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  1. That's brilliant, just used it to check on a known reflection source in a rig I was testing, and it performed brilliantly. Thank you
  2. We had a visit from one of our suppliers yesterday. He revealed that the latest shipping prices for a single container that they had been quoted were £16,000, and had even heard of another company being quoting £19,000 for one. This is in contrast to their usual fee which hovers around the £2K region. In addition to this, shipping companies have 3 days to dock, unload, and reload, after this time they are charged expensive emissions fees in UK and European ports. As two thirds of Felixstowe is apparently full of empty, unwanted containers the capacity for unloading is greatly reduced, extending the waiting times for the ships, and perhaps accruing emissions charges. Our suppliers are anchoring of the coast in Turkey to avoid these fees, but there is only so much they can do. Again, our suppliers have stated that just to cover the extra costs of shipping, prices are going to rise, perhaps dramatically, at least for the first part of this year. I remember well when the price of a bag of chips jumped from about 50p to £1.25. The local chip shop had signs up stating that the reason was the unseasonably wet summer which resulted in the loss of the potato crop, increasing demand on limited supplies. The only thing is, the prices never went down again when the crop returned to normal, we kind of got used to paying the £1.25, and it continued at that even when the costs from the supplier reduced. I am hoping the same thing doesn't happen with the extra shipping costs affecting so many importers at the moment! Factoring in fluctuating shipping costs is a nightmare. In our trade, a garden centre, we will have additional Plant Health Agency checks this year which may or may not affect a delivery, and which are chargeable. We just don't know whether the next delivery from abroad will cost us the same as normal, or be a lot extra, very frustrating and making it difficult to plan and trade effectively. We are always grateful for understanding customers, and always slightly irked by those moaning about "rip off prices" when they don't understand the reasons why they went up. Hope all at FLO are safe and sound and enduring these times with a smile and with faces to the wind Tim
  3. Very nicely put Steve, you have been in the same position as garden centres, we've had our best year for decades but can't help feeling almost guilty that so many have suffered so badly. The next few weeks are going to be especially awful, but here's looking beyond that to a hopefully brighter summer. Tim
  4. I feel the same Steve, it was always nice to see the Hinds stand at shows, they lent an air of dependability and assurance to them, at least, that's how I felt. Tim
  5. Oh, this all sounds VERY familiar Welcome to the club
  6. To some extent it can depend on the filter itself. My oringinal Lumicon filters in these bandwidths are both nice, but the UHC offers a brighter, sharper view with better contrast on pretty much every nebula I have tried it on. If it helps, I have a practically unused 2" Baader Oiii filter in perfect condition for sale in the classifieds, or message me :) Tim
  7. Foam pads and duct tape! All I can say is, thank goodness I have a very low magnification Nagler in my eyepiece collection, as the night cooled the view holes started rotating
  8. Every year, as a family, we take an extended break which includes the Kelling Heath Star Party. This year it just happened that we were here two weeks earlier. Although the moon was fullish, I was determined to see Mars as near to opposition as possible, and the chance of a clear spell arrived the other night. I dutifully set up my scope, an 18" dob, and went to add the finishing touch, the Telrad finder. Disaster! I only left it at home like a wally. So I had to improvise, and fast as it was getting dark. So here I present my MK1 Kelling Finder. Never mind that it looks like a nail/tent peg, It needs no batteries, is adjustable by simply adding more duct tape, and it doesn't dew up at night........and actually, in an emergency, it worked a treat I did make a generous offer on ebay for one, which was declined, (so had to chuckle when it auctioned for less than I offered ) Thank goodness Widescreen Centre had a Telrad in stock, it was delivered this week Just need the skies now, maybe tonight!
  9. Yep, there's really no excuse for white light anywhere, tents or caravans included. We use two LED colour changing bulbs set to red inside the caravan so my family are not sat in complete darkness, and make sure the skylights and everything else are shut up. Red Lane marker tape available online is great, less sticky than standard insulation tape, it comes off easily, and comes in rolls 75mm wide, ideal for red screening any lights. I'm wondering what Kelling are going to do about the toilet blocks. At the moment they have signs saying all the windows and doors must be open, for extra ventilation. But at the SP they cover them up with black butyl, with the windows shut. I guess they will have something in mind. Last year we were pleased to see that Nick had been round with red/orange film and screened off a load of the lights, which made a real difference before and after the SP, and at other times of the year.
  10. I'm here at the site at the moment. Provisions for safety and management of coronavirus regulations is first rate, i'm really impressed. For the star party, rule of 6 will apply to pitches, assuming restrictions don't change between now and then. The toilet blocks are being cleaned 3 times a day, including anti-viral fogging. The staff said that the arrangements worked very well with a fully booked site full of families, so are not expecting any issues with the star party which tends to attract individuals or couples rather than family groups, so less numbers overall. As for booking next year, with the usual queuing being a potential issue, they have a plan to alleviate this, that I think will please most attendees, that you will hear about soon. The site itself was battered last weekend by a gale that has brought hundreds of trees down in the area, and around a hundred on the site! The light cone from Holt area seems worse than I remember, but not too bad from Sheringham way. Tim
  11. You will never regret buying the best mount you can afford is the only advice I can give. Once your mount is solid, stable, and reliable, the rest just comes together so much more easily. Hope that makes sense? Tim
  12. Hi all, I have for sale a Celestron Axiom LX 23mm 82° - 2inch eyepiece, original box, excellent condition. Have hung on to this for years, reluctant to let it go, but as I have a 21mm Ethos now it is unlikely to ever see the sky again in my hands, which is a shame. Good heavy EP with adjustable eye relief that makes it very comfortable to use, hence my reluctance to part with it, solid rubber grip. Looking for around £150 Baader UHC-S nebula filter 2" SOLD Baader Oiii 10nm 2" visual filter £85 in as new condition, only used a handful of times to compare against a few Lumicons. Postage extra, or collect from Kelling Heath SP next month, or Coventry anytime. Any questions, feel free to ask Tim
  13. Although my 150 Esprit is one of the earliest, (as I had it for a review and couldnt part with it ) the optics were perfect. I have noticed a "trend" though over the last couple of years for some refractors to have dust between the lenses. One example even arrived with a hair lodged in there! Although it will make no difference to the view, it would be nice to think that there is enough QC process in place to eliminate the issue. The more telescopes that get rejected by the consumer, the more likely some change will occur, but will take some time. Hope you get sorted in the end Rich1980 Tim
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