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  1. MartinB

    Polemaster problem

    Yes I see that poor seeing could create a problem when polemaster needs to lock onto a star during the actual alignment process. Will probably have a look at Sharpcap. When you use Sharpcap are you still putting the polemaster into the mount?
  2. MartinB

    Polemaster problem

    Thanks a lot BTB, that may prove very useful. I've done some daytime testing today on both my laptops and appears to be working fine! A bit frustrating I suppose since I was hoping to confirm whether or not this was a software or hardware problem. If the problem recurs I will try deleting the inf file Thanks David. I will install Sharpcap and have a look. The pole master does give control over gain and software giving the option of exposures 50 - 300 ms which seems plenty
  3. MartinB

    Polemaster problem

    Thanks Steve. I'll try Firecapture and also my other laptop.
  4. MartinB

    Polemaster problem

    I could understand the seeing conditions preventing polemaster from being able to lock onto a star during alignment. I can't understand how the seeing conditions would stop Polemaster actually taking an image. The problem last night was that it was only very intermittently producing an image even when running the RA rotation routine, I don't think this is down to seeing.
  5. MartinB

    Polemaster problem

    My polemaster worked without a problem during it's first few outings but I now have a problem which seems to be getting steadily worse. It isn't taking images on a continuous basis. I noticed this first whilst doing the precise align, the rotating circle would stop rotating and the reticle would jump about. The circle would then rotate briefly and it was during this time that I could see the results of my alt az adjustments. I read a thread posted by someone having a similar problem and the suggestion was that this was down to the seeing. Last night from the word go polemaster was only taking infrequent images with gaps typically 30 to 60 seconds but sometimes longer. It took a long time to run through the axis rotation routine. Doing the initial coarse align was painfully slow and I didn't even bother trying a precise align. The problem wasn't resolved by shutting down and reconnecting. It occurred regardless of exposure time or gain. I also tried a different USB cable without any joy. Has anyone else encountered this?
  6. MartinB

    Ngc 6888 the creasant nebula

    Looks a whole lot better to me
  7. MartinB

    Another M33

    The outer regions of M33 are a brute to process, their isn't much colour and there is lots of indistinct faint outer brightness which just looks messy! It's a very untidy galaxy. You have pulled out the luminance nicely so just need to convert that pink in the core to a nice golden yellow.
  8. MartinB

    M74 LRGB

    Depends which galaxy you're looking at it from! Looking great given the time constraints
  9. MartinB


    Looking good Martin with plenty of detail. Worth adding some more data to smooth it out a little
  10. MartinB

    Another M33

    Your luminence detail looks great but the brighter areas of the galaxy look rather pink for some reason
  11. MartinB

    M42 and Running Man

    Amazing amount of nebulosity there for under 15 mins total integration time
  12. MartinB

    NGC 1514 - The Crystal Ball Nebula

    Aha! Thanks Peter
  13. MartinB

    Leo Triplet

    Ooh, that looks better!
  14. MartinB

    M42 After Tutorial

    Yes, dew might well do it
  15. MartinB

    Ngc 6888 the creasant nebula

    Some good stuff in there Stuart. The UHC filter has brought out the OIII colouration in the crescent nicely and you have some lovely star colouration. There appears to be a bit of a gradient across the image and some green is creeping in over the bottom left. If you could tackle these I think the image would be better still.

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