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  1. Not a clue Dobbie - It has exposure times from 1/10,000 - to 30 seconds. So I guess so - but probably best to ask i the Video Astro boards. Ant
  2. Could do with shifting this really. Reduced to £100 Will stick up on ABS later if no ones interested.
  3. One of my all time favourite objects. Fantastic
  4. Thats very interesting, thanks for posting the link Ant
  5. I hate to tell you buddy, but you've been scammed. Ian at least realises that it is a symbol of remembrance and comfort more then anything else. You seem to take it far more seriously and assume that you've actually bought a star.
  6. Hey all, Looking to slim down my camera collection a little. I bought this camera from FLO in the last 18 months or so (cannot remember exactly when) for the large chip. I then decided to buy the Skyris274 and this camera has sat in its box doing nothing ever since. Its almost perfect, I think I only used it twice. There is a small mark on the barrel of the nose piece (as you'll see in one of the Pics). I'm copying from the box now 5mp (2592 x 1944) Chip size 5.7 x 4.28 (7mm diagonal) Pixel size - 2.2 micron Includes Camera Nosepiece USB lead Manual Software Disc Looking for £120 - delivered
  7. Please can you add a price? Haggling is obviously fine, but you must specify a starting point. Cheers Ant
  8. I saw this on the phone last night. I really like this. I find it incredible that we can, from our back gardens, watch four alien worlds revolving arond Jupiter. Big thumbs up from me! Ant
  9. Welcome to SGL, I've been to Fort Davis (and the TSP and Mcdonald observatory), way back in '89. Assuming that the skies haven't changed a great deal in the time (you are pretty remote there), you have some exceptional skies. One day I'll come back. Ant
  10. Welcome to SGL Miguel, nice to have you onboard. Ant
  11. That takes me back I bought a complete set of these back in '89 from the TSP. Even back in '89 they were absolutely superb eyepieces - right up with the best IMO - my 25mm (I think) had first light at the Mcdonald Observatory in the 107" scope - this one I think - . Sorry I didn't mean to post off topic. Just extremely pleased to see Parks Gold eyepieces again
  12. Harsh
  13. I've managed to fill in the gap on a mosaic with a missing piece - but never on the limb, that makes the age of the moon really important - and even an hour or two difference (and of course libration) mean that a replacement pane cannot be used. Ant
  14. Looks lovely, zoomed in nice and close - is one of those images that just keeps on giving Real shame about the missing bit, but you knew that already Ant
  15. A similar post to Richard above. But this is a comparison of the three main narrowband lines (Ha, O[III] and S[II]) on the Pacman nebula. Very strong in Ha, OIII is OK but SII is poor. These are all 900 seconds @F7 using the Starlight H9 (cannot remember the scope). Ant