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  1. 180 mm Mak or 8 inch SCT EDGE on planets

    Lovely scopes agreed but not cheap. I would love to image with a very large apo for sure. I took my lunar images with a 300 quid scope 12 newt. If the guy ever wanted to image and doesn't have the dosh a 10 newt is a good option. But now I am changing the question a bit. I am biased after using two meade f15 maks for years I sold it and got another after I missed it lol. Sorry guys Mak all the way for me
  2. 180 mm Mak or 8 inch SCT EDGE on planets

    I mentioned cool down, falling temps is a problem. But under ideal conditions personally I think a Mak would win. But I was a imager so maybe that is a different consideration to viewing. For imaging A 152 mak would kill a 80mm apo stone dead.
  3. 180 mm Mak or 8 inch SCT EDGE on planets

    l think the MAK will work better on both planets and lunar. Less optical aberrations at F15 it will be easier to get those really high powers with the MAK. Spot size is slightly smaller. Needs good cooling. If its planets your after the Mak is better suited
  4. Now sold Hi Guys selling my Baader laser collimator. MK 3 they go for around 72 quid £35 including postage seems fair. Its been very accurate was my collimator for lunar and planetary images. Also a ZWO IR 850 Filter Brand new. Never used. was going to use it on Venus but didn't get a chance. As I have seen images showing cloud on venus at these longer wavelengths Say 14 quid delivered
  5. Astronomik Type 2 RGB Filters

  6. Astronomik Type 2 RGB Filters

    These are my Astronomik Filters that I have taken all my planetary shots with. Good condition. new RGB would cost around £150 I am asking half price £75 including postage Not original boxes. But filters are fine I don't have a luminance filter. As I never used them.
  7. Damian Peach's C14 for sale on ABS

    I thought exactly the same in ref to HD. Must have been a reason. I want to know if he is carrying on with something else. If so wonder what that could be
  8. Damian Peach's C14 for sale on ABS

    That is true to some extent but not always. Dp has produced some amazing shots in the UK. I remember a few
  9. Damian Peach's C14 for sale on ABS

    Skill can only go so far. Without good optics no one will get a good image, not even DP. He has said the scope was NOT off the shelf. Nothing mysterious just good optics. And good imaging techniques
  10. Damian Peach's C14 for sale on ABS

    Its alright if your good at football
  11. Damian Peach's C14 for sale on ABS

    Wish I had the dosh, I would give it a good work out. Ouch its mine leave it alone.
  12. ZWO 290mm Mono camera SOLD

  13. Hi Guys I have been out of astronomy for sometime.Though I may start up again. I don't use this a lot so am thinking of passing it on. Nearly £400 new Its perfect. Boxed with lens cable and nose piece. This camera has taken some of my best images as can be seen on my lunar website. A great fast usb 3 lunar and planetary camera £270 including postage seems fair
  14. Copernicus in colour

    Glad you found it interesting guys
  15. Jupiter 8th April

    Thanks for the replies everyone Much appreciated.