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  1. Still not doing anything for me. The part I miss most from previous shows is the after show chat with the experts.
  2. This is a more complicated question than it might seem at first glance. Much depends on the type of observing you like to do. I started out with an 8 inch Dob and have been very happy with it. Looked at a bit of everything. DSOs, planets , double stars and the Moon. I found myself really enjoying sketching the Moon and planets so decided to get a 127 Mak on a tracking mount. Then retired from work and decided I wanted to do some solar observing to fill my days. I got a ST102 frac and a Herschel wedge and had a great time last summer observing the Sun. I often left the frac up if the skies looked promising and found that the widefield views of star fields were very enjoyable. I also found that views of the Moon were sharper than with the Dob or Mak, but there was a problem with CA. So my last purchase was a 120 ED. I have had little time to use it because of the permacloud, but the views achievable are quite stunning. To cut a long story short I have ended up with 4 scopes and intend to keep them all. The point I am trying to make is that as you become more experienced you will be in a much better position to decide on any future upgrades. Having waffled on a bit I would just say that if you want to do a bit of everything and only want to have one scope, then in my humble opinion a 8 or 10 inch Dob is the way to go. Unless you get the photography bug of course.
  3. Very nice animation, especially the cropped version.
  4. That's a lovely set of images Steve and quite a st up you have there.
  5. I watched and thought it was pretty average. Too much talk and not making enough of the glorious sky over head.
  6. Very nice disk.
  7. Good morning, I've had an excellent time at the Astrofarm. If you haven't yet seen Barnard's 33, ask Andrew if he'll point his C11 and focal reducer at it for you! #Awesome. 

    Hope you have more of the same blue skies, sunshine and clear dark skies that I've enjoyed these past 5 days.


    1. laudropb


      Thanks for your message Chris. I am looking forward to my visit. Just to have dark clear skies will be very rewarding. Glad it went well for you. I will let you know how I got on. 

      All the best 


  8. Lovely sketches Shane. Unfortunately the clouds and rain have arrived here again.
  9. Very nice sketches and notes.
  10. Very nice report of a very productive session. I often just use a ST 102 scope on an AZ 3 mount. So easy and quick to set up and the views are surprisingly good.
  11. Very nice image.
  12. Very nice first image.
  13. Very nice set of images.
  14. Lovely sketch Shane. Had a look myself after seeing your post. I am glad I did. What a fantastic AR.