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  1. Good job. Always nice to encourage the future generations Ant
  2. I would suggest something like a CMHR foam - you can pick up from an upholstery supplier - they'll probably cut to size for you if you ask nicely. Ant
  3. Welcome back mate. Do you need your old account re-activating (or password re-setting)? PM me if you do. Ant
  4. I hadn't heard about this until Grant was telling me about it the other evening. It certainly sounds a lot better than scrabbling around on the floor, getting your knees all dirty trying to look through the polar scope. Seems a really simple and remarkably quick process. Imagine how much easier it will make setting up for out reach events and star parties. Ant
  5. This does look like an seriously nice peice of kit. Ant
  6. Sorry to hear that Steve. I hope it wasn't my visit that caused the illness. Hope all gets well soon. Ant
  7. finder

    What an idiotic thing to say. I wonder if you say the same if you were on the plane whose pilot just got blinded? Your the reason we have to have laws that insist that a cup of coffee has a "warning: may be hot" warning on it. Ant
  8. If it's a skywatcher goto the three start alignment should be an option (I've never used more than two). I'd be inclined to try a one start alignment close to your target and see how you get on. That's what i do when imaging, goto never failed (but that's a bit of a cheat really). Ant
  9. I think that I would start out with something like an HEQ5 Pro and ED80. There is a dercent HEQ5 for sale in the classifieds section right now. Great mount and great scope. Ant
  10. Jupiter just looks over exposed to me. If you lower the exposure or turn off ISO boost / gain. I got rid of my iPhone recently so can help with the exact names of things, but you need to do whatever you can to lower the brightness. Ant
  11. I agree with Patrick. An alternative... Can the filter not screw into the diagonal? Then you have it in place regardless of the barlow / EP combo your using?
  12. I have an HEQ5, I do not recall any bleeps when the target was reached. Although I do need to caveat that with the fact that I connect the mount to the laptop and bypass the handset, and I've done this for a while. The hand controller bleeps when its turned on - that's the only one that I can think off. Ant
  13. I can see M31 most clear nights when I go for a walk around our town. Usually with averted vision in the town, but in the outskirts - I can see it directly. Ant
  14. Good luck Scott. It's a break rather than a goodbye! I gave up astronomy completely for around 5 - 6 years. The interest will come back (marriage will ensure that sitting in the garden on your own will suddenly appeal more) :D, but there is no point forcing you to do something and of course other things get in the way! Look forward to seeing you back at some point. Ant
  15. You need to ask the campsite what to do about visitors that aren't staying. They may charge they might not, either way their liability insurance will need to cover such an event - as I'm assuming that you don;t have your own Ant