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  1. Hi Every one, I managed to get a sneaky 3 hours of imaging done last night, with the Asi air pro, which i have been using now for the several months, and i have to say, its been reliable and does the job intended. But after a firmware update yesterday afternoon, it was doing, some erratic things, initially i saw a bit of an improvement with the , multi star guiding, well for ten minutes anyway, then it would just randomly, go mad looking for a guide star and it would say guide star lost, it would then settle down after resetting the guide star, then it would do it it again , if that wasn't bad enough, the zwo eaf could not find focus,, i would have to manually get the focus good as i could then do a automatic focus, and this happened, every time it went into the focus mode. if it was just one thing i might be able to put it down to a suspect cable. My main question is has anybody else had problems with the latest firmware upgrade. it was fine before this. Any help would be appreciated Clear skies, Paul
  2. Nice colours and details coming through, Good job with the Dslr, looks good. Well done Paul
  3. Amazing colours and detail, with such short exposure times, simply stunning Peter. well done Paul
  4. Interesting topic for sure, my only add to this is focal length, the two scopes you have suggested are very nice but with two to nearly 3 times the focal length, to see the IMF in the better context, you want the Rasa Like Olly said, extremely fast and a relatively short focal length off hand I think about 400mm if I remember correctly, . other wise to do a deep mosaic of the IFN it would probably take a year, , well it would in rainy England where I am lol Paul
  5. Nicely done , nice colour and detail very nice Paul
  6. Wow yet another treat for the eyes, beautifully processed as per norm well done Peter Paul
  7. Congratulations on the Award Peter , well disserved for a stunning image. Nicely done Paul
  8. Eye candy for sure Peter, Astrophotography at its best. well done. Paul
  9. Thanks for the kind words....appreciated
  10. Thanks Petet much appreciated
  11. Hi Every one, Just finished putting together a double rig and thus is first light with it which comprises of a small 71 wo refractor and a canon camera, this shot was with the canon camera and lens. composes of 28, 2minute subs with a astro modified canon 700d and 135mm Samyang f2 lens. Bias flats and darks were used. It has been a long time since I have processed dslr photos, and it shows lol, a bit noisy, and I could not stop Deneb over powering the near center of the image, but overall I am pleased that it all come together on a first light. thanks for looking and clear sky's. Paul
  12. Nicely done, this part of the sky never gets old Paul
  13. That's come out nice, Detail is good the only thing that its lacking a bit is blue, There's normally a fairly strong blue hue to most of the galaxy for some reason there does not seem to be none. the Ha is really coming through nice though. well done Paul
  14. What a cracker, This is a first for me seeing this Galaxy And what a super job you have done on it. Judging by the size of it, you need quite an amount of focal length like your Esprit 150 to get that level of detail. well done Paul
  15. Nice amount of detail coming through, and the colors are nice. what's not to like. Looks like your on a winner with Adam's old Mono camera. well done Paul
  16. Stunning, what a lovely capture colors and detail are top notch, wall hanger for sure. well done. Paul
  17. That's come out nice, Nicely done with the Star adventurer . well done Paul
  18. Not for the faint hearted this target, You definitely went the right way by using the samyang lens, was this taken in a dark location, and were any filters used, or was it just pure RGB you capturing. Very good effort indeed. you certainly captured a lot of the IFN in the region, I think I would have backed off a bit on the processing and it it still would have been a awesome catch. Nicely done Paul
  19. It always amazes me how deep you can go in such a small amount of time, you have certainly grabbed some nice data and have processed it nice it to draw out the faint stuff, Is you plan to hit one target with both Rasa's or go on there separate ways and get two targets in one night. Must be nice to have them sort of options. very nice set up you have there. Nicely done Paul
  20. A very nice start indeed, If I remember correctly this galaxy has a lovely golden hue to it, Unless I am thinking of another. Good luck Michael with the color data. You never know your luck. Paul
  21. Wow, Breathtaking Beautifully processed, a Grand entrance into SGL that's for sure. Looking forward to your next master piece. Well done Paul
  22. Thanks for sharing, I have never seen this one before, Nicely captured. well done Paul
  23. Amazing for 90 minutes, Nicely processed , a nice 3d feel to it well done Paul
  24. Very nice indeed, A excellent first dabble into narrow band. well done Paul
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