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  1. Hi David I have 3 culprits in mind .Martian dust, Atmospheric moisture or the bright Moon. I just don't know which one it is Cheers Ian
  2. Hi Mark, Never under-estimate the power of the ortho I think it's low number of elements mean you lose less light as it travels through the optical train. Not as issue usually but on something right at the margins it can make all the difference. I keep meaning to have a go at this SN but I forget whilst trying to tease out details in Mars. Cheers Ian
  3. Hi David Very good sketch It looks very similar to what I could see around 8.30 last night. The details were quite low contrast last night, although there part of the I think it was Aeria appeared quite orange. Cheers Ian
  4. Hi Mark Very nice pics. I put mostvof the mushiness last night down to lack of scope cool down time, But the seeing might have been deteriorating as well. You got some nice detail in there cheers Ian
  5. I decided to have a go at sketching Mars last night. Gut back from work about 10.30pm and the ckouds were clearing. The scope did not really have enough time to cool down but there wasn't much I could do about that. The first sketch is the pencil drawing the second on I have added some colour. I might have another go if we have a clear spell next week. Scope OMC250 Eyepiece 6mm ortho. Magnification x375 Seeing 3/5 Transparency 3/5 Time 22.55-23.15 UT 23/10
  6. Hi Steve Very good pic. It reminds me of the detail I could see on the 15th. Cheers Ian
  7. Hi mark Very good sketch The seeing was a bit variable last night but there were periods where it was excellent. What amazed me last night was when the seeing improved the edges of the features were very obvious. Cheers Ian
  8. Very good sketches Glob Some good detail in them. I had some excellent views of Mars last night. I had spent some time on collimation and it paid off. Keep the sketches coming. Cheers Ian
  9. I would recommend "observer's guide to stellar evolution" by Mike Inglis. Published by Springer. It combines the theory of stellar evolution with actual examples we can observe. Cheers Ian
  10. I have answered yes as my skies at home are ok but if I can go somewhere with darker skies I will. Cheers Ian
  11. Hi, Welcome to SGL. I'm just up the road from you Doubles are good targets when you have significant LP. Enjoy the scope Cheers Ian
  12. Good catch Jeremy I had a fairly good view of the conjunction using my 15x70's. I decided to keep the scopes tucked away given the breeze
  13. It was a fairly easy spot in my 15x70's last night just to the left of Venus. It was nice the clouds got out of the way for once
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