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A big flying saucer! NGC 4565

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Greetings from Weymouth

I first imaged this wonderful galaxy with my DSI pro, in 2007.

Had to have another go with the Atik camera ;)

I've been banging away at the processing for the last week, still not really happy (are we ever? :( ) but it's time to move on to something else as I've got to the stage where I can't see the wood for the trees anymore so here it is.

This is 4 hrs 45 minutes of data from a run of 5 hrs 48 minutes taken on the 1st, 2nd and 7th of April 2007.

All exposures are 3 minutes, RG & B binned 2x2.





14 inch at F6.3, Atik 16HR, PHD guiding.

1st image is full size, second reduced for web display.





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Brilliant picture. I saw this one from my back garden with the dob on saturday night, but to see it in such exquisite detail...well I think I'll be having another look at it.

Im in agreement with Radioactive about you posting it to various astro mags A stonewall cert for publication.

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Saw this one yesterday and was so taken by it that I forgot to post.

Superb image. Fantastic image scale, smooth background and lovely detail/colour in the exciting area


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Wow Rob, that's premier league stuff. Awesome image, doesn't seem to be anything lacking on the processing Rob so looks like you stopped when the going was good!

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Pro. Ob. quality image their Rob. You have to stop looking to improve on perfection before you start to get discouraged and pack it all in. We would all be the losers then mate.

I would like to have seen the DSI effort you speak of, just to make the comparison.

A brilliant production here without any doubt.

Ron. :angry:

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