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  1. I had the AT60 and the SV60EDS (f5.5). Although the new AT60 was really good, with an amazing focuser, the sharpstar focuser on the SV was even better and the optics were better on the faster scope. On a DSV-M or M1 mount and phototripod it is truly grab and go, with some high power lunar/solar or double star work. 27 pan was amazing in these scopes.
  2. I have always been curious about the OMC's (especially the 140 deluxe), but there is just so much negative press about them that it really seems like an expensive gamble.
  3. Here is my current dual scope set up
  4. Tyson M

    Show us your Frac

    Wow you sure don't see these scopes ever. Very nice, I like the cat too!
  5. Tyson M

    Show us your Frac

    I replaced the ED120 for some more aperture- TS152 f5.9 achro. So far, so good under the stars. The SV80L lomo is my solar and planetary scope for its superior contrast and I found myself using the ED120 for deep sky only, so I figured I would try something bigger since my mount can handle it.
  6. Tyson M

    Pollen on Tak 100DL Lens

    Looks great, excellent cleaning job. Coatings are surprisingly robust but ultimately it is a good idea to remove anything besides dust or dew spots, especially with a scope like a Tak. I still remove dew spots or better yet dont let them form and harden in the first place.
  7. Nice report. This scope seems like a bargain.
  8. Tyson M

    Pollen on Tak 100DL Lens

    Definitely don't run the objective lens in cell under a tap. I did this once with a Vixen 102SS that I received with a super dirty lens. Soap solution got trapped between the lens and it was a nightmare to take apart and clean properly to fix. Ultimately, I chipped the lens reassembling it. Takahashi states while cleaning, to be very careful about excess water / solution towards the edges of the lens. Capillary action can transfer it inside beyond your reach, then it is an expensive/risky shipping trip to get fixed. Also, I agree with others to clean the pollen asap. Gently cleaning should be a routine procedure and pollen can damage coatings over time.
  9. I think you own some of the finest telescopes ever made. I want to buy one of those 130 F9.2's some day when I am done school. Also the APM 100mm F8
  10. I have one of these scopes coming to me I had an ST120 and thought it was okay, but left a lot to be desired. I am trying my hand at this larger, better quality one strictly for deep sky. I am stoked.
  11. Tyson M

    My New Visual scope

    That is beautifully constructed. I like the upper tube assembly.
  12. Tyson M

    Show us your Frac

    Here are my contributions. SV80L doing solar work My SW120ED Here both of them are together:
  13. Tyson M

    Show us your Frac

    That is absolutely beautiful!! I'm so jealous, I have always wanted that Istar. Perfect mount for it too.
  14. Tyson M

    Sol 22-7-2018 ha

    Very nice!
  15. Well said. This has been exactly my experience as well.

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