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  1. Nice image with the refractor Neil. That must be quite a weapon!
  2. Excellent capture Neil! High pressure over UK this week though lots of cloud so far.
  3. Absolutely! Just a case of keeping the lawn well mown at that altitude
  4. I know it's says 2015 but as there are no later showcases I thought this Jupiter animation I made from 2016 deserved to be on here. I corrected the field rotation in winjupos. 90 mins rotation taken with 10" Dob, ASI 224mc, 3x TV & ADC :
  5. That is a dramatic improvement! Superb image Peter!
  6. That's very good Peter! Love the vibrance.
  7. Quick squirt of WD40 and you'll be fine Neil
  8. Don't know how I missed these. Good to see you are still keeping busy Darryl! Very nice collection of Mars shots!
  9. I did try defrag but it didn't need any according to windows. Yep tried turning off WiFi & antivirus too. I've left a question about unity gain on the ZWO forum. This coming week looks like the best chance of getting some sharp images with high pressure dominating. Hopefully it won't mean fog. I've tried a few different processes and can't beat this one which only took 10 mins after capture. One thing I will try is lowering gain while focusing. Really struggled focussing with the high gain setting.
  10. Thanks Neil. Defragmenting the laptop? Cheers Bryan!
  11. Thanks Dweller & Nigella! Cheers Peter it didn't look very clear on screen but the result was better than I expected. After doing some testing it seems 375 unity gain was the reason for all the dropped frames. Every other gain setting and the laptop records everything.
  12. This has got me baffled. It appears when I set my 224mc to 375 unity gain about 40% of frames are dropped as RAM falls on the firecapture readout. Any other gain setting and there is no problem. My laptop has 60% RAM available in system resources when unity gain is used so I can't figure out why the RAM readout on firecapture drops so much until frames are dropped? I have USB traffic set to the lowest value as is recommended.
  13. Btw used 3x TV + extension tube with Dob & asi224mc which according to firecapture produced f22 & focal length of 5700mm.
  14. Quick process from tonight. Laptop driving me crazy running low on RAM and dropping frames even though system resources showed only 40% memory usage. Think I've probably over cooked the wavelets on this.
  15. Impressive detail with the 127! Gotta love that scope
  16. Cheers guys! Might be 3 more years before I get another shot looking at the forecast!
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