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  1. Hi, Welcome to SGL. I'm just up the road from you Doubles are good targets when you have significant LP. Enjoy the scope Cheers Ian
  2. Good catch Jeremy I had a fairly good view of the conjunction using my 15x70's. I decided to keep the scopes tucked away given the breeze
  3. It was a fairly easy spot in my 15x70's last night just to the left of Venus. It was nice the clouds got out of the way for once
  4. Hi Stu, great pics. seeing was pretty good last night. Thanks for highlighting the crater names. I am still learning them Cheers Ian
  5. Nice pics I had a look at this last night through my 15x70 Binos. cheers Ian
  6. I have done this in the past. Mostly Afocal . The advantage of doing it this way is the ability to vary the magnification. I think the closet pair I did were around 2-3". Most of my images I posted in the double star section of the forum. I plan to start again soon. Cheers Ian
  7. Interesting idea. I know from experience increasing magnification allows you to spot fainter objects. When I observe double stars mag 11+ stars which are not visible at x70 magnification start to appear once you get into the x100-150 range. I guess the only way to find out is to test an ethos against an orthoscopic eyepiece :). cheers Ian
  8. Tim, excellent image, I was looking at Betelgeuse yesterday and it's dimness is very noticeable. It seemed no brighter then Bellatrix. Cheers Ian
  9. Well done, conditions were not easy
  10. Very good pics. The second pic certainly captures how it looked to me. A tiny dot and alot of fast moving clouds Cheers Ian
  11. Hi Pete Same here, first contact was clouded out but I did get to see about 30-40 mins of the transit Great pic. Cheers Ian
  12. Nice pics Charl I managed to have a look at the sunspot earlier today. It's quite well positioned at the mo. cheers Ian
  13. Hi Helen Glad you got some observing done. good pic the AR is very visible now.
  14. Hi Charl Good pics. Some great fine detail. Cheers Ian
  15. It was clear in my 15x70's last night. The Moon was rising but did not interfere too much. Cheers Ian
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