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  1. Venus and Mercury now

    What made me check , was the brightness of Mercury. Did not realise it was a naked eye object. Will have to be ready with the scope & camera next time.
  2. Venus and Mercury now

    First time I have seen Mercury . Venus was very bright as well. Showed up very well with the 22x binos. Spotted Venus then used Stellarium to find Mercury. You could just make it out with the naked eye. Amazing.
  3. A lot depends on what your prepared to spend. This is a good basic starter scope. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-200p-dobsonian.html
  4. I am in the same boat. Coming up 69 now. You just seem to chug round in your own little world. It would seem strange having someone in my life now. You never no what's round the next corner.
  5. This is still on the original mount in EQ mode. Can be hand or motor driven. Got a 8x50 finder scope now. The 6x30 was not very good. So quick to set up & use.
  6. My old 4" F10 Vixen Refractor is about the same. Works very well on the CG-5 mount.
  7. This one should do it. https://www.telescopehouse.com/mounts/mounts/orion-mini-eq-mount.html
  8. https://www.telescopehouse.com/telescopes/telescopes-by-brand/brand-bresser-telescopes/bresser-messier-ar-127l-1200-hex-focus-optical-tube-assembly.html This one looks cheap as well. Not ED glass , but not bad for a f10 scope.
  9. Once bitten twice shy

    Same here. Replaced with M 10 bolts. I think the idea is to set the ALT adjustment with no load. That is what i did in the end. Just locked it all up @ 50 deg. Tracks ok . You have got to watch you don't strip the threads in the mount as well.
  10. Years ago they were doing the C11 with the CG-5 mount. To big for the mount I was told. Put a AMD saddle on the mount & it was great. C8 I was told to get. Used it for imaging as well. Glad I did not go with the C8 in the end. Near miss there.
  11. The solid one means less light reflections on the mirror . It will also suffer from less dew. I would go with the solid one.
  12. We're going back... it's official!

    I see that other countries have said they are going to the moon as well. Would that be the reason the U.S.A , has decided to go back.
  13. Great Astronomy YT channel.

    Very good . Loads on there to look at.
  14. Moons of Neptune and Uranus

    I think more aperture is the curse of this hobby. Always want a bigger one Chris .
  15. Moons of Neptune and Uranus

    That is a very good image Chris.