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  1. Glossary of Astronomy Terms

    maybe we could combine the two?
  2. Cracking idea, I'll add that to the list.
  3. polar align

    Holy crap guys - give it a rest. Thread closed.
  4. polar align

    Keep it civil everyone. Yes if you wish to level the mount it makes adjustments to polar align a little simpler IMO. However it ISN'T required for polar alignment. The goal is good polar alignment, how you het there is down to You! Ant
  5. What could be causing this?

    That's a shame. Hopefully someone cleverer than me will come along shortly. Ant
  6. You think that Spain will be any cheaper and easier to get too for a total eclipse? You've seen what happened to hotel bookings and rates for the eclipse path - Spain will be exactly the same. There will be millions of people trying get into the path of totality. Flights will be booked up as soon as they are available, hotels will be booked up years in advanced. Its closer, that I give you, cheaper I doubt it lol. I for one will be fighting you for the hotel rooms Ant
  7. What could be causing this?

    I used to get similar problems, for me it was the calibration frames. Flats / Dark / Bias. I cannot for the life of me remember which one caused the issue (in my situation). My advice would be to stack again without ANY calibration frames, and see if they go away. Then re-introduce each calibration set in turn and look at the results. While typing this, I've remembered that I used to take three sets of DARKS. From memory (I stress that as I haven't imaged DSOs for a number of years now) I used to take Darks with an ADU of 40%, 50% and 60% of well depth, stack with all three (different stacks) and see which one was best - so whilst the details of the above may not be of interest. I would start by re-stacking without the Dark frames first. Good Luck. Ant
  8. HELP NEEDED.........

    There is a thread here that might be of interest.
  9. Veil Nebula - NGC6960

    Oooo that's nice. Ant
  10. It is currently in the list for Jan/feb/Mar '18. It *could* change, but unlikely I think. We also have a galaxy challenge for the spring planned. The fov on a DSLR will be ideally suited to that.
  11. It's over the winter - Jan / Feb / Mar, I think. I'll check. Ant
  12. I went out for about 40 minutes on Saturday - the skies were about 30/40% clear, so did have to keep altering my observing position to match. I packed it in when the "Devils searchlight" rose, but up until then, I counted 9 (2 sporadics) meteors in the 40 minutes. Only one was a really good one, not as good as the one that KBMack described, but still a good spot. I have to admit that I found sitting in the chair looking up, no kit to worry about, really quite peaceful and refreshing. Cheers Ant
  13. Not quite sure where your coming from Neil. You don't get much more inclusive than the first few Challenges.... "30 seconds" and "Satellites". This opens up to anyone with a camera and a tripod, the 30s challenge opens up to un-guided mounts. Jupiter is a fairly broad brief - we had entries from refractors, reflectors, SCTs etc, mono cameras, colour cameras and mobile phones. NLC - all you need is a north horizon and a camera and tripod (and i've seen good images from an iphone). This is only the 6th Challenge, and the first one that's restricted on Equipment as well. We have a a complete list of challenges coming up over the next 18 months or so, including the planets, comets, atmospheric effects, double stars, minor planets, OSC DSO, Clouds, Galaxies, Star Party Image and Sketching, and probably more that I've forgotten. I'm actually failing to see how we could be much more inclusive, we have tried really hard in the beginning to make it as easy as possible to take part. This challenge is MONO cameras limited to DSOs, over the winter we'll have a OSC DSO chellenge - and then in the spring probably a "Galaxy" challenge with no restriction on equipment. I do like the spectroscopy idea though. Ant
  14. Which way is up?

    The image orientation will change by 180 degrees during a flip. But the stacking software will take that into account and auto rotate to match. Ant
  15. Which way is up?

    I went out for half an hour Saturday night and just sat back and watched meteors, it was really refreshing. Imaging... you got to love it!