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  1. Yes, I find this too, more often using it on already higher power EP's than on the others. Would rather use a 10mm EP than the 2X Powermate with 21mm Ethos, not just because of the weight difference
  2. Maybe all sorts of answers is exactly what I seek I think most of the middle aged blokes on here can agree that an EP between 0.5 - 4mm is a useful range
  3. As per the title, what mag do you prefer viewing at, and why? For me, around 80X is a sweet spot for many objects, my favourite of which are large galaxies and extended nebulae. Interested in others opinions
  4. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/new-perspectives-on-newtonian-collimation-vic-menard.html
  5. Once left mine on for two months without realising, and it is still working on the same batteries now! Telrad that is.
  6. There are very few targets with decent Sii. There is also significant crossover between Red, Ha, and Sii. Even when exposing for 60 minutes or more, a typical Sii sub is noisy, with very little Sii signal actually there. Some targets are an exception, IC410 and NGC 281 spring to mind. At any rate, for my tastes an equivalent approximation of a 30 minute Sii sub can be had with a 2 minute or less Red. The brightest Sulphur emissions are picked up readily through the Red filter. If I want a scientifically accurate image (I dont) then I use the Sii filter, but the sad fact is that in the UK at least, spending precious clear sky time taking noisy, low signal Sii exposures for hour after hour is pretty soul destroying. If we had better weather and longer clear spells it might be different.
  7. Yes. There is usually many more times the signal in redder wavelengths. The answer is longer or more subs, but preferably longer. I dont use Sii anymore, just one for reference and then see how long a red sub will match the signal.
  8. To rule them out, how does it look stacked without them and stretched in a similar manner?
  9. To be fair to the neighbours.......the lights are not left on all night, and they do tend to go to bed on the early side. The bloke is an electrician, and because he CAN wire things up, he DOES....... as someone mentioned, lighting up a plain fence seems bizarre
  10. The only good thing about them is that they tend to go to bed early. They also installed a huge log burner which runs on the coldest (clearest) nights on my best horizon........
  11. Saw them mucking about in the garden. Pic shows the new lighting they have installed Right next to my obsy. Mind you, if the Coventry gateway South project goes ahead, these lights will be the very least of my worries
  12. There is a vague hope you can cling on to. There is a mite which sometimes attacks Leylandii and causes the leaves to die back and go brown. It looks awfully like somebody drilled small holes in the trunk and dripped concentrated glyphosate in..............or so i'm told. Southern view is a bad one to lose, is there no negotiation with the neighbours?
  13. My immediate thought was Thors Helmet? Havent imaged it in a while though
  14. Hmm, my 4.5mm Delos is great in my Esprit, but it's a 150.
  15. This is brilliant, great colours and processing, you must have enjoyed some lovely dark skies for this
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