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  1. Had another look tonight. It seems to be holding it's brightness. I thought it looked a tad dimmer at first but not entirely sure. Cheers Ian
  2. I finally managed to have a look tonight. The guides posted on here were excellent. I used my grab and go ST80 at x16. I estimated the about 8.2. Cheers Ian
  3. Hi John I am not aware that Procyon B has been seen using moderate sized scopes. I did a quick calc using my resolution spreadsheet. There are several guides to hard pairs are to split. The resolution ratio must be equal to the deltaM for the pair to be resolved. The resolution ratio is Separation/(116/Aperture of the scope) With the DeltaM of 10.4. The separation is approx 4.8" The Bruce MacEvoy rule of thumb 10.4 = (4.8/(116/252)) So Procyon would require either a 250mm scope or magnification of x250. In my experience this rule is too optimistic for l
  4. The seeing on the 23rd was good. Usually when you look at the image on the laptop in average seeing you can see waves of atmosphere washing across the view but on the 23rd it was pretty steady. This was an image of Clavius I took slightly later. Cheers Ian
  5. Neil Well done, very good given the limitation of the mount. I started with the 114 powerseeker it was a good scope to start with. Cheers Ian
  6. Managed to get to do a couple of short spells of imaging this week. This is from the 23/03 OMC250 and ZWO120MC-s Cheers Ian
  7. Hi Arabella I have this eyepiece, it is a very good eyepiece. The 60 degree AFOV is good, not the widest but plenty enough for doubles I use it to deliver x188 magnification on my scope and it performs well. With a Barlow the Speed which objects pass through the eyepiece may be an issue but you might find it ok. I hope this helps. Cheers Ian
  8. Theta is a tricky split. On a night of good seeing I have split it my 10" scope at x94. I have never split sirius at home Houses and their heat plumes always ruin the view. I have only ever split it from Lucksall. I am always interested to hear what the lowest mag people can split tricky doubles at. cheers Ian
  9. Just checked the 6th orbit catalogue and themes orbit has it slowly closing again. Only hundredths of an arc second. I hope to try and get a pic of this soon as the last one was10 years ago. Cheers Ian
  10. Good catch of Tegmine it is slowly opening. I caught all 3 at x187 last night. I forgot to try a lower may as it has been a little while since I looked at it and although I know the orbital motion I was surprised how different it looked compared to last time. Regions is one of my fav doubles. Hence my avatar cheers Ian
  11. Hi Jack, how are you finding focusing? I am new to imaging and objects 'disappear' very quickl outside of focus. Try housing on a bright star 1st to get you close. I have a bhatinov mask to help. cheers Ian
  12. The 1st edition of the CDSA is more about the 'nice to look at' pairs. The main issue is some of the data is out of date and I have found a few typos. The second edition has improved data but there is more of a focus on physical pairs and less on the showpiece pairs. Cheers Ian
  13. Craig Good image. Getting images of close doubles is tricky. I used to do afocal imaging and below 3" was a challenge. Cheers Ian
  14. Hi Wibblefish I have had a couple of clearing nights here so I thought I would have a look at Rigel. 23/01/2021 In my new ST80: 80mm/400mm on an alt/Az mount it took x133 to split Rigel. I was then able to just split them at x100 with a 4mm orthoscopic. 25/01/2021 Using my OMC250. 250mm/2250mm on an EQ6. I was able to split Rigel at x70. This is the lowest magnification I can get on this scope. It was close but obvious. It was very clear at x94. With your scope the pair should be split at x110 but I think the seeing will make it quite hard. If you can get your ma
  15. Hi Wibblefish Rigel can be a tricky split. It is quite low from the UK. Bruce MacEvoy has a rule of thumb that implies Rigel would take about x80 Mag to split. In my experience this rule can be slightly optimistic and I would go for a higher Mag say x100+ if you can. Once you have split it you will be able to see it with lower magnification. Cheers Ian
  16. Hi Alan After you have checked the collimation of your scope I recommend looking at theses 2 doubles. Eta Cassiopeiae and Castor (Alph Gem) They should be easily split in your scope. Eta Cass is 3.5/7.5 magnitude pair with a sepaeration of 13.5" Castor is 1.6/3 magnitude pair with a seperation of 5.2" let us know how these go. cheers Ian
  17. Hi Dave Many thanks, might try that next, I have limited myself to 1000 frames so far. