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  1. Maxload has a higher payload. Have you seen what some people are loaded it up with? 180 triplet, 460mm DK or CC. And no, I don't absolutely need a engine hoist, I have loaded it in that previous pic without the hoist with legs retracted and both 12" x 2 extension columns. But I bought one that lives at my dark site to help and I love it. Just got it assembled tonight and used it. Take down was a breeze.
  2. The views are insane. Open clusters are magical, double stars are amazing as well. My 9" reminds me of when I had a 12" dob. More of a hassle to set up but def has that refractor magic.
  3. Yes and yes. The DM6 is at its limit but surprisingly still performs well . I am getting an AZ maxload from APM coming to me soon though.
  4. My favorite scope to date- 9" Istar f7.7! It is massive but the views are worth it.
  5. Thank you for this review. This is certainly a unique mount and there is barely any write ups on it. On a losmandy tripod with extension it looks just about perfect for my needs if the DM6 is not up for the challenge.
  6. You did a really great job with the wrapping too. This will be a huge boon to your observing now. Congrats.
  7. I am looking forward to your ongoing thoughts with this scope. If I move up in aperture this is my next scope I will buy.
  8. Which model AP130EDT is that? The first run or the second run? Primarily, is the focal length f8.35 or F8 on the lens cell?
  9. Here is my latest acquisition. A Celestron Starhopper 12. Mirror was recoated by Normand Fullum not too long ago. It is a very sharp mirror. Major issue was the azimuth control. The roller bearing on the sheet metal offered little to no friction which made controlling the dob hard, and very noisy. I did away with the sheet metal and used 2 pieces are hard cardboard from a box that a vacuum came in. Much better and super smooth. The stock focuser was fine, but I put on a moonlite on it.
  10. You will get outstanding images using FC and lucky imaging with this scope.
  11. I am not an imager, visual only. I prefer to not bring out my computer at all costs. I don't think I have a problem with power but I can easily test that with a multimeter.
  12. Wise choice! My friend absolutely loves his.
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