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  1. Voltop orthos are great for the price
  2. Ahem, Tal1SLT(t) - and IIRC you finalised that designation Tony
  3. No worries Great lil scope the Tal1, no matter what version. Enjoy. Here's my old one;
  4. Not on a Tal1 Mel Crepitis, the old original Tal not-quite-standard-and-just-a-tad-over-1.25" focuser had a draw tube with a spring collar'cut' into the end, the original oversize eyepieces are held in place by that collar. Seems that's what you actually have. The eyepieces might not be modern standard fit but they are good quality and all that your young-uns should need to enjoy the scope. HTH.
  5. Nice heads up Archie We've lost BBC4 here though - enjoy folks.
  6. Proper 130mm parabolic newt for that price - not shabby at all. Takes standard 1.25 ep's too by the looks
  7. Kind words gents thanks. Not ready for a 'training montage with music' yet Jon but doing ok
  8. Nice stuff from the prize there Mike
  9. Decent catch that Michael Very moody peering out of the dark.
  10. Nice sketch that Carol Pity the session got stopped short.
  11. Those are neat shots Marcel What security camera is it?
  12. Was still pretty light when I set up the ST80 achro on it's photo mount last night but the moon was high and still a couple of hours away from the wobbly air above my neighbours house. Managed to stay out till 10 without the back complaining too much and had a really nice time out with the little scope Grabbed a couple of handheld shots at the eyepiece with the lil' 3mp lunar imager too This one's not my prettiest lunar by a LONG way but it's good to have a pic from a session. Real nice to get out again.
  13. Can't imaging missing another. Just me and Jack Jones for now though.
  14. Like those Brendan Nice shot of the setup with luna.
  15. Hello and welcome Phil
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