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  1. Ant

    Lunt LS60 PT 1200bf

    I drive further than that to get to work... I'd do 60 miles for a pub lunch if this is still around I might be interested. I've sold all my kit and I'm trying to work out if a really nice solar scope is going to float my boat. ant
  2. I get that. But you specifically asked for pictures of the motors in the sky watcher upgrade kit - that guide shows pictures of the motors in the sky watcher upgrade kit. Ant
  3. Here is a guide I created while adding the Goto kit to my standard HEQ5, to add the Pro functionality. Maybe the pictures will help you. But the EQ5 mount and kit are different. Cheers Ant
  4. Sorry mate, this is sold to Dominic. Cheers Ant
  5. Ant

    Couple of filters and a 0.5 FR

    Couple of filters sold. Thanks guys. Any takers on he CLS or FR? Cheers Ant
  6. Ant

    Couple of filters and a 0.5 FR

    HA filter sale pending to John. Cheers Ant
  7. Sale pending to Domstar. Ant
  8. Ant

    Couple of filters and a 0.5 FR

    Happy-kat Send me over your address. I'll post it off to you. You can give it a whirl, if it does what you want, you can buy it. If not send it back. If you send over your details in the next couple of hours I'll send it today. Cheers Ant
  9. Thanks for replying DRT, I wouldn't have known the answer to that (nor for sure). Ant
  10. Nope the battery cover is there - I just removed it to show that the battery compartment was in good condition. I can live with £30 including postage! I'll send you a PM Cheers Ant
  11. Reaching the end of my kit for sale now, so jut looking to get rid. The first two filters are ABSOLUTELY brand new - they have only been removed from the cases to have pictures taken. They have never been on a scope, never been outside. Astronomics 1.25" CCD CLS Filter - offers around £45 (half the new price). Link >>https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomik-filters/astronomik-cls-ccd-filter.html<< SOLD ZWO 1.25" Ha Filter looking for £60 - that's half the new price. Plus a couple of quid toward postage. link >>https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-filters/zwo-125-ha-7nm-narrowband-filter.html<< Baader IR-Pass Filter 1¼" (685 nm), I has this a few years. But it is in very good condition. Extremely difficult to take pictures of. Will attempt to take more if you need some. New price for this filter is around €80 (cannot find a GBP Price. Price to reflect the age, and that the one found will probably be a slightly different specification (but could be identical). Looking for around £35 This Focal Reducer is a bit of an enigma. The Closest I can find online is an Antares 0.5 Reducer. Which retails around £49. This is a 1.25 0.5 FR, I used it with my Toucam Pro when I first started imaging DSO all those years ago. It was bought from Modern Astronomy. Would any one be interested in it for £15 (posted)? Thanks for looking. Ant
  12. Lunt 1.25" White Light Herschel/Solar Wedge Here is a link to the same item>>https://www.firstlightoptics.com/lunt-solar-white-light-systems/lunt-white-light-herschelsolar-wedge.html<< Very good condition. Hardly ever used. Comes in its own foam filled flight case Looking for around £100 plus a fiver towards postage. Price new £165.
  13. Sky-Watcher Auto Focuser Used for a few months on a SW ST102. Here is a link to the same unit New. >> https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-focusers.html << Its in very good condition. Looking for £30 plus a couple of quid postage. Come in the original brown box from SW. Payment by paypal friends / bank transfer.
  14. Sorry guys its sold. Will have a ASI183 MM PRO USB3 going up for sale shortly...!

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