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  1. Had similar issues. I found it was down to the write speed on the HDD. Actually found that saving the AVI to a external USB3 SSD drive, was better than onto my laptop hdd. Cheers Ant
  2. The end of LP filters?

    The new IDAS D2 filter has been made with LED lights in mind. If you follow the link below, you'll see that they have manged to filter out pretty much all of the "blue" peak, and some of the phosphorescence - but not all. The move to LED's is worrying, but it would seem that the filter manufacturers still have a few methods of reducing it... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/light-pollution-reduction-imaging/idas-d2-light-pollution-suppression-filter.html
  3. Opticron 30x80 Question

    Welcome to SGL. That's rather a strong post for your first. As with all mass produced product there are occasionally "lemons", I would suggest that you contact the company you bought them from because your experience doesn't appear to be normal. Thanks Ant
  4. This was my favourite challenge so far - didn't even occur to me that Orion was centre stage in all three... I suppose that at this time of year it had to be really Paul's Orion was my favourite. I love seeing star colours displayed like that! Well done all, very tough to judge. Ant
  5. Just a Joke Since

    Looks good to me - I'd be overjoyed with that
  6. Trouble is the 11mm is female both sides. So you need the 2mm Male/Male to be able to get it into the imaging train. I have a load of Delrin spacers so can easily use those to increase the spacing by a few mm if I was so inclined. To be honest my imaging isn't going to be great till I get a filter (either LPR or NB). So I can practise till then, being a mm out with the FF/FR cannot be worse than not including the FF/FR!!! Cheers Ant
  7. I do indeed have the adaptor(s) of which you talk. I'll get that into the imaging train tonight, and that will be what I work with untill I buy filters... So it'll be a 2/3mm out for a little while. Ant
  8. Thanks Alex, you made me go and check the drawings again. Yeah, your right. The back focus is 6.5mm NOT 8.6 - so my calculations are all wrong. Maybe your's will work for me. If I get a chance today I'll pop back out into the garage and do another measuring session See if I have that adaptor you mention. Cheers Ant
  9. Thanks guys, I've done my measuring. I think i need a 10mm extension. Before i rush out and buy, need to check all the boxes that the kit came in. There were a load of adapters/extensions. So im getting close First light may even be without the correct spacing, it cannot be any worse than no FF/FR at all. If nothing else it'll let me focus both the main and guide cameras Ant
  10. Haha thanks. 1/3 of the filter thickness? How think are they likely to be? Not that I've bought any yet. Going to be fairly important to buy matching NB filters then. I might even buy a 2" LP filter so that can go in front of the FR/FF. I cannot be doing with trying to adjust the distance by a fraction if a mm in the middle of the night How precise does it need to be? Cheers Ant
  11. Because of the chip size, its suitable for 1.25" filters (just), I've been told that the FW needs to be as close the the camera as possible. So I guess between the FW and OAG would be a good start and see what happens. Thanks for the 55mm confirmation Ant
  12. Over the last few weeks i've managed to get myself a new ASI183mm pro, ASI120MM guide camera, ZWO OAG and Filterwheel. Also an ED80 with steel track focuser and FF/FR. This zwo kit is incredible, it looks really nice, lovely build quality and a whole host of adapters, spacers, leads, tools, extension tubes... the list goes on. The last batch of bits arrived today so i've been putting it all together. How pretty does this all look I have a question on spacing. I'm pretty sure that the FF/FR has to be 55mm from the camera. Now I assume that this is the back edge of the FR to the chip - is that right? Where would be the best place to place the extension? Between the Filterwheel and OAG, or between OAG and FF/FR? Cheers Ant
  13. Just a quick reminder that all entries for this challenge must be posted by end of tomorrow (31st Jan). Judging will take place shortly after and a winner(s) announced. Cheers Ant