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  1. I was about to give the same answer I posted in that thread, but John has spared me that.
  2. It is very quiet indeed at the moment. Last minimum I didn't have H-alpha or Ca-K gear, so the best I could manage was white light in my C8, and even then there were times when not a single spot could be seen, sometimes for a whole month or more.
  3. I got out the H-alpha kit for the first time in ages, and given passing clouds thought I would just get the detail around the AR and be done with it. That worked out quite well: Grey scale: Pseudo colour: Part inverted: Part inverted + pseudo colour: I haven't used my Solar Spectrum 0.3 Å H-alpha filter for what seems like ages, and I was a bit worried whether it would have deteriorated in storage (this can happen). It seemed to me that the last few instances I had used it, I couldn't use as much of the full field of view of the ASI174MM camera as before, hence my worries. Much to my surprise, the useful area of the filter turned out to be much larger than I have ever seen it. Odd, that, but I ain't complaining
  4. Got some WL and Ca-K full-disk data with the APM 80mm F/6 and ASI178MM camera again. The AR clinging to the limb. Seeing wasn't too bad, so I could stack no fewer than 500 out of 1,000 frames this time. WL, grey scale: WL, pseudo colour: Ca-K, grey scale: Ca-K, pseudo colour: Ca-K, part inverted: Ca-K, part inverted + pseudo colour: H-alpha to follow shortly.
  5. Quite some clouds racing past, but got some sunshine here too
  6. Thanks for the report. As a result, I got my solar kit out, and am now stacking the WL and Ca-K data. The H-alpha will follow shortly.
  7. That is a lovely shot. Marvelous detail
  8. Coffee to me is like poetry. Unfortunately, it is Vogon poetry.
  9. A big lunar mosaic was my chief goal. It wasn't to be.
  10. To add insult to injury, when I looked out of the window after going to bed at 1:20 or so, the skies had cleared again. I didn't want to lug everything out again, wait for 30 minutes for the scope to cool, and start imaging, so I just swore (quite quietly) and went back to bed.
  11. I think the old wooden tripod Vixen supplied with their Great Polaris mount has a better reputation than their later aluminium one. Haven't compared the two, or made a comparison to a steel one. It is nice and stable, not very heavy, and vibrations damp out rapidly.
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