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  1. Tim

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    Or maybe even...
  2. You must ensure the star, real or artificial, is perfectly, perfectly centred. After adjusting a screw, centre it again. Hotech make a SCT collimation kit, using lasers. It is pretty good too, but the process is easy enough to do on Polaris, and use a decent simple eyepiece that gives you around 300-400X for best accuracy. If you use an artificial star, do it over grass if possible, to avoid local turbulence from ground source thermals. It goes without saying that your scope needs to be properly acclimated to the conditions before starting.
  3. Tim

    Truss poles bag

    I have a custom made one for mine, but it came with the scope so it doesnt have a badge or name on I can give you. But any local interiors or fabrics shop should be able to run you one up, with a drawstring top, in minutes, quite cheaply I expect.
  4. Sorry, your post appears dark grey on a black background for me, cant read it. Answer depends a lot on the scope quality anyway
  5. Tim

    Bortle 2 skies.....yes please

    Lovely Did you manage to get your collimation checked Ally? I couldn't make it to Lucksall.
  6. Tim

    Solutions for arms that are too short......

    I have the same problem Shane, cant read star maps with readers AND a magnifying glass these days, and swapping between glasses, no glasses, glasses, no glasses...... is infuriating, and takes my eyes a little while to settle back to be useful for observing without glasses.
  7. Tim

    IAS 2018

    Totally. Graham and Martin work very hard to promote and organise the show. One potential issue I see is that whenever I go, it is normally the same old faces. There is a ton of interest in astronomy from people casually interested though. If it were my show, I would deliberately target new and younger astronomers with the majority of the offerings and kit, but keeping the talks and higher end kit too for us seasoned old sausages.
  8. Tim

    SGL 2018 Pitch Plan

    PS, it looks like you guys have been playing spin the (water) bottle!
  9. Tim

    SGL 2018 Pitch Plan

    Steve, James, Ant, Andy, Simon, Daz, Erm, Scott, Tracey, Steve Put them in your own order
  10. Tim

    SGL 2018 Pitch Plan

    Looking at this picture reminded me so much of old star parties (not the glum faces!) and makes me sad that I couldn't make it down at all. Had planned to drive down just for the day today, but woke up with back pain which got steadily worse through the day, awkward to drive anywhere at all. Oh well, hope you all had fun, until next year then
  11. Tim

    IAS 2018

    Really????? Was it a used one John? Worth every single penny of that and more! We camped next to Es and his friend at Kelling this year. Regarding the Esprits, Es' comment was "optically as good as a Takahashi, and in some cases better" Mine is my favourite scope, for both photography and visual.
  12. Tim

    IAS 2018

    Ah, if I had known you were there today John I might have made the effort to drive around the corner and go. We umm'd and arrrr'd about setting off for Lucksall until midday, then decided it was too windy for towing the caravan. Probably just drive down for the day tomorrow I think. What price was the Esprit?
  13. Having used most variants of scopes for imaging, I would suggest an RC is perhaps not an ideal starter scope. There are so many other things to get right, you dont want to be mucking about with the scope too. Hard to beat a decent refractor for starting out with AP.

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