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  1. I think you own some of the finest telescopes ever made. I want to buy one of those 130 F9.2's some day when I am done school. Also the APM 100mm F8
  2. I have one of these scopes coming to me I had an ST120 and thought it was okay, but left a lot to be desired. I am trying my hand at this larger, better quality one strictly for deep sky. I am stoked.
  3. Tyson M

    My New Visual scope

    That is beautifully constructed. I like the upper tube assembly.
  4. Tyson M

    Show us your Frac

    Here are my contributions. SV80L doing solar work My SW120ED Here both of them are together:
  5. Tyson M

    Show us your Frac

    That is absolutely beautiful!! I'm so jealous, I have always wanted that Istar. Perfect mount for it too.
  6. Tyson M

    Sol 22-7-2018 ha

    Very nice!
  7. Well said. This has been exactly my experience as well.
  8. My 8" Orion Xt8 plus dob with moonlight is a joy to use as well. Jupiter indeed shows a wealth of detail some nights like you mentioned, that are mere glimps in smaller refractors. More often then not though, I pull out the refractors for convenience. The dob is a good tool to have when you have more time observing.
  9. Any pictures of the new set up!? Sounds like an impressive scope.
  10. That is absolutely beautiful. I love that scope set up.
  11. Why don't you make a dob mount for it? That's what I always thought would be killer on these large mak newts.
  12. I have an 8" with moonlight and still find myself using my refractors more because of its bulk. I am going through this same dilemma. I think I am going to buy a TS152 F5.9 achro some day to try it out on an alt az mount, although I can see that the newt appears to be superior in almost every way.
  13. Tyson M

    White light full disk 05/13/18

    Thanks Pete. Not much happening in WL obviously but good to capture it nonetheless.
  14. Good day fellow SGL members, I went out today with the AT60ED and the Star Adventurer to image the sun. Visually there was no spots or faculae that I could see. I thought I saw one or two ultra tiny spots of AR12709 with the SV80L but I didnt see them while imaging with the AT60ED. Granulation still apparent. Best 15% of 5000 frames. FC, AS!3, ImPPG, Gimp
  15. Tyson M

    Mirror spring clean

    Can you give us a breakdown how you cleaned it effectively without introducing microscratches?

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