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  1. Damn, that's a nice image! Well done!!
  2. Fantastic, nice one! congratulations. Ant
  3. ha ha ha - that stayed on topic about 0 posts lol I have no clue how you may have got that. Looks kind of nice though
  4. When i sell something I ask what I want for the item. Its really quite simple. That is a condition of using our classified section. End off issue really. If you would prefer to use a 'proper' classified section as you put it, you clearly know the address for it. Please feel free. If you want to use ours put a price in the advert. Ant
  5. This was from a much earlier version of rhe forum software, these don't really exist anymore ant
  6. Thanks for a quick easy deal My recent purchases include a new (to me 500D), picked up for £90. Missing the mains charger - had to get a charger (£6 amazon). A rather nice camera lens dew strap, powered by 5v USB (i use a power tank to power). That was about £15ish. and lastly a new EQM-35, which when it arrived I was informed by Jane that one of the other mounts had to go... hence the sale to John above lol Ant
  7. Sold im afraid. Thanks John, tracking details sent over via PM. Ant
  8. Hi Geoff. Thanks mate. Sold to Goeff. Ant
  9. Thanks, no problem. I took a number of images with it. I actually won one of the early SGL POW (who remembers them?) With an M31 shot. I wonder if i still have that image anywhere...!
  10. I'm not doing solar anymore, made the move bask to Deep Sky...! But I have to say that this mount is nothing short of genius. I was extremely skeptical when I first heard what it did, but just like the ASIair - its bloody clever. Put the mount down, add scope. Turn on, and within about a minute it knows where it is, where the sun is and slews to the sun. The sun was never dead centre, but it was without fail ALWAYS in the field of view. I admit to be being stunned This is in very VERY good condition. New these are about £250. Looking for £170, including postage to
  11. Hey all, This has sat in the case for a long time. I've been using my wifes 400D, and I've just bought a 500D. So the time has come to let someone else have this stepping stone into imaging. I've had since new (about 12 years? a real guess), bought from a Airport duty free electronics store, Hong Kong I think. Its old, but still works pretty good, the battery isn't the best, but I have a fake battery > ciggy socket adapter. Its been extended and again its old, but still works (I checked). There appear to be going for around the £40 - £50 mark on ebay, with one guy wan
  12. Welcome to SGL Steven. I have a fondness of Texas, have some astro friends there. I spent three weeks in Houston / Davis Mountains 30 years ago (damn thats a long time ago). Attended the TSP with some member of the Houston and Fort Bend Astro societies. Also observed from the Mcdonald Observatory. That was really good fun. Stay safe Ant
  13. Ha ha - I've also forgotten how to process images.... Ant
  14. Still seriously impressed with the ASIair, and the ASI120mini...! The EQ3 only has standard drives, but does have the enhanced handset with the ST4 port. I was always a big fan of the Lodestar, but I'll be honest and say that I've never seen so many stars available for guiding. Usually there was only a few to choose from, there are loads in that screen grab. While I didn't polar align properly, didn't focus properly and the framing could have been better lol This is the result of the ED80/400D, 33 x 30s and 2 x 300s. It wasn't dark enough for the 5 minute subs, but who cares, the st
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