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  1. Well you know where the door is! Top right hand corner, click on logout...
  2. Oh and a little more green would be great in the new update
  3. I cannot work out a way to set the home location, its defaulted to FLO HQ, and the only way I can get a forecast is to use the "Current" tab. No biggie. But thought I'd let you know. I've just moved back to Android from Apply, so its possible it might be me thats at fault Ant
  4. item has been removed already.
  5. Welcome to SGL. I live North Cambridgeshire - up in the Fens. Good to have you onboard. Ant
  6. Sorry, but I'm pretty sure that's not possible.
  7. I've owned a couple of Newts, one 150P and another 200P - only once have I ever had one of the mirrors due up on me. That was the secondary mirror while at Kelling Heath one year. It was so wet we may as well been swimming! I would be extremely surprised if due control for either mirror would be worth the investment. The due that you observed would have formed almost immediately you brought the scope in doors. If you have a refractor, SCT or Mak then dew prevention is worth every penny. What did you get in the images? Can you post one of them so we can have a look? Ant
  8. I agree this is very impressive!!! Shame its not available as software that I could use. Although I doubt my hi res shots would be good enough! Please share more if you get some. Ant
  9. That is far more likely to be an issue than anything else The amount of times I do that lol
  10. I've removed your map. It showed your exact location. Anyone can view this thread and you have some nice kit. Ant
  11. Last time I had issues with my HEQ5 tracking/goto... it was all down to a bad power supply. The HEQ5 is REALLY fussy with having a good power source. How do youpower yours? Ant
  12. Thanks Grant. Just having a look around now and cannot see anything out of place!
  13. Well done Ron That has made my day - what a brilliant start to 2017 Does that mean we can no longer tease Ron about his imaging? Ant
  14. Welcome to SGL, nice to see you here. I look forward to reading your posts Ant
  15. Welcome to SGL Shame the secondary was lose, mass produced scopes always have the possibility of something slipping the QC net. But Celestron is a good make It's great that your a tinkerer - that will be extremely useful in this hobby Ant