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  1. New mamber

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL
  2. Today's H-alpha sun 18.3.18

    Still snowing here and vert strong freezing winds. I have not managed one Solar session this month because of the weather. So nice to read your report that there is some activity.
  3. Prom Action Today 16-3-18

    Well done Charl on getting something. I have not seen a bit of blue sky this month.
  4. American enthusiasm over the moon!

    A lovely video. So nice to see people’s reactions.
  5. New Member

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL
  6. I do not think there is a niche for this in amateur astronomy Chris. Looks more like a rich mans toy to me, but it will be very interesting to see if there is a market for it. I have my doubts.
  7. Congratulations on your first scope. You had a lovely first light and that is a lovely first light report. I really enjoyed reading it. Do not be in too great a hurry to replace the eyepieces. Take some time learning how to get the best out of your new scope and you will be in a better position to decide what eyepieces you need.

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL
  9. Kidderminster newbie

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL.
  10. Hi from Dundee, Scotland

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL. I have a 200p Dob and it’s a great first scope.
  11. Hi from Dorset

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL
  12. Hello from Atlantic Canada!

    Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL
  13. What did the postman bring?

    Will post a review once read Alan
  14. What did the postman bring?

    Latest acquisition. Delivered this morning. Looks like a very good read.
  15. Mercury in the evenings

    Managed to see them both last night using binos. Had to go to the local fields as they are too low from my garden.