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  1. Well done all, Some seriously good images - I'm amazed at the quality of images that don't make into the top three!!!! Ant
  2. Thank you to everyone who's entered this months challenge. This competition is now closed and voting will commence Thanks Ant
  3. Well done to all I know that its a bit nerdy... (we're all nerds right?) but I really liked "Our Place" by Daggar. At first glance I thought he'd manage to capture an image of a Borg Cube Ant
  4. It seems to be the left hand rod moving in and out slightly in relation to the other one. Wasn't sure if the increased distance (albeit slightly) between the two rods would require a slightly larger voltage to go the same height. But I suspect your "heat" suggestion is nearer the mark. Good stuff! Ant
  5. That looks really cool I notice that in the first half of the video the arcs pretty much go all the way up the rods? But from the half way point they don't in fact quite a lot don't get past 1/4 or 1/3 up! I also noticed that the distance between the rods alters very slightly - is that related ? Ant
  6. Thanks everyone fkr taking the time to enter challenge #10 ! This challenge is now closed and judging will start. Hopefully the half term break won't delay voring too much! Thanks again. Ant
  7. Nice one Grant. This should be great for the WADAS group and quite a few others Ant
  8. Had similar issues. I found it was down to the write speed on the HDD. Actually found that saving the AVI to a external USB3 SSD drive, was better than onto my laptop hdd. Cheers Ant
  9. Ant

    The end of LP filters?

    The new IDAS D2 filter has been made with LED lights in mind. If you follow the link below, you'll see that they have manged to filter out pretty much all of the "blue" peak, and some of the phosphorescence - but not all. The move to LED's is worrying, but it would seem that the filter manufacturers still have a few methods of reducing it... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/light-pollution-reduction-imaging/idas-d2-light-pollution-suppression-filter.html
  10. Ant

    Opticron 30x80 Question

    Welcome to SGL. That's rather a strong post for your first. As with all mass produced product there are occasionally "lemons", I would suggest that you contact the company you bought them from because your experience doesn't appear to be normal. Thanks Ant
  11. This was my favourite challenge so far - didn't even occur to me that Orion was centre stage in all three... I suppose that at this time of year it had to be really Paul's Orion was my favourite. I love seeing star colours displayed like that! Well done all, very tough to judge. Ant
  12. Ant

    Just a Joke Since

    Looks good to me - I'd be overjoyed with that
  13. Trouble is the 11mm is female both sides. So you need the 2mm Male/Male to be able to get it into the imaging train. I have a load of Delrin spacers so can easily use those to increase the spacing by a few mm if I was so inclined. To be honest my imaging isn't going to be great till I get a filter (either LPR or NB). So I can practise till then, being a mm out with the FF/FR cannot be worse than not including the FF/FR!!! Cheers Ant
  14. I do indeed have the adaptor(s) of which you talk. I'll get that into the imaging train tonight, and that will be what I work with untill I buy filters... So it'll be a 2/3mm out for a little while. Ant

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