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  1. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Nikon NAV HW 17mm eyepiece

    Both my C8 and my APM 80 mm triplet handle the Nagler 31T5 "Panzerfaust" without issues, so the ES92s should be OK
  2. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Nikon NAV HW 17mm eyepiece

    The ES-92s are also on my radar
  3. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Hi from a newbie

    Welcome to SGL. Very nice first shots
  4. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Lunar eclipse, My first attempts at imaging

    Very nice indeed!
  5. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    In praise of the lowly Plossl

    I have always found Plossls to be really sharp. I had three Vixen-made Plossls originally with my C8, and all were sharp. The only shortcomings were limited FOV (still fine for many targets) and eye relief at both the short and the long end. My 10mm was VERY uncomfortable for me with my glasses, and the 36 mm left me hovering some distance from the EP (which didn't have a rubber eye cup or anything). I got my sons a cheap 20mm Plossl for use with their small Dob, and it is a really good performer.
  6. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Moon - Not Eclipse :(

    Very good shot!
  7. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Birthday treat: Lunar Eclipse, first rough and ready result

    Version with better colour balance
  8. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Better Eclipse shot, just as the partial phase ends

    Sorry to hear you were clouded out
  9. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Nikon NAV HW 17mm eyepiece

    Very interesting. I have had my sights on these Nikons for a while. My TV Nagler 17T4 might be worried
  10. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    My first take on Moon photography

    Nice collection!
  11. More from this morning. Like the moody atmosphere of this shot. C8, 0.63x reducer, Canon EOS 80D, again
  12. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Lunar Eclipse - widefield time lapse

    nice one!
  13. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Widefield Lunar Eclipse

    Very nice indeed
  14. A real treat: clear skies and a lunar eclipse for my birthday. This is the first quick process of the data from around maximum: 14 subs stacked in AS!3, no postprocessing. Captured with my Celestron C8 with 0.63x focal reducer, and Canon EOS 80D, 2 s exposure at ISO 800 I have almost everything from start to finish, in 5 minute intervals, just at the very end some clouds appeared. I hope to make a nice time lapse of the lot Edit: slightly brighter version added, as the above version comes out a bit dark on some screens
  15. michael.h.f.wilkinson

    Jan 18, 2018: Moon with C8 and DSLR

    Hope the skies clear for you. The forecast here is still for clear skies. Fingers crossed!

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