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  1. Moon from Belgium

    Very nice indeed
  2. M51 with a ZWO ASI224

    I have a Peltier cooler lying around somewhere. Must get round to making my own cooler. Really curious what e.g. my ASI178MM would do with H-alpha filter on my Canon 200mm F/2.8 L lens. Should be very interesting.
  3. M51 with a ZWO ASI224

    Very interesting. I might well use my ASI224MC on my 80mm F/6 with reducer. That should work. Using one of the other ASI cameras as autoguider on the ST80 should even allow longer subs. Very interesting.
  4. M51 with a ZWO ASI224

    That is amazing! I must have a go with my ASI cameras on DSOs. Inspiring work
  5. Self-fixing Flats

    Sensor cleaning may have dislodged some dust. Good result
  6. My alternative to Star Adventurer (sort of)

    Neat set-up.
  7. olympus 10x50 dps1 vs omegon nightstar 15x70

    Could well be. The TS-optics one my kids use certainly have different coatings, but the overall quality of the image seems a touch better (they are a more expensive BA-1 variant)
  8. olympus 10x50 dps1 vs omegon nightstar 15x70

    The Omegon 15x70 is indeed a United Optics BA-1 under Astroshop's own brand. It is similar to many other BA-1 types out there (there are minor differences in lens coatings, I have found).
  9. olympus 10x50 dps1 vs omegon nightstar 15x70

    I had the Omegon NightStar 15x70 and enjoyed using it, although it is not the most robust pair of binoculars. Due to internal baffles they are really closer to 15x63mm, and they can get knocked out of collimation easily. When I got myself an upgrade to Helios Apollo 15x70s (which are WAY better), the bridge holding both EPs of the Omegon broke, and repairing that proved impossible, so now I have some spare lenses lying around should I want to make a couple extra 70mm finders. Having said that, they showed me many nice sights, and they were certainly worth the money. I haven't used that particular type of Olympus 10x50, but the much older type my parents had was excellent. It will be a lot easier to hold steady, and also useful for birdwatching.
  10. Best beginner software for imaging?

    I did use SharpCap for a while with good results, but somehow switched to FireCapture. At that point in time it worked a bit better, but SharpCap has been developed a lot, I hear, so I might give it a try again
  11. Best beginner software for imaging?

    I use FireCapture for solar, lunar and planetary imaging, with a combination of PIPP, AutoStakkert!3, Registax, and ImPPG for processing (all free). I use APT for DSO capture with the DSLRs (not free, but very cheap, and I like it). I used to work with DSS, for stacking, and it does a very decent job, but have lately switched to (paid for) Astro Pixel Processor, which I do feel does a better job. I would first start out with DSS, however
  12. Odd slow spiral satellite trail?

    Looks like it. It is probably spinning, hence the variations in brightness
  13. Buying 2nd hand eyepieces

    Most of my EPs are second-hand, and I have never got a lemon. Most of them I bought on SGL or ABS-UK.
  14. Opticron 30x80 Question

    I had the Opticron WP 16x80 version, and have looked through the Vixen Ark 20x80 (the Opticron version is made by Vixen, and is identical except for the Opticron badge). Both showed good image quality and were built like a rock, and were lightweight despite this. The only reason I sold mine was that the maximum inter-pupil distance was 72 mm, which is just shy of what my big head needs. For anyone with a more normal IPD, I would wholeheartedly recommend them.
  15. 7h 11min 30 s on M42

    Cheers for the feedback! I have quite a few shorter subs for the trapezium, and am going to add those in. I will see what 120s subs do. They worked well enough on M45, so I should be able to get deeper subs (if sky transparency and LP allow). The EQ3-2 I am using isn't the best for this. I might use the Vixen Great Polaris next time round (but I like to do some visual with the C8 on that whilst the 80mm is snapping away). I already use fairly aggressive curves in APP, which works on floating point images, and then tweak in GIMP, which is far from ideal (8 bpp, in my installed version).