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  1. Hi Neil Just using the C9 & skyris 236m set up now, I sold the meade 12" as the C9 was out performing it!
  2. Well done Peter, very nice for the conditions!
  3. Yep clouds they are, very nice capture & great colour balance too!
  4. Them big optics pulling out some great detail Geof!
  5. Well caught Craig very nicely done, nothing but cloud cloud cloud my end!
  6. A very nice image of Mars well done!
  7. Lovely images Geof some good detail there, the weather here in the east mids has been pants!
  8. All the above great result Chris!
  9. Very nice Craig splendid work!
  10. Lovely clean detailed Image Peter!
  11. Over many years of imaging the planets ive found the difference in detail between 9"to 12" aperture is very slight! Having imaged with a c9 c11 & meade 12" all well collimated & cooled, the c9 & c11 by far out performed the big meade on a regular basis, the c9 & c11 which performed with equal consistency! IMO & im talking planetary imaging only, more expensive telescopes claiming better optics offer no advantage what so ever at high resolution , good imaging software post processing can more than make up for any little gain so called better optics will give you! Some of the
  12. I missed this post superb work very well done indeed!
  13. Stunning work indeed! would love that over my fire place
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