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  1. Geoptik to Camera Lens Adapter

    I have a Geoptic and couldn't fit a 2" filter with my Canon lens although I may be doing something stupid. Almost fits but not quite. However, Astronomic make T2 filters which fit nicely between camera and adaptor. I have an Ha and CLS and they give me just enough back focus. I have found the adaptor quiet awkward to use in practice, I don't think you could get away with a filter wheel so filter changing is a big issue, I have only used with OSC. Also you can't rotate your camera so I use a geared head which makes things a bit more clumsy. I suppose that's only the same as you would if using a DSLR
  2. SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    After Friday night I spent the rest of my time getting healthy again! It was brill!
  3. My thanks...

    It was an SGL first!
  4. My thanks...

    I agree with Grant, best ever. Super smooth organisation, a hurricane and a woman giving birth in a car, don't know how that will be topped next year!
  5. SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    In the diary and excited already!!
  6. So deep I'm sinking into it. Beautiful image. Signal Vs a sketchy 3rd channel, no competition with this target. Well done Sara
  7. M27 with Marcel Vonk.

    Well done Marcel, the best processing in the world won't overcome poor data, Olly has had it easy!!!
  8. Captured over several nights in August. One night of reasonable seeing but very twinkly on the others. Scope: 10" LX200 ACF reduced to F7.5 Camera: QSI 532 wsg Filters: Baader 7nm Ha 22 x 1800secs OIII 12 x 1800 secs. Captured, calibrated and combined with Maxim and processed in PS with the OIII mapped to both green and blue. Posted on the deep sky imaging board with little RGB star colour but this hasn't been included in this image
  9. Very interesting. I've been going cross eyed comparing your two versions. The fine detail in the images is subtly different with some features showing slightly better in the tricolour and others in the bicolour (helped by the nice contrast between the blue and the red. From an aesthetic point of view I much prefer the bicolour). You've outlined the exposure times, what about the combined processing time!? Outstanding work
  10. Eastern Veil Nebula in Bicolour

    Ah! New Mexico, got it now
  11. Eastern Veil Nebula in Bicolour

    This is superb. Where are you finding all these imaging hours??? I love that delicate Ha shock wave, beautifully picked out
  12. Elephant's Trunk Nebula bicolour two ways

    Thanks Steve, I think I am going to get an extra dollop of Ha and OIII from now on
  13. Elephant's Trunk Nebula bicolour two ways

    Haha!!! You have me Sometimes it's good to try turning the volume up loud Thank you very much Sara, Chris and Olly, much appreciated and very encouraging
  14. Elephant's Trunk Nebula bicolour two ways

    Here is a high saturation version