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  1. Thanks Simon its been a lot of fun starting to image again.
  2. Sounds like a nice refractor. Good luck for it working out as you say. Newtonians can be a hassle. Just cleaned the primary and cobwebs out the tube. of my 245mm. Reset the primary in its cell.. Still need a mount. Antares Secondary should be here soon.
  3. Thanks Morimarty I think if our eyes were sensitive enough, Perhaps we would see some colour in the sky. Yeah the pandemic is changing everything. Going back to what feels comfortable
  4. Like velvet. Someone who appreciates the unforced natural balance in sharpening. Lovely mono tones
  5. Thanks Mike Looks better to me at reduced scale. should keep a softer version before i delete it. If anyone fancies a play with it, here it is straight out of the stack. The colour balance was done accurately. Yet when saturated looked very red heavy. So i adjusted by eye. With still a slight lean in red. From what i am seeing. Need a mono cam. Your images speak to me Mike.
  6. Thanks guys. Hopefully soon i will have a bigger mount and scope running. But in a strange way although its a struggle. Its still enjoyable.
  7. Celestron 114, Newt EQ2 mount single RA economy drive. QHY462C Camera Another more careful process 13 pane
  8. Well your Fine tuning has worked well. looks close to reflector balance to me. Better than my 70mm F12.8 Achro for sure
  9. Very nice. The ED colour correction is spot on. As is your colour balance.
  10. One thing i know for sure. Regardless what people say about figures of mirrors. A good set of optics will betray themselves over a period of time, purely imaging. In the end the best optics are more consistent. And do show in consistently good images, with good collimation and cool down of course. Seeing is a different matter Theres good and bad mirrors and everything in between Despite pv claims
  11. Very interesting Tom. F5 might be the way to go. A good performing primary is everything. So a quality F5 Mirror might give you what you want. I got good results with a bog standard F5 300mm SW. The NEQ6 Pleaded for mercy though. It worked better at IR and red wave lengths. The better the primary mirror the better the blue and green will likely fare though. (red too ) But as you say its a budget and physical balance thats right for you. Just getting a Antares 1/ 30 pv secondary fitted for my Orion 1/10th wave 245mm F6.3 scope. So thats where i am going. But if you make any changes i wi
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