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  1. Nothing pays off more in astrophotography IMO than time put into collecting data. 21 hours, time well spent congrats. Mike.
  2. Thanks olly, great to get back to it and find all the kit still works. Mike.
  3. Hi all, Its been over a year since i have rolled the roof off the observatory So thought it was time to get back in the saddle. I took this image through my 10" Skywatcher newt and SXVFH9 over two nights. No colimation tweeks just attached the camera focused and off I went, 28 subs @ 600seconds used from 36 taken ( wind was an issue last night).
  4. Found a way around the size issue, upload to album and link.
  5. Shame the Images don't upload at full size .
  6. Thanks Here is the Plato region ( 8 frames) from the same night 16/01/16 Mike
  7. From a mosaic run that the weather forced an early end. The plan was to work towards the terminator but the weather had other plans here is the rest of the run, over 50 frames in total. First image post on the new forum not sure how the upload will affect the posted image. Thanks for looking Mike.
  8. Thanks all for the very kind comments. Mike.
  9. Shot this Saturday /Sunday between 10pm and 4am. I haven't been out with the scope for ages so thought a moon mosaic would be a good way back in. Seeing was very good but as you can see there are lots of soft areas when I was shooting through fog patches Also I usually shoot moon images through a red filter to improve the seeing, I wrongly assumed the red filter was in line, it wasn't so this was all shot through the luminance filter. Kikking myself as through a red filter this could have been a lot sharper. Big overlaps on each frame increased the total needed greatly but because I am out of practice I thought better safe than sorry. Below is the full 170 frame mosaic @ 10% of full size and a full size crop (not sure how many frames are in the full size crop). click on the big image to get the full size pic. Taken through my 10" newt eyepiece projection with a 10mm ep and DMK21mono each avi was 3000 frames @ 60fps
  10. Great stuff, fix the guiding and go deep Mike.
  11. very nice work, well worth the effort. Mike.
  12. If your eyepieces are too big to fit an EP projection adaptor a much cheaper option than a powermate would be to get hold of a cheap EP ( like a standard 10mm skywatcher EP) and use it with an EP projector adaptor. There is no need to use high end eyepieces as you will only be using the center of the optics. You can also use a 2x Barlow in the EP projection adaptor (without an EP ) most Barlows can be unscrewed from the 1 1/4 inch EP receiver and used in the same way as a EP in the EP projector ( the further the distance between the barlow and the camera sensor the greater the magnification). Eyepiece projection is in my opinion a very underestimated method of Solar luna and planatary imaging. Mike.
  13. Only cropped by avistack2's auto ROI ( region of interest) so pretty much full frame. I Used a DMK21(mono), eyepiece projection with a standard skywatcher 10 mm EP and red filter. Mike.
  14. Seeing not good today. I had to wait around an hour for some cleaner air and even then could only use 10% from 4000 frames. I have a few more to process but not convinced I'll get anything else worth keeping. Mike.
  15. Thanks for that, didn't know it was that simple.
  16. I did get a few frames in an attempt in 2009 below is a composite from that run, although that was at prime focus, not sure I could manage a shot through Eyepiece projection.
  17. Thanks all. Here is a resulting shot from a avi run just after
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