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  1. Thanks John, yes I think time, money (weather!!) all score highly with all of us! The majority of amateur astronomers are white, male and over 35 (mostly over 55), so the main barriers cited will reflect the barriers for them (just because more of them filled in the form). And if there's something we can help with with these (eg SGL helping with experience, online sessions which are recorded so can be played at a convenient time, loan schemes) then growing the total pool of astronomers is fantastic. What we also want to investigate though is the extent to which the barriers may be diff
  2. Thanks both. We're hoping to up the number of respondents, particularly from under represented groups so that the stats can be more robust. (We're well over 400 in total now though.) Then we're looking at the detail, and going to work on follow up with participants. Lots of the national organisations are keen to be involved (RAS, BAA, SPA, Fed of Astro societies), so hopefully we can have some debate about action, guidelines, codes of conduct etc. For me, I think once we identify the barriers, understand how people feel, we can perhaps start lots of small actions which could cum
  3. Hello All Thanks to those who have completed the survey so far. We've just published some interim analysis - it makes interesting reading. This is the start of the process though, and we've been encouraged by the number of people willing to work together to try to improve things. https://ras.ac.uk/sites/default/files/posters/final-RAS-Astronomy-for-all-All-for-astronomy - Osnat Katz.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1d_sq_SvUGU67yBRSClm6wUL1w8i-XLWAoWWdEzoYPPIyEIVkiVeymunI We're publishing a slightly longer version next week at the Europlanet Science Congress, so I'll post up a link to that i
  4. This is a really well done AR app - JFK Moonshot'. I had fun! Well worth a free download. I can see this being added to my rocket workshops for schools! 20200904_183040.mp4
  5. Harder to justify that one as I have a rather nice WO123FLT LZOS as my main scope in the observatory.... If I was going for something for the obs I'd be tempted by a 150 esprit...
  6. If only Damien Peach came with it..... It would go on the Mesu instead of the C11, but I was looking for something portable as my south horizon is obscured so planets from the obs are challenging... Might be cool for 67P return though
  7. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=164544 aperture drift....
  8. I'm just wndering how are you getting on with the scope Andrew? My paper is nearly ready for submission (well the deadline is very close ) so to encourage me during the final push on it and the 3 conference submissions I need to complete by Monday, I'm thinking about the reward .... Mewlon ? Thanks Helen
  9. I'd avoid the official tripod for two reasons - it's not particularly rigid, and it doesn't fold down very small for travel (won't go in a suitcase). The other one you've linked to at FLO is very robust indeed, but is heavy, takes up a lot of space and you wouldn't contemplate travelling with it. So a standard photo tripod would seem to meet your needs better. WEX has some tripod offers this weekend. How about this? https://www.wexphotovideo.com/calumet-aluminium-tripod-1682338/ £169 reduced to £99 but 30% extra off today! So £69 less than half price!!! Helen
  10. I'm currently reading this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Parallax-Measure-Alan-W-Hirshfeld-ebook/dp/B00633W6L4/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&qid=1598867267&refinements=p_27%3AAlan+W.+Hirshfeld&s=digital-text&sr=1-1&text=Alan+W.+Hirshfeld which you will undoubtedly find interesting and useful! It includes some details of methodology and the formula you asked about. Best wishes for the write up Helen
  11. Hello Michele, and welcome to SGL I remember visiting Ulm a long time ago . We were touring Germany, and as my husband loves cathedrals we had to visit Ulm, and the world's tallest spire. I remember climbing the spire before breakfast! Hard work, but the views were fantastic Helen
  12. I thought I'd flag up this competition/showcase - good fun to try with the kids/grandkids or to do yourself? https://www.europlanet-society.org/inspiredbyotherworlds-arts-contest/ Enjoy! Helen
  13. I think you need this Or if you want data from some large scopes then the LCO archive is open access https://lco.global/documentation/data/archive/ Have fun! Helen
  14. It will be great to be involved in the Ariel Mission - great student project too! If anyone fancies a bit of fun while learning how to detect exoplanets try this https://agentexoplanet.lco.global - for 'kids' of all ages!! Helen PS The Comet Interceptor Mission will launch on the same rocket, and there might be some amateur involvement in that one too!
  15. Sometimes little additions make a big difference. Here's one of mine. The short extension means the scope doesn't hit the tripod. My handset is in a case with a loop on it, so the red hook gives me somewhere convenient to hang it . Best bits though - the hook is the right shape to allow easy on/off but better still the strap rotates around the pillar so you can make it convenient wherever direction you're observing. (Is it sad I'm excited about a strap ) Other than that - ugh boots, duvet jacket, neck ruff, grippy gloves, handwarmer (I easily get cold!!) Or for solar imagi
  16. I tried some quick planetary imaging while away last week. Getting the planet on a small chip planetary cam using the Tak 100 was a bit challenging and I ended up juggling an eyepiece and camera. So when this popped up on FLO's front page I thought it could save some faffing (and lower risk of dropping something!). Typical Baader design and build quality. It is lighter and small than I thought it might be, although at the moment its the bare box and will need attachments for connecting eyepieces, cameras etc. It is of course raining... so it might be some time before it sees
  17. I escaped.... am about to test the camera, but I proved last night that it responds to flashes, but didn't seem to capture anything else (so sadly no lightning) Am about to google how to set up and focus a watec....
  18. Thanks Louise - the lightshow was amazing! Now just torrential rain - thankfully it eased slightly so I have escaped from the Obs (phew). The camera will have to wait until tomorrow (I've left the power on for now as it has a dew heater and hoping that might help!) Helen
  19. The meteor camera is getting properly baptised . Not sure it will survive!!!
  20. I've been trying to get my meteor cam working - thought it might do double duty tonight!!! But.... came to check the laptop its connected to, which is iin the Obs, just at the wrong moment and am now stranded (unless I want to get completely soaked!!) Earlier on the light show was amazing with little rain, now its the reverse. Helen
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