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  1. It wouldn't make much difference when observing under typical conditions John, as you say, but in newts used for imaging, which typically have LED's, and laptops etc around, stray light entering the rear of the scope can actually go through the mirror, and appear in an image as a large donut shaped anomaly. It took me ages to figure out what was causing the issue, on an old GSO 8" I had. Since then, if using a newt for imaging, I always put a cover over the rear end. Tim
  2. Hope everyone at FLO is OK and able to continue. Seems like FLO has something in common with garden centres, we have been flat out, non stop, and getting supplies of anything is tricky, and a lot of distribution drivers are still furloughed. It is a peculiarly frustrating situation to have an eager market and being unable to supply it. Good to know that there is raised interest in astronomy though, I can't wait until I have enough energy left at the end of a day to actually use my observatory, I had fully intended to provide friends with youngsters with educational live zoom sessions making the most of those beautiful clear skies we had, but was just too busy. The Beatles sang about 8 days a week.....pffffft, part timers! Stay safe and as busy as you can Tim
  3. Can you get IC1396? Also, do you need narrowband tonight? It is very transparent here in the midlands, these skies have been a long time coming
  4. I'm not sure about that particular model, and it has been a while since I've used a Skywatcher alignment routine, but the way to get pinpoint precision when I had a SW mount was to do a 3 star alignment using a triangle that encompassed the area of sky interest. When you wanted to observe another area of sky, just clear the align and redo another triangle of stars around the target area. Might be worth a shot????
  5. The Cats Eye collimation system is second to none, and is capable of giving you the precise collimation needed even for imaging with fast Newts. Due to the way auto-collimators work, layering multiple reflections with an offset view point, rotating the auto-collimator 180° gives even more precise results. Probably way more accurate than will be appreciated at the average Newtonian's eyepiece, unless you are into Planetary or lunar observation. Even with a Cats Eye though, your telescope needs to be properly set up in the first place, with focuser and mirrors all nicely positioned and securely held within the tube. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/catseye-collimation-tools/catseye-infinity-xlkp-autocollimator.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/catseye-collimation-tools/catseye-blackcat-xl.html Tim
  6. I had a couple of hours first light with a widefield scope that I have on review at the moment. Some friends of mine lost their seven year old little boy in the summer to cancer, and somebody bought them a named star in his memory. We all know it is a gimmick, but it means a lot to them regardless. Actually, the target is very low in the sky from here, and over my neighbours house with log burner and garden lights. I was wondering if anybody considerably further south would be able to take an image and possibly get a few of the local galaxies in the shot?? ?? @ollypenrice Cheers!
  7. I dont know about that, but when I made an inquiry about the colour correction in Vixens little VSD100, the data that came back included correction for yellow light, that was a bit different to the dominant green.
  8. Yes, and higher end units with FPL53 glass give a remarkable performance too, if the f ratio is sensible. I have reviewed a couple or three telescopes with good doublet lenses that colour-wise, gave views equal to my triplet. Perfect focus has been a key element though, a fraction of a millimetre in or out can alter things and this makes them more suited to observation than photography, the camera is a lot less forgiving than the eye, and tube length can alter by a millimeter or two on a long session with altering temperatures. In actual fact, I might go as far as to say I prefer planetary views with a good doublet over those of a good triplet. Maybe..... Tim
  9. You really need to look at a single, short image using a mix of bright and medium stars. Stacked multiple images will not be accurate enough and may add variables/elements to the situation that are unrelated to the telescope. EDIT: Just re-read this, that the integrated image was your friends, sorry. Is your original single star pic a single exposure?
  10. And they would probably be just fine out of the box. But if you bought a new car and had the chance to get it fine tuned and checked by the country's top mechanic for a just a few extra £££, would you not take that option?
  11. Glad you saw this and are letting the guys know Steve, I do think the OP has a valid point about images taken abroad. I wonder where they send them to to get included, unless they get submitted to the TV show gallery, if that is still a thing. I don't remember exactly, but when I had images on S@N on telly, they were chosen from a Flickr group set up for pictures for Stargazing Live I think.
  12. One night, at around 1am, there was a tapping on the door of my obsy. Only I was in the warm room and the tapping was from inside the observation area, not accessible from the outside. I gingerly opened the door and in flew a huge Hornet! There followed an impressive array of impromptu Kung fu moves, and a fair bit of screaming before it found its way out again. On another night I was doing an errand for a farmer on his fields when his cows decided to kill me. They had me trapped in a field about 20 yards from the fence and were going mental. I actually filmed them on my phone so my family would know what happened to me, and then ran for all I was worth and dived under a barbed wire fence, beating them by inches. Quite scary really!
  13. I'd agree. Events in the western side of the UK usually have better weather in Spring, and the eastern regions have better weather in Autumn. I've been comparing them for years, ever since the Spring SGL and Spring Kelling used to share dates. For the past few years we have been spending three weeks at a time in Norfolk in autumn. Even this year there was a good 7 usable nights, and 9 if you like lunar observing, but in the same period as we were away, the weather was awful with only a couple of good nights. I dont think Lucksall were so keen on us using the site in spring though?
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