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  1. They're actually quite passable SK - personally I think the scale you've used is a bit high to show them at their best - but for 60mm & a phone camera you have done well! Some of the iphone pikkies with a 100mm scope in this thread on Cloudy Nights https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/737363-lets-see-your-planetary-photos-taken-with-your-smart-phone/?hl= iphone are really good & you & others might pick up some additional tips there, but as I said initially, some people who might be interested would like to hear a bit more about how you set things up etc... Many folks h
  2. Hi there bro - some of your own pikkkies for those people who might be interested in what you think is achievable might be good for you to post..! :)
  3. VERY nice for this late in the apparition..!
  4. "Yes" - contrary to what some think the effects of atmospheric dispersion are not just the shifting of the colour channels in an image. if it were then a simple channel alignment application in Registax6 etc would solve the problem! There is "dispersion" within each channel such that the quality of each in an image is affected to the detriment of resolution (think of it as a kind of "blurring" of the details)...a Wratten #47 filter can be used to set it with a mono camera but all of our Mars images this year here https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/364851-35-days-of-mars/ where the plane
  5. Thanks - interesting video...although the scene on the image to start it is very misleading as to the content..! :lol:
  6. ...everywhere in fact - "down" here the weather has been so poor for several weeks Peter.
  7. Slow on SGL atm by the looks of it - a very nice set of images!
  8. I'm not saying it isn't capable bro - just a very old model & superceded by several since.....I guess I should know, I received the very first one outside of Mainland China for initial testing etc a long time ago now! ;)
  9. No! Atmospheric dispersion affects all cameras, both colour & mono! Whilst you can see aspects of the dispersion onscreen with a colour camera, the mono images you view with these cameras will not show this - but the real culprit of impaired resolution (aka blurred detail ) is still there. A lot of people confuse aspects of this, thinking that if you align the individual channels of a colour image displaying AD (using something like the "RGB Align" tool in Reg6) that you have solved the problem, but you haven't addressed the real issue! We employ the ADC when we use the mo
  10. ...back to reality for a moment you caught some really nice images in your thread here bro..!
  11. You've got the raw material there for a good map Peter - I intend to "get around to it" later myself...because i don't make too many I always have to re-acquaint myself with it & it takes some time: there's a feature in WJ for "equalising" outcomes of the individual maps iirc but yours look pretty good to start with here. Blending options in P/shop would handle them I would think...
  12. Thanks Mars, Stuart & Reggie - much appreciated. As said we finished the last piece of the puzzle at Hawker: I'll post it in a new thread later...
  13. A really great collection from your C8 bro..!
  14. Thanks Geof & Peter, we nailed the last vista with Syrtis Major almost right on the C.M. the night after I replied to Neil. :) Will probably post in a new thread later tonight our time...people in forums rarely look down the bottom of older threads for newer images! :lol:
  15. Well hello Neil - I've thought about you from time to time but a bit surprised to see you here...I thought you might have given all this away at some stage & was the reason you were conspicuous by your absence..! At any rate great to hear from you...& "nah" I haven't changed my mind about anything we chatted about in the past ...not that I think of those sorts of things much, but when for some odd reason I do I still shake my head & wonder how so many people could be so gullible! But that's of no consequence except your post reminded me of some of our later talks...I'
  16. Thank you to everyone - we're off tomorrow morning to Hawker at the foot of the Flinders Ranges for a few nights...hoping to get that remaining aspect of Mars, the Syrtis Major vista!
  17. Not quite sure what's happening - they should all appear at roughly the same scale/size, but some are smaller..?!?
  18. Well, not 35 consecutive days of Mars images, rather images of Mars over 35 days/5 weeks where we continue our attempt to create a series of "disk maps" as opposed to "projection maps" that are more common, certainly insofar as annotated hi-res ones are concerned that can be used as "ready-reckoners" to determines specific Mars regions & place names. Some maps have the same features annotated, but only where said features appear on adjacent maps to help "reference" positions etc. We posted the first of these maps some time ago from the September 13th imaging session - here are th
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