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  1. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/offers/offer_celestron-nexstar-5se_117221.html If your looking for another scope. Always send the handheld back , if it is not that.
  2. The main problem is if you adjust everything @ room temperature & go out on a very cold night. You will find everything tightens , up as I have found out. Trying to adjust everything on a cold night , is not much fun ,but that is what I did on my CG-5 . Worth the effort.
  3. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/moon-neutral-density-filters/astro-essentials-variable-polarising-moon-filter.html I have found this one can help as well especially on Jupiter.
  4. Same here in Peacehaven ,Sussex. No detail @ all.
  5. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-eyepieces/celestron-luminos-eyepieces.html I bought the 7mm EP. Highly recommended. Under rated this one. Worth every penny.
  6. Jupiter is still there . Got up about 4 , to have a look with the scope. Just about make out the bands. My mate next door , joined me to have a look. First time he had seen Jupiter through a scope. Not a lot to see. Better than nothing.
  7. Same here. Got rid of the C11 & bought the CPC 800 HD. The amount of use I have had out of this scope. So easy to set up use. The optics are so good. Worth the extra dosh.
  8. I will second all of that. 5 hours 40mins of imaging, takes a lot of lot of going. Well done.
  9. I order a lot of stuff from E Bay. The amount of stuff I have received that is damaged beyond use. I end up taking a picture & showing the seller. It then has to go back. I have had no problems with goods ordered from Amazon. Reluctant to order stuff off the Bay now. ?
  10. U have got some really good picts there. Bit to cold for me out there last night , with that wind.
  11. I have a CG-5 mount which is nearly the same. Mine sounds like a coffee grinder @ full tilt , but tracks perfectly . Have re greased & checked the gear meshing & all ok. So I just put up with it now. ?
  12. You have noticed as well , being In the same neck of the woods so to speak. U must be looking at a different Mars to me. ?
  13. Join the club Dave. I was out last week & I could just about make out the poles of the planet. ?
  14. Very good. @ least you have got some detail on your image. Last week I could see nothing @ all.
  15. Very good clear shot of the moon there.
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