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  1. I'm using 85mm on a GSO 10" RC, and its pretty much spot on at 0.67. Using a SX-814, chip size 12.5x10mm and the corners are OK. I'm not sure how large a chip you can go to before aberrations become an issue
  2. M78 from the last few nights. Lots of light pollution - I only have a hour window when its not so bad, and that means living with it if I want a decent exposure time. 250mm R/C, SX814, 45x120s L, 20x120s RGB, unguided
  3. You've brought out some lovely detail of the dust clouds between the spiral arms there.
  4. I had hoped to get a bit more detail in a messier object with 3 hours of exposure, but M109 is fainter than I thought. Its also hard to get the detail out in the arms without blowing the core out too much, I need to do more fiddling with this. I'd hope to add colour, but found a major flare issue, I think from trying too early and a neighbour putting a light on. I'll probably try later in the year when its higher earlier. 250mm R/C, SX814, 90x120s Luminance (180m), unguided.
  5. A rather pretty edge on spiral in Coma Berenisis. Frost over everything last night, but at least it was clear! 250mm R/C @ F5.35, SX814. 165m Luminance, unguided.
  6. M74, 150m L, 10" R/C, MX-814 from Oxfordshire Hopefully the next dark moon will let me add some colour, but it's coming along. Getting rid of the light pollution gradients was a hassle, its low enough for me not to be clear of the worst of it. M74 isn't terribly bright, but it does show some nice structure
  7. I thought I'd give my new setup a try, despite a nearly full moon. This is a fake colour image - Ha/Red. O3/Green, O3/Blue 60m Ha, 60m O3. Obviously needs considerably more exposure, and some RGB as well, but a start. I was surprised how much of the surrounding nebulosity came out.
  8. 12" F4 Orion Optics VX series Newtonian. Price reduced Dual speed focusser, finder, professional grade optics, all in excellent condition - not used much, was originally bought for a project I decided not to do. Current retail around £1350, offering at £550 - because of its size, needs to be collected, too big for me to ship I'm afraid (I'm near Oxford). I'll also include a pair of tube rings with a Losmandy plate to mount the scope, and a dew heater that slides under the secondary for our wonderful UK weather.
  9. Takahashi FS-152 F8 for sale. This is the big one, Flourite lens (before they stopped making them). In excellent mechanical and optical condition, gives amazing visual views. A classic Tak scope. Selling due to health issues. £4,500 ono.
  10. 5 minutes shouldn't be showing field rotation, and 3' isn't that bad an alignment. A quick look at the image shows the eggs aren't in the same orientation (if they were, especially in RA, I'd suspect trailing). It could be collimation or field flatness.
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