean,, If you push the Extreme filter to one side, the camera is good, On the rare occasion , the moon is not up and the clouds are not about, its a good all round camera for the price point. there are other offerings not far off the price point, that don't show any artifacts in the dark frames, the 294 has quite a big artifact in the top right in all of my subs, but easily calibrated out ., The only thing that blows me away, is how sensitive it is in the green channel, due more than likely to havin two green to every one red and blue matrix over every pixe
  5. Hi Craney, Thanks for the info, I did chase up the links you sent me, very interesting, I dont seem to be getting some of the matrix patterns some of those guy's are talking about, I think Peter might be on to something , when he said about the filter not being in parallax with the chip, I have a pretty good even flat field across the the picture, stars a pretty good across the frame, I shall keep experimenting and see what occurs. if clear outside is correct on Friday i shall be out having another round with the filter. Thanks Paul
  6. Hi Peter, I have spent quite a few hours now going through what might be the cause of the strange flats, what I have adopted to do is reduce the amount of time in the flat taking process by around 30% In other words if I get a reading saying I need to take flats at 22000 adu I have now been taking them at 16000/17000 If I go to the recommended / calibrated flat the red side becomes over powering to the point its almost black. Strangely enough, I did think that my filter might be on the wonk a little, which might cause the problem in hand and it doesn'
  7. Sorry guys not sure what happened , i went to put up another topic and some how it put this back on at the top of the page, apologies for that. Admin if you are about could you move this post down the list or move it to the next page , as people have already seen this post. Many Thanks Paul Hi Every one, Managed to get out for 4 hours on Saturday, which gave me the opportunity to try out the ZWO EAF. which was a first for me, the last 40 years I have been focusing manually and was very hesitant at letting something else do it. wo
  8. Thanks for that, as i say it has only been with that filter, I didnt have any issues with optolong l -enhance,, which is similar, in its design,, but obviously this filter is a lot tighter on it spectral bandwidth and pre dominantly only supposed to let in two channels unlike the L-enhance. Thanks for the links and help, i will re visit my flats and see what occurs. Paul
  9. Hi Valaiv, I only debayed and and auto streched the image in pix insight to show the strange colors coming through the filter, not my normal routine for sure. I don't have clipping, i thought that might be the case, and there does appear to be green data coming through, actually to much, Here is a auto streched image of the master light frames debayered . I don't have problem with flats normally, but you could be onto something about the flat generation, I normally do my flat around the 19000, to 24000 range , I needed around 26000 fo
  10. Hi Every one, Managed to get out for 4 hours on Saturday, which gave me the opportunity to try out the ZWO EAF. which was a first for me, the last 40 years I have been focusing manually and was very hesitant at letting something else do it. worry unjustified as it worked a charm. It was also a first using the optolong L-extreme filter for a longer session with the ZWO294mc pro Anyway here's my take on it and the Flats that I can not use when staking, As it makes processing of the image near on impossible. Would be interesting to here from any one
  11. Nice to see this cluster, not that often taken. nice star colors . well done Paul
  12. Great result with the lens / camera combo. Its quite a big nebula and you managed to get it all in the frame which is nice. well done Paul
  13. Up close and personal, I love it Good control of the bright stars in that area, and nicely processed. well done Peter. Paul
  14. A cracker for sure, and nicely processed. well done Paul
  15. Looks Great, at least with that focal length you can see other little galaxies in the one shot. Nicely processed to . Well done Paul
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