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  1. I saw the same display Fozzie. I was amazed at how similar the displays were... considering we are a few hundred miles apart. Ant
  2. I was amazed how similar my image was to yours. Was expecting the few hundred miles to make more of a difference. Mine were poor images as they were taken with the phone, but for interest I might find you thread and post one up for comparison.
  3. It only lasted about 45 minutes, then it was gone. Ant
  4. hey all, just a quick heads up, there is a nice NLC display happening right now. I'm in North Cambridgeshire, but the last one visible that I saw, Fozzie saw from Leeds (i think), so get out and have a look. Ant
  5. Just the Tube rings left, its funny how the bits you think will go first, don't Happy to talk offers on the rings. Cheers Ant
  6. Wow, my first thought was you were powering it with a V8. That is without doubt the best mount I've ever seen! Seriously top notch. Ant
  7. Thanks @Dan13 Just posting up the answer here, as it may be useful to someone else. The guide scope rings are too big for a 50mm finder. Thanks for the enquiry Dan. Cheers Ant
  8. Ant

    I'm new to this place

    Welcome to SGL Khalid, It's nice to have you onboard. Ant
  9. Hi All, I'm having a little tidy up, and have found some ADM bits that deserve to go to a good home where they'll get used. One of the items has never been even been taken out the bag lol Most of the items are a little dusty, but all the threads are clean and where they are supposed to be sprung are sprunging ok. Pair ADM Guide Scope rings - they have an OD of 140, so I think that these are the 125 Rings. Looking for £40, plus £4 postage. These ones - https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-guide-rings/adm-guidescope-rings.html ADM vixen to Losmandy Adapter. Looking for £60, plus £5 postage. This one - https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-vixen-type-v-series/adm-vixen-to-losmandy-adapter.html Thanks Jonk. Two ADM Vixen Dovetail Plate Adapter, One is missing one of the screws, and the other has never been taken out the bag (it's still sealed). Looking for £30/pair. Postage will probably be a couple of quid for one or both. Sold to Vin, thanks Vin. Two of these https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-vixen-type-v-series/adm_vdpa_adaptor.html Please shout with any questions, offers etc. Cheers Ant
  10. Good idea Russ, ill try astro buy sell. I do look through our sale boards, but nothing like that comes up... Ant
  11. Thanks @russ, yes there is a significant size difference between the EQ3 and HEQ5. I recently bought a new (to me) car, its a decent size family car (Ford Mondeo). But I wanted to go for the hybrid, Ford made a couple of really odd choices when designing the car. First they made the hybrid available in the estate and saloon only, and they placed the battery in the boot. The estate version was/is really rare second hand, so I bought the saloon. It's a lovely car, but one carrier bag of shopping and the boots full. I stand absolutely no chance of getting anything astro in the boot when we go on holiday. Why did Ford not use the hatchback.... Just need to get hold of a EQ3 counterweight and an accessory tray and my mount will be complete. Ant
  12. I recently decided that I fancied trying to get an image of the Comet Swan. Little did i realise this would mean getting up early...! Which is something I just don't seem to be able to manage. lol So I bought the enhanced EQ3 Drives from FLO - the EQ3 is the only mount I have since getting rid of the HEQ5 a few years ago. Well they turned up pretty much as soon I clicked buy, which is typical of FLO, so I wanted no time installing them. It took a few days for the motivation to actually try them out on the stars. But of course being the end of May, its never dark, so I wasn't expecting awesome results - especially as I'm at my desk working at 7:30, so being up for the darkest hour isn't really doable (I've recently learnt just how important sleep really is). But I did manage 90 x 30 seconds, with nothing more than a rough polar alignment and turning in the mount :). I have to say that I was rather pleased with the result, this image is a stack of course, with minimal processing of anything. There is movement over the 45 minutes duration, but looking at the image its all in Dec. All in all very happy, looking forward to darkness (haven't said that in a few years...) Ant
  13. I'd forgotten how hard it is to take AVIs of the moon without drives So I bought a set of drives from FLO and after the initial test decided to have a go at the moon. My scope, ED80, is not ideally suited to lunar imaging, but I think it did a decent job. Along with the old DMK21 I captured some early evening AVIs, it was still daylight when I took these as I could see cloud coming in from the West, and wanted to capture something. So I did struggle a little with detail, as the contrast wasn't really there during daylight. Again not perfect, but I had a ball. The close up shots are ED80/DMK21 with a barlow. The other just the ED80 and DMK21. I can see a join that doesn't look right in one of the shots, so I'll revisit that at some point. But I was quite pleased with these ! Hope that you like.
  14. I thought that I'd take the opportunity of a clear warm night and head up to the fishing lake, hoping for a bit of peace and quiet. So armed with just a camera, tripod and an audiobook, off I went. I got accosted by the local fishermen asking if I had a permit. "I'm not fishing, I have a camera and tripod"... "Well what are you going to do with that"?. Errrr "take some pictures"! The sky deteriorated over the course of the hour I was there, as you can see in the image. But the bright star to the right is Altair (along with the relfection). Top left is Cygnus and in the lower left is Delphinus - and if you look closely its reflection in the water too Lots of hot pixels, for some reason the dark frame subtraction didn't work. But I'm not letting that bother me, the years of chasing perfection, worrying about every "wrong thing", and getting annoyed. I like this image, I enjoyed sitting in the dark for an hour looking at the stars, listening to the adventures of Ishmael Wang. That's what counts Saw a couple of rather nice meteors too!
  15. Good luck Adidaz. I do recall myself that my HEQ5 was quite fussy with the power supplied. Never had an issue with mains supply though. Ant
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