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  1. Cheers Simon. Havent been spending as much time on jupiter. Concentrating on the moon, something i enjoy doing. I like the challenge of quality.
  2. Hi Martyn. More lately than in the past. In the past it improved the higher it got. But you can see the jetstream get stronger as it climbs, more recently. It is very odd.
  3. Thanks Peter. As jupiter got higher the stream worsened
  4. Makes sense lol. Theres times i could do with a bit of remotely.
  5. personally would have done it without the reducer. Easier yes. But you will lose quite a bit of resolution. Still a good result for your first moon. Next time how about F10 and just do a few panes. when built it will show a lot more detail trust me.
  6. Seeing wasnt good. Fast jet stream usual gear 245mm Orion 462c camera EQ5 ZWO ADC 20:23 UT 200% resample 80%
  7. Good detail Nice saturated image
  8. As above UV IR CUT. 495 LONGPASS. EQ5 Mount ZWO 178M 75% And full size Drizzle 1.5 40 odd degrees over the neighbours' roof Top shots Celestron Ultima x2 barlow downsized to 75%
  9. Nice result love the colours. Chimneys love Jupiter this year. I have one it keeps hiding behind.
  10. The older Achro red version. EQ5. UV IR Cut 495 long pass Filters 40 odd degrees. Seeing a bit wobbly 1.5 drizzle Then 50% downsized. ZWO 178M
  11. Well thats good definately need more frames. From those last captures
  12. I dont generally. Was just saying to Pete 3 mins as i often capture at that time untill i see seeing improve. Pete may not have wanted to use winjupos. So i mentioned the lower time scale that i capture (3 mins) that i dont bother de rotating then run off some 6 min captures that i do video de rotation on. Should probably have clarified
  13. Of course Setting a gain setting too low will increase read noise. But too high a gain will also produce noise. But it will be gain noise. All i know is a 3 min stack produces around 22.500 frames at 125/secs exposure. With my 245mm mirror. Even a conservative 25% Will give 5750 frames. I use winjupos for considerably more frames. If your frame count is this low. Your images will be noisy as heck. Indeed putting both these images on reg 6. The images are considerably more noisy. Than i am getting Pete. 3 min stack 8ms exposure 60% histo 327gain ( a little low) 22.500 frames. 245mm mirror Works for me.
  14. Hi Pete Did you use the same sharpening on both images ? other wise the results are meaningless ? Exposure and gain are the things that will influence the most. No need to have a impossibly low level. From my experiance gain noise is not always welcome either. Not just read noise. Gain noise will require increasingly larger stacks to avoid a million dots. How long was these captures ? Just tried to sharpen them. Both images are impossibly noisy compared to a 3 min stack i normally take
  15. As above with ZWO 178M UV IR CUT. Baarder 495 longpass 30 odd degrees 50% 75% 100% 2x barlow downsized
  16. Didnt see the question. Let us know how you got on. You need to experiment. Only by trying different things will you learn. Never used the camera in question so hard to advise
  17. Yes very cool. If you stack using AS/3 Tick the RGB align box it will help. After the fact. Registax RGB Align. Example
  18. Very good detail Martyn. Think i am giving up too. Same reason.
  19. Cheers Trevor and tooth dr. The moon is coming back to us all in days. High too. About time
  20. Some good detail in those Simon. Nice captures
  21. Know your feelings Craig. Only ever had light pollution in my life. But stayed at Maddogs wells In Wales many years ago. I know the feeling indeed coming out of the caravan to be confronted by the wall of stars so rich. I couldnt tell which direction i was facing. Congrats on getting this experiance. Enjoy the holiday. Have a great time. Sounds like so much fun.
  22. Never done a 360 so cant advice. Usually just do the nights captures. 7 frames shows quite a bit of movement. Why not do a small one to start to get a feel for it. Will probably help. Different seeing, and settings will show up on the rotation. Still havent produced a perfect one after many years. I use PIPP which i like.
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