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  1. I didn't try to collect any SII. Given the extreme faintness of the OIII I imagine it would be quite a challenge!
  2. Thanks Foras, I think it is more like a ghost!
  3. Excellent Martin, the OIII is popping out really nicely. The 135mm lens frames this object perfectly.
  4. Terrific work Steve with some very nice filamentous detail. Did you get some decent seeing?
  5. Absolutely beautiful, the colours are exquisite and there is a real sense of depth to the image.
  6. I had a lot of trouble Martin. A lot of the OIII data had to be ditched owing to some high haze which was barely appreciable during imaging. I needed pristine sky conditions with my Bortle 5 sky. Thanks Tom!
  7. I think what happens is that once the foundations are laid e.g. reliable guiding, focusing etc people start to collect more data on targets and refine their processing techniques. Happily for all of us, there is no summit to the upward learning curve!
  8. A fabulous set of images Carole. I enjoyed watching the video.
  9. That is breathtaking Adam. The framing is spot on and the fact that you can't quite squeeze the whole nebula is a plus for me since it instantly draws you in so some of the finer details of the nebula which you have captured here.
  10. Looking good and very promising for when it comes to your trio project
  11. A marvellous set of images Dave. I think cameras like the ASI 1600, with a decent sized chip and small pixels, coupled with camera lenses are having a big influence on astro images and your widefield pics demonstrate why.
  12. Fabulous! Definitely worth continuing although it might be worth sorting out the spacing for the reducer flattender, around 110mm IIRC. I love those tadpoles, they stand out beautifully and I definitely think worth pursuing.
  13. Both reprocesses give more impression of dynamic range and I prefer the colour rendition as well. I have a preference for the RGB version with the marginally brighter core, but that is pure aesthetics, there isn't a right or wrong with this. The propeller shows nicely in both. I think you have got the processing spot on and you will soon start to go cross eyed as you dance on the head of a pin!!
  14. The image was already very good but the rework benefits form subtle colour and contrast enhancement. It is an exquisite image Stuart and I don't think you should push it any more since I think you are likely to start encountering side effects.
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