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  1. I get the same problem with my hypercam 183c. (I'm assuming its the same problem, I'm at sea with terrible internet so I'm not seeing your jpeg image) I've read somewhere that it could be caused by running the camera cooler off the same power source as the rest of your equipment but I've yet to get the chance to try this fix out.
  2. I've never imaged this object. Seeing your image has made me put it on my "to do" list. Excellent capture.
  3. Beautiful. The detail is remarkable.
  4. This is a first class image and I would love to see the finished mosaic. Congratulations.
  5. I took this on my last night at home before starting a months trip in the north sea. It was one of those nights. I set up on M33 and I manage 2 subs before cloud covers it. It looked as if it was there to stay so I thought I'd give the Sadr region a try. Of course as soon as I set up on Sadr M33 cleared but hey ho. I also wanted to try out some widefield shots on my star adventurer mount, samyang 14mm lens and new astro modded canon 6d before the moon rose. Theres a reasonably dark site about 300 meters away from where I live so I grabbed my gear, headed down the road and got set up. As soon as I do some low cloud came scudding in. I waited half an hour then gave up. Dragged everything back up the road and checked on my scope. Dumped an hours worth of subs but low and behold the sky is now clear. Dragged star adventurer back down the road, got set up and screamed as more low cloud arrived. I gave it another 30 minutes, gave up and headed back home. By now I was worn out, so I switched of the camera on my scope and made myself a cup of tea. Plan was to have that, put my gear away and have a reasonably early night. However when I came back out again it had cleared up but my laptop was blank. Ooops, hadn't plugged it in. Started imaging again. By this time I have 5 usable subs and its 2 am. Should I carry on? Fool that I am the answer has to be yes. Dragged the star adventurer back down the road and set up under a 70% moon but no clouds. Got my shots. 30 x 60 seconds @ iso 2500. Put the staradventurer and assorted gear away. Looked at my scope data and decided that I didn't really need sleep before doing a 12 hour shift. I imaged until dawn finally told me enough was enough. They say perseverance pays. I have to agree. 35 x 300 seconds @ iso 800. Darks bias and flats Canon 700d astromodded on Skywatcher ed80. Heq5pro mount belt drive mod. Guided using lodestar x2 and phd guiding. Dss and photoshop for stacking and processing
  6. These are both 30 x 60 second stacked images using a samyang 14mm lens and an astro modded canon 6d on the star adventurer mount. It's a new camera and I was desperate to try it out before I went back to sea for a month so I was shooting with a 70% moon to contend with not to mention a fair bit of light pollution. I had a lot of faffing around in photoshop to get rid of lens flare, but next time home me, the star adventurer, the 6d and a selection of lenses are heading out to a dark sky site for a play.
  7. I hate to tell you this but heroin is addictive. AP is much worse.
  8. On your list did you have "6b swiveled the scope 90 degrees so it's now pointing at polaris" I have failed to do this on more occasions than I care to admit to.
  9. Go to "settings" then "stacking parameters" then "result" (should be first tab) and make sure you dont have "enable 2x drizzle" or "enable 3x drizzle" ticked. It worked for me.
  10. I've never used a ccd camera before and I'd like to thank you Don for the idiots guide. (This idiot would have been lost without it) Also a huge thank you to Paul for the lodestar live program.
  11. Get a DSLR. You can pick up a canon 450 for about £100 second hand.
  12. Just received this ccd in the post yesterday. Haven't had a chance to play with it yet
  13. Have a good look around on various web sites. Telescopes are like cars, while they'll all get you from point A to point B, a racing car will get you there quickly but a rolls royce will get you there in comfort. The EDGE HD scopes seem to be the nearest thing to an all rounder there is but there is always a trade off. I now have two scopes. A big dob for observing and a small refractor for astrophotography. I could be done with a third scope but the wife will kill me if i get another one. Best advice I can give you if you do want to do astrophotography spend more on your mount than you do on your scope. Heq5 or Heq6 at least. Have a look around and pick some scopes you fancy then ask for advice. It took me a month of research before i narrowed it down to 3.
