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  1. Can these files in the post above be reuploaded please?
  2. Jupiter earlier tonight - finally a spell of good weather. Also shown is Europa and its shadow transiting over the surface. C&c welcome as usual!
  3. Full res image at https://canopus123.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/j2017-06-04_19-52-48_rgb_ap.jpg
  4. Nice catch! How did you get a 10 minutes derotation? 5 vids x 2 minutes?
  5. Fantastic shots! What altitude do you have them at meridian transit?
  6. Thanks Pete - it takes a lot of processing if you try to do derotation in these cases since the moons and their shadows move quickly so the image smears.
  7. Thanks - the colour balance may need a bit of tweaking away from yellow.
  8. Hi all, A late start for me this apparition, here's last night's Jupiter with Io and Europa's shadows. GRS on central meridian. Best regards all, Alex
  9. Good evening, I tend to move my EQ8 with my hands to centre say Jupiter in the fov by sighting through the finder and moving the mount with the locks on, albeit allowing movement ie. not tightened too much. Is that ok or am I risking damaging something ex. stripping gears somewhere? thanks!
  10. Last night's Saturn in IR. More at http://canopus123.files.wordpress.com
  11. Thanks - I notice the CdC versions are extractions in themselves of the general UCAC4. quote ucac4-catalog-v2-south.zip : South zone -90 to -30 ucac4-catalog-v2-equator.zip : Equatorial zone -30 to +22.5 ucac4-catalog-v2-north.zip : North zone +22.5 to +90 A fourth file ucac4-index-v2.zip contain the optional search index for all the zones. 3 questions: - what is the use of the search index? Is it only to enable CdC find a star given its UCAC name (ex. UCAC4-303-223417) ? - say I want to have stars from +22.5 to +50, is there any possibility of identifyi
  12. Good afternoon Would like to ask whether it'd be possible to download only the positional data for a UCAC4 installation in Cartes du Ciel. Ie. I do not need to have all the proper motion data or photometric filters other than from V band. That should reduce the size of it I hope. thanks!
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