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  1. After the various cleaning agents had little effect the Dremel was the last resort as the bin was all it was good for otherwise. I was gentle, polishing rather than grinding.
  2. This thread was very useful. After a few years in storage I very recently took my Lunt LS60T out and discovered it had this problem. Spent a whole day thinking it was just hazy cloud! Finally had a look and saw the issue. My scope is 10 years old and I am the original owner. Lunt quickly put me contact with Brewer Germany and my replacement filter has just arrived - no cost to me. I am sure I saw one on the Lunt site for about $7. I am very happy with this level of aftercare!! Lunt were able to tell me that the blue glass is a UV Cut filter. The newest version has a coating to inhibit this build up. They also confirmed it was OK to try and clean the old BG filter and suggested CLR. I used stuff lying around the house which didn’t do much so I polished it up with a soft wheel at low speed on the Dremel and whatever the red compound is that came with the Dremel. I’m not suggesting that anyone do this of course. I did it knowing that I could completely ruin it. I was careful not to scratch the glass! Finished the process with a little bit of car polish. Result was very effective, not perfect, but a massive difference. Had a few minutes with a decent view and ran off a few AVIs. It’s been cloudy or I have been busy ever since!
  3. I found this link particularly good for mine http://www.astromart.com/articles/article.asp?article_id=548
  4. I plan to upgrade over the next few days. I shall post on this thread after I have had a play. I think the current upgrade discount runs for another fortnight so hopefully enough time to judge.
  5. It has been mentioned already above but just to emphasise - setting the mount to solar rate has a big impact on how quick it drifts off when you set up in the daytime.
  6. Thanks Guy, I might be a bit confused! I think the leisure battery supplies DC and the camera needs DC. I was hoping to use just the bits I already have (and not spend any more!). I have a handy little 4x12v adaptor and so can run mount, camera, dew band, lap top - all reasonably neat and tidy. Thanks Anthony
  7. I know someone can advise me correctly! i am off to North Devon and there are a few nice dark spots on Exmoor. I'd like to take my QHY8 with me. It is the original version and has the DC-101 DC adaptor. What I need to know is - can I simply made a leisure battery powered cigarette lighter type 12 v adaptor to serve as the input to the DC-101? At present there is a 3 pin plug for the mains that goes to a "switching adaptor power supply" that outputs 12v. I am guessing that my proposed cigarette lighter adaptor will supply a nice 12v that the dc-101 can then power the camera and cooler from. I don't want to blow anything up. Any thoughts much appreciated. Anthony
  8. I got some from these guys a while back http://e-magnetsuk.com/magnets/clamping_magnets/car_roof_top_magnets.aspx
  9. I have seen one of the versions in your link in the flesh so to speak and it was very good. The issue is whether or not you can get enough distance to get the accuracy in collimating. 20-30m might be enough to get collimating close enough so that you are in the right area for proper collimating on a real star. I know people have tried with mirrors to increase the distance. I have not read this link yet (but am about to). At a glance it looks interesting. http://www.cloudynights.com/item.php?item_id=2879
  10. They are particularly good!!!!!!!! Superb!
  11. Very nice Andrew, I like the processing.
  12. That is superb. During those times when I am incredibly jealous of someone I can also be very pleased for them. :-) You are going to have a great time!!!!!!!
  13. Think also of how neat a little package the 66mm scope is. Quick and easy set up, get much more use!
  14. I have Scope Nights by Egg Moon Studio on my apple devices. Life has kept me away from Astronomy recently but when I use it, it is more often right than wrong. Going to have a look at astro panel
  15. Well, you'd think the success of the magazine might make them think that the show has an ongoing future. I enjoy the show at present (impressions aside). It is great having a bit of science of tv that is not fantastically dumbed down, a programme that caters for the enthusiasts as well as it does. We can consider it unique and something to value regardless of who presents it in PM's passing. Rumour or not, this is a thread that will run on based on people appreciating the programme.
  16. I had a look at the manual when this was first posted but did not see anything too obvious. 12 fames is a very low number to make the process worthwhile according to the manual and it is also very processor intensive. From skimming the manual I felt there were a few things that have to happen in an order. You might have to trawl through the detail to find an answer. Failing that, drop the same message as your posting here to Craig Stark and see if he has any thoughts
  17. http://oscaar.github.io/OSCAAR/ Might well have a crack once there is a stable software version. Sounds very interesting and what with having sooooo many clear nights.........
  18. That's pretty cool. Real structure on show.
  19. Very nice. Not tempted to do a mosaic? That would look great.
  20. I have a very fine time with my WO binoviewers on my SCT (8" F10). They are very nice on refractors as well but they take up quite a bit of the light path and you can end up having to use a barlow to get focus. The SCT with moving mirror has loads of focus travel. Superb for planets and lunar. Any drawbacks are more than compensated for by the views.
  21. Looks pretty good to me with some nice star colour showing.
  22. Very interested to see what suggestions come through on this one.
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