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  1. Sol WL cloudy but nice 26-9-17

    Well caught. Just grey fluff here
  2. September 24, 2017: H-alpha detail shots

    That would be very interesting. The only problem is that the clouds have been near solid since Sunday Fingers crossed for the odd break so I can have a quick look with the SolarMax 60
  3. C11 - 174m - WL

    Very nice detail indeed
  4. Prominence in Calcium K

    Very nice detail in those proms
  5. Todays H/A offerings 24.9.2017

    Good shots
  6. The Sun 24 September 2017 White light

    Nice disks!
  7. September 24, 2017: H-alpha detail shots

    Here are some detail shots, stacks of 800 frames of 2000, rather than the 200 out of 1000 I use for the mosaics. I also use a longer exposure for the limb shots. AR 2681: The new AR: Part inverted: The latter renderings really shot its spitting fire
  8. September 24, 2017: 77-pane H-alpha mosaic

    Had some issues while grabbing the data, but using 77 out of 85 SER files captured still got the mosaic to stitch. Grey scale: Pseudo colour: Part inverted: Part inverted + pseudo colour: That new AR is really spitting fire. Some detail shots will follow later
  9. September 24, 2017: WL and Ca-K disks

    Here are today's offerings in WL and Ca-K. Seeing not great, but the new spot is there, and some faint Ca-K proms can be seen WL, grey scale: WL, pseudo colour: Ca-K, grey scale: Ca-K, pseudo colour: Ca-K, part inverted: Ca-K, part inverted + pseudo colour: Best at full resolution. H-alpha disks and detail to follow.
  10. white ligtsh inc new spot 24.9.2017

    Very nice indeed, love the granulation detail in the first in particular
  11. Sun 24th September 2017

    Some nice detail captured. Focus might have been a touch off (always hard) in some of the shots
  12. Sun WL

    AS!2 can have problems on AVIs larger than 4 GB, AS!3 is 64 bit, and doesn't have that limitation. Otherwise it is the same
  13. 24/09/2017 AR2681 Ha

    Nice set of images
  14. September 23, 2017: WL and Ca-K disks (with proms)

    I do the disk and proms with the same exposure using an ASI178MM. I typically use something between 0.3 and 0.7 ms, depending on transparency. I just fill the histogram up to 95%. I do stack more for the part inverted shots, typically 1600 out of 4000, vs 400 out of 4000 for the regular disk shots
  15. September 23, 2017: 61-pane H-alpha mosaic

    Yesterday I didn't take as many redundant panes as usual, which meant stitching was a bit more troublesome, but AutoStitch got there in the end. Grey scale: Pseudo colour: Part inverted: Part inverted + pseudo colour: Best at full resolution. Still working on some detail shots, but those may have to wait till after I capture more data today