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  1. Taken at 00.30,August 28th. Canon 5dmk3 Samyang 14mm f2.8 6seconds ISO 2000.
  2. I didnt really get to have a good look at it but to get 340 seconds with a basic polar alignment is impressive ,I know it was only at 37 mm but still thats pretty darn good.I reckon there was another couple of minutes there to be had.I'm hoping to get my 100-400l on one but i reckon a couple of minutes isnt being over optimistic.I was only at iso 1600 as well so in the event of only managing 1 minute i can easily put the iso up to 6400 with the Canon 5dmk3. Its kinda rekindled my interest in astronomy/astrophotography because its been waning over the last year or so.
  3. Cheers Peter,haven't done much astronomy wise this winter at all,either observing or photography.This nice toy might just change that.
  4. Many thanks to our Astro group chairman Gordon Mackie for letting me plonk my camera onto his Star Adventurer. Single 340 second exposure,Canon 5dmk3,Canon 17-40L at 37mm,f4 and iso 1600.Taken from the very dark sky at Loch More,Caithness. Think i might get one.
  5. A minor aurora display from Orkney with the 6 meter Watchstone,one of Orkney's many neolithic gems in the foreground.
  6. A rare opportunity to photograph a corona aurora from the Thurso,Caithness. This shot shows aurora over Thurso .The camera is pointing South West so again rare to be looking south to see aurora and finally me . First 2 images are 3.2 seconds,iso 3200,f2.8.The one of me is 5 seconds.
  7. Thanks for your comments guys.I am starting to prefer a bit of cloud in my astroscapes,especially hazy wispy types.Makes for some cool shapes and shades.
  8. Awesome image,superb work.A worthy reward for your time and effort.
  9. Great effort indeed,some lovely detail along the terminator.
  10. That's terrific,very nicely done indeed.
  11. Thanks,i used to be very heavy handed with colour and am not exactly shy in using it now but I have seen so many aurora shots,especially fainter displays where the colour has been boosted so much that the whole image is just one mass of colour noise,i'm sick of seeing it and probably slightly embarrassed because its what I used to do myself. Those that do it to their images obviously don't notice and the general public(facebook) wallow in it but you couldn't print anything above A4 or it would look a complete mess. I never really noticed mine were bad either until I got a couple of A2 prints d
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