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  1. No not imaging Peter. Still have the Orion. No mount or camera. Not sure if i will ever start up again. I doubt it. Still love astronomy of course. And pop in here from time to time. Good to see you still taking quality images
  2. Nice images Peter. Good to see your still in the saddle.
  3. Nice one Pete. Not easy that low. As you say seeing must have been quite stable to get a result like that this low. Good to see you still imaging.
  4. Hi guys i have a old Celestron 4.5 power seeker Newt ( My daughters ) I Would like to attach a EQ3 mount. Wondering if anyone has any old rings that size, that they wouldn't mind selling ? I attached the EQ3 head to a EQ1 Aluminium tripod which has left a gap, Buti could fill with a spacer. Alternatively if anyone has a older EQ3 tripod they could sell ( This is the old EQ3 head Not the newer skywatcher ) Please leave a message if you can help Cheers Neil
  5. Nice. John Especially like the top mono. .Good colour shot. Not too saturated, just enough.
  6. Thanks Rob glad you found it interesting.
  7. Cheers guys. Not sure if Jupiter will be enough to get me imaging again. For one thing I don't even have a mount. Though I do still have the Orion 10" Will have to see.
  8. Hi Pete Good to see you. Yes agreed it can be seen on the cover photo. Just saw what I think is Jupiter earlier, its returning slowly.
  9. Hi guys Consider me retired from lunar imaging. Miss it sometimes come to think of it. But looking at my old images I was struck by how beautiful the colours have come out on this. With browns reds, and blues and greens. Clicked full size. Notice how the good resolution of the equipment reveals a wealth of subtle colour and detail almost everywhere you look. Its not just extra resolution of detail. But extra resolution of colour too. Better resolution would reveal even more slight variations of colour I am sure. I was also struck how natural the saturation is. So natural that you could almost be forgiven for thinking you could see the moon like this with yours eyes alone, with some way of increasing colour sensitivity. Anyway as I say the most colour can be seen clicked full size its the first image of the page. See if you agree
  10. Thanks Michael. Cheers Jake. Here is the image that was overlayed onto the satellite data. Exactly Jake, the height data gives a whole new perspective doesn't it http://www.pbase.com/neilphillips/image/164738055
  11. Cheers John glad you enjoyed it . Cheers for the likes guys.
  12. Been a long while since I posted on here. Thought I would share a 3d Animation. Taken from a image acquired with SW 300p Newt and ZWO 290 Camera. Many thanks to Alain Paillou for the 3 d processing. moon.zip
  13. Sorry I cant help. FLO got it direct from gunner as far as I am aware. Best pm them. Hope that helps
  14. LOL no worries, one trip to hell. Many trips to the heavens
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