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  1. Great to hear Andy, we do have a great community here No harming in naming the person - no rule against that - unless they do';t want to be names of course. Ant
  2. Thanks guys, once you spell it out with the different magnifications between the 5,6 and 7 I can get why you'd need then all. My defence... I have a camera Ant
  3. Very nice Michael. I am really quite fond of the way that CaK images look. I'm starting to prefer them to Ha. Ant
  4. I don't even own an eyepiece, so please go easy on me with your replies. When I did look through scopes I had 3 or 4 eyepieces that covered the entire magnification range. My high powered eyepieces was in the region of 5/6/7mm (cannot remember exactly). I would never have considered owning all three as, in my mind, they are so similar as to be duplicates. So I guess the question is... Why would you own all three? Ant
  5. Lovely thing to read. Ant
  6. They sound really quite odd at night - really noisy and not what you expect for the second best animal on earth. I remember observing once (yeah I did Observe once upon a time), and turning round to see a fox standing a few feet behind me - never jumped quite so high in fright. The fox made NO NOISE whatsoever - either coming into the garden or leaving it. The garden was surrounded by a 6' fence. Ant
  7. I've fallen off of a wall (dwarf wall) while trying to spot Mercury low down in the West.... Didn't physically hurt myself, but did feel a little stupid when the neighbour asked if I had a good time the following day (didn't realise anyone was watching lol). Ant
  8. OK Spent ages doing this single image I'm sire you're all sick to death of it my now. I created a layer mask in each frame that contained the birds and subtracted it from the final stacked image. This has given me the "look" I was after, but somehow feel that the image is now more artistic that what actually was there, if that makes sense. So the details 216 frame AVI, PST/DMK21 (I think was the camera). 106 frames used in the final stack. Then pulled the frames with the birds using VirtualDub, created a layer mask with each one and subtracted from the final stacked image. This is what I have! Here is a VERY short animation - Ant
  9. I'm further west than you Neil. So I guess I'll see even less. Might have to take a drive over to the west country. Who am I kidding it'll be cloudy. lol
  10. Fantastic looking loop there Ant
  11. Ooo I like the disc of the fourth image. Is that an invert? Looks like a little more detail than I was getting at the weekend. Ant
  12. Thanks Dave. I agree way too time consuming. But seeing other transits on the web and how good they look, there has to be a better way to do it I just need to work out how Ant
  13. I'm liking that suggestion
  14. I like that Which scope / camera do you use ? Ant
  15. Not sure really where to start with this one First imaging in soooo long, software wasn't playing ball on my laptop. So decided to install ICcapture on my work machine - took so long to get a working laptop that I ended up being ready at 10:22. The transit started at 10:22. So I didn't have time to change codec, increase gain to lower exposure or to properly focus. So this is a ling way from ideal result. The resulting AVI has an oval sun, its in a codec that limits the frame size to 720x480 instead of 1600x1200 and DVSD(Colour) instead of Y800 (mono). Nightmare all round. However I am over the moon with this - extracted the frames using VirtualDub thanks @Merlin66, then used Movie maker to make the animation. There has been no processing whatsoever. Cheers Ant ISS Transit 04-03-2017.mp4