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  1. Its not easy planetary imaging at the best of times, using a dslr makes life even more difficult because lots of frames are needed to give a good stack result! I agree your images are over exposed & looks like there are focus issues too! Ive reprocessed your Saturn image taking these issues in to account pulling more detail out you can clearly see the cassini & some banding on the globe!
  2. Well caught, lovely transit shots!
  3. Hi Pete Respectable images, detail showing throughout both shots! It's not easy with the planets at this low elevation, & getting up at stupid 0 clock doesn't help either, I needed to do some heavy pruning lol that night just to get a decent window from my location too. It's my first planetary post in maybe two years but nice to be back. I was fortunate to get some very steady seeing on the 24th but sometimes that how it is!
  4. Can not edit my post should have said skyris 236!
  5. Cheers for that info Knobby, & cheers for the link Geof! Ive always had greater sucsess with the C9 on planets, I was over sampling too with the big meade at over 3 m fl with the skyris 326 & less favourable outcomes, so the C 9 is what im sticking with now! But as we all know seeing is everything in this game and makes all the difference if we get that lucky break!
  6. Hi knobby C 9.25 skyris 236m camera × 1.5 amplifier !
  7. Ive reprocessed the Saturn image above, think this ive squeezed a little more detail out on the bands!
  8. Thanks everyone for the generous comments, much appreciated!
  9. My last run on Saturn seems to be the best of the runs from this morning! Ive pushed the processing as much as I dare but all in all pleased with the result at this low elevation!
  10. Cheers everybody for the kind comments! Thanks Steve, I took the first run on Jupiter around 02-09-48 utc! The images consist of 2000 each R.G.B frames for Jupiter & around the same for Saturn! Cheers Martyn I did indeed use the ir 685 for the last image!
  11. Its been a while, ive not posted any images of the planets for maybe a couple of years now but glad to be back out on these warm evenings! All images taken with a C9 & skyris 236 M camera! Thanks for looking!
  12. love to see the moon in this phase & you captured very nicely indeed!
  13. I have my skyris 618 mono camera for sale, its in lovely condition & boxed as i bought it! £95.00 inc delivery! Sold!
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