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  1. I live in a town with the same problem. I can just about see the planets , moon , & a few stars , that is it I am afraid. Lugging all this gear to a dark site is not really on.
  2. None. I do show people the images I have taken , but when they ask how it was done they quickly loose interest. I think they find it totally boring. I think it could be the way I tell them.
  3. Grotemobile

    Mercury 29-06-28 @ 22:20 hrs

    I have been having the same problem with Jupiter lately. Saturn looked like a wobbly jelly. Well done John in spotting Mercury. Not the easiest of targets to see.
  4. Grotemobile

    Mars: My Second Official Images of the Season!

    U have got some great shots there. Well done.
  5. Grotemobile

    Saturn 6 Jun 2018

    That is one hell of a image .Well done.
  6. Same problem here. Hardly any detail on Jupiter. Saturn was even worse. This was @ prime focus with the C8HD.
  7. Grotemobile

    c8 edge collimator

    Have a look on U tube. I used a star @ night time.This might help you.
  8. I would not swap my SCT for a Dob. The f/l of the SCT is f10 which is great for looking @ planets @ imaging. If your doing DSO imaging , a Dob would be better
  9. Grotemobile

    Saturn under poor condition, 14 June 2018

    That is very good. Betting than I am getting in the UK @ the moment.
  10. Grotemobile

    Low frame rates with a ZWO ASI120mc

    A lot could be with the Laptop you are using. I use a gaming lappie which is plugged into the mains. My ZWO 185 camera was running @ 185 fps on Jupiter last night. Saturn was down to 20fps . This was @ 400x400.
  11. Grotemobile

    The Perfect beginners kits

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00ID3IWRY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I picked this up on amazon for £129 @ the time. Got a First Horizons Tripod off of FLO. So easy to set up & use. Optics are very good. Been out observing Jupiter, Venus & the moon with it. The 25 to 75x zoom works very well.
  12. Grotemobile

    Tak on a Windowsill (EQ9 mount)

    Sky Watcher eat your heart out. We can build hi tec mounts in this country. Who needs China .
  13. Grotemobile

    sharpcap capture settings

    ASi3 is what you need to down load. It will do stacking & every thing else. AutoStakkert 3
  14. Could not agree more with a reinstall of Windows. Works wonders. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner This is what I use to clean my computer. Use the free one. Make sure U untick the box for Google Chrome.
  15. Grotemobile

    Europa/shadow/GRS tomorrow night

    The trouble is everybody seems to give a different forecast. Does seem to be pot luck @ times what your going to get weather wise.

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