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  1. I get the same problem with my hypercam 183c. (I'm assuming its the same problem, I'm at sea with terrible internet so I'm not seeing your jpeg image) I've read somewhere that it could be caused by running the camera cooler off the same power source as the rest of your equipment but I've yet to get the chance to try this fix out.
  2. I've never imaged this object. Seeing your image has made me put it on my "to do" list. Excellent capture.
  3. Beautiful. The detail is remarkable.
  4. This is a first class image and I would love to see the finished mosaic. Congratulations.
  5. I took this on my last night at home before starting a months trip in the north sea. It was one of those nights. I set up on M33 and I manage 2 subs before cloud covers it. It looked as if it was there to stay so I thought I'd give the Sadr region a try. Of course as soon as I set up on Sadr M33 cleared but hey ho. I also wanted to try out some widefield shots on my star adventurer mount, samyang 14mm lens and new astro modded canon 6d before the moon rose. Theres a reasonably dark site about 300 meters away from where I live so I grabbed my gear, headed down the road and got set up. As
  6. These are both 30 x 60 second stacked images using a samyang 14mm lens and an astro modded canon 6d on the star adventurer mount. It's a new camera and I was desperate to try it out before I went back to sea for a month so I was shooting with a 70% moon to contend with not to mention a fair bit of light pollution. I had a lot of faffing around in photoshop to get rid of lens flare, but next time home me, the star adventurer, the 6d and a selection of lenses are heading out to a dark sky site for a play.
  7. I hate to tell you this but heroin is addictive. AP is much worse.
  8. On your list did you have "6b swiveled the scope 90 degrees so it's now pointing at polaris" I have failed to do this on more occasions than I care to admit to.
  9. Go to "settings" then "stacking parameters" then "result" (should be first tab) and make sure you dont have "enable 2x drizzle" or "enable 3x drizzle" ticked. It worked for me.
  10. I've never used a ccd camera before and I'd like to thank you Don for the idiots guide. (This idiot would have been lost without it) Also a huge thank you to Paul for the lodestar live program.
  11. Get a DSLR. You can pick up a canon 450 for about £100 second hand.
  12. Just received this ccd in the post yesterday. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet
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