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  1. The Sun 5 October 2017 White light

    Nice disks and presentation.
  2. Solar shots over the past week

    What a set!! Very nice
  3. Sol 5-10-2017 Ha

    Incredible disks. Well imaged. Lots of details here.
  4. Solar w/l 5th October

    Nice disks here, got some faculae. Thanks for sharing.
  5. C11 - 174m - WL

    Nice details here caught with a big scope. Well done
  6. September 24, 2017: H-alpha detail shots

    Killer close ups! Well caught
  7. Sol WL, HA,Prom, New Spot, 25-9-17 "pic added"

    Nice shots, that artistic one is great!! Awesome spots and faculae. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Lunt Herschel wedge plus?

    The lunt herschel wedge with SC filter is an outstanding package. On my Equinox 80mm solar granulation is very apparent and is by far the best WL set up I have experienced. It was superior to front mounted baader film on an 8" newt. Also, best WL I have imaged as well. Ex. AR2671 July 8, 2017 AR2665 AR2663 The only gripe I had with the lunt 1.25" is that the nose piece gets secured in my Equinox with a single set screw. There was a bevel of some kind on the male piece, and the set screw did not secure it tightly in the standard adapter, which resulted in dumping a 13mm nagler with SC filter onto the grass one time. After that, I opted for a baader 2" to 1.25" click lock adapter and my woes were solved.
  9. A fine scope and images Charl! Can't wait to see more results.
  10. 1st attempt (be gentle)

    Plenty of detail here, a great image!
  11. 12 pane mosaic and super new spot group 31.8.2017

    Killers shots, caught some nice faculae. Awesome seeing so much activity lately.
  12. I love the processing on the first one especially, but they are all great. Well done !
  13. August 31, 2017: My takes on the sun today

    Excellent disks Michael! I need to capture these spots here soon myself. Thanks for sharing
  14. Sol WL 31-08-17

    Awesome shots John!
  15. The Sun 31 August 2017 white light

    Nice images and presentation!!! Loads of activity here