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  1. That's lovely. Nice and crisp, along with differing shades. Brill. Ant
  2. First time imaging anything for years! The mount and scope are buried somewhere in the garage! So had to use a trusty old 450D and camera tripod! After some time trying to remember how to do pretty much everything, managed to get some images using a zoom lens that I had. I knew that the image scale and quality would be lacking, but it was this or nothing. Considering it took me about an hour to work out how to get the images off the camera, find a laptop with photoshop, and then fumbling about processing the Raw's- at which lets be honest, I've never really been much good at! Quite happy with this. Got some others at around 10 minute intervals up to 19:10 - at which point I had to go out! Thanks for looking
  3. Hi Marvin, Mainly because real life gets in the way. Every Mod has the opportunity to vote. It's unreasonable to say "you have to vote on the 1st" because thats not how we work. So we generally give everyone a week to vote. Then we tally the votes, work out the winner - then we organise the prize and create the banners etc. It just takes time and if real lives and jobs etc get in the way, they come first. Which is as it should be. Ant
  4. I've removed the bank details from this message - this is a public post and it's not advisable to post stuff like that. Please PM bank details. Cheers ant
  5. Maybe we limit the smilies that are displayed? If you know the shortcut you can still type it, we just limit the drop down contents ?
  6. Yep, really quick for me today! Thanks for all your efforts Grant
  7. Here are three images taken in the same day (within about half hour if each other.). The Ha image (right) was via a 40mm PST, the CaK (left) via Lunt CaK diagonal on a ST102. The white light image through some Baader solar film on the same ST102. The sun was quiet at the time, but there is still nice detail in both Ha and CaK, but very little in white light. Ant
  8. Ant

    Hello again

    Hi John, Welcome back I trust that you are well! Ant
  9. I think that this thread has run its course. Pleased that its sorted now. But I'm locking this thread now as we have the supplier reviews section, Thanks Ant
  10. That's the price new though? I suspect that the question from Mars Aspen-Murray was more to do with your asking price of the items second hand (although your title does say TRADE), maybe you don't want to sell). LOVE the animation
  11. Well done all Some amazing images, animations and sketches! Ant
  12. I don't know who the stockist, maybe give one an email enquiry and let us know the answer ant
  13. Hi Viv, I'm interested in this, but it'll be a week or two before I'll know for sure. (It could go either way at the moment). Cheers Ant
  14. The river a few hours ago...!
  15. New members less than 10 posts and 30 days membership there is no access to the edit options. After that it's either 14 or 28 days (I cannot remember which). Thanks Ant
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