  14. About £3.500. Which is still less than the wife has spent on shoes. (yes I am still using that argument to justify what I spend on this hobby)
  15. I managed first light with my Skywatcher Ed 80 and heq5 mount tonight. It arrived yesterday and I spent most of that evening figuring out how to align the mount. (It didn't need any as far as I can see). This afternoon was spent figuring out where everything goes and learning how to balance the scope. I started setting up for observing just as the sun was going down. It all went pretty well although I'm still a bit confused about the polar scope. Anyway I did my best, turned it on and did a two star align. First star arcturus. Miles out. Pressed the direction buttons and nothing happened. Hmmm. Tried upping the slew rate and got my first pleasant surprise. It was slewing on my first attempt but so quietly and slowly I hadn't noticed. Second star Vega. This time it was much closer. Alignment successful according to the controller. By now of course some low cloud was scudding in on a brisk breeze so I decided to go for a fairly difficult target. M81 & M82. It slewed over and there they were smack dab in the middle of the eyepiece. To see how good this was at tracking I went into the house for a well deserved cuppa, leaving it to do its thing. When I came back out 20 minutes later they hadn't moved by an iota. I slewed over to m31. Again smack dab in the middle of the ep. Again I left it to track for 10 minutes and I couldn't see any drift. I'm just not used to this. My previous goto scope was an ETX 90 and I always had to use the control keys to keep anything centered. The wind which was blowing at a good 20mph had no effect on viewing. No vibration, nothing. M27, M51, and M57 all smack in the middle of the EP with no extra input from myself. By now the cloud was getting unbearable but I had to have a look at albireo. Stunning! So as you can tell I'm pleased with the mount. And I'm just as pleased with the scope. The stars are pin sharp to the edge and I was pleasantly surprised at the detail I could see on the DSO's with such a small scope from a moderately light polluted site. My only disapointment was that the constant scudding cloud prevented me from trying out some short exposures with my DSLR but to be honest I never expected things to go this well on first light. I've still got a heck of a lot to learn but I cannot wait to get out again. I'm also still awaiting my lodestar x2 ccd to arrive so there's another big learning curve for me. But tonight I'm buzzing! Big thanks to Astro Baby for her "Idiots guide to setting up an HEQ 5 mount" and to those awfully nice people at Flo who took a large sum of money from me but gave me so much back in return by the way of one hell of a nice scope and mount and loads of great advice.
  16. Hmm The nexstar has a focal length of f10 and you are on an alt/az mount. I'm a long way from an expert but I think you'll struggle to get any pics other than solar system objects. I've just ordered a beginners set-up from FLO. Heq5 mount, Skywatcher ed 80 and reducer, skywatcher skytravel guidescope and lodestar x2 autoguider plus dew heater and various bits and bobs. Total came to £2100. The lodestar can be used as planetary camera and apparently can do deep sky objects too (although I'm not getting my hopes up) I already have a second hand unmodded canon 450dslr which I got for £100. I have done some widefield shots just using the camera on a static tripod and got some rather pleasing results.
  17. Wow that is blue It looks to me like the saturation setting is wrong. I don't use AutoStekkart so not too sure. I'm using same camera as you and I've been getting some pretty good results with backyard eos. There is a month long free trial. Of course it does mean you need to drag a laptop outside. You can save a series of J-Pegs and/or avis. I've been using registax 6 as my stacking program
  18. I found my old webcam today. Meade LPI I tried downloading drivers but cannot find anything that works with windows 7. I tried using it with Sharpcap 2 a free program and it seems to be working fine. Haven't tried it out at night yet but it seems to be working fine on terrestrial targets during the day. I'm going back offshore for a month in next couple of days but if the clouds clear before then I'll let you know how I get on with it.
  19. I'm another recent fan of backyard eos. Due to living in scotland I've only manged one very short session with it, but I was impressed.
  20. I got some data but it was very windy here and I doubt its usable. Gave up trying to image at 05:30 due to scope wobble. Put laptop and scope away got out eyepieces, watched for 5 minutes and sleet shower ended my night. Also tried to thaw out my feet on my sleeping wife's back. I now need a good lawyer. Perfect end to a perfect night.
  21. Just away out to set up. I'm planning an all nighter tonight. Fingers crossed I get the triple transit with etx 90 and canon450 dslr.
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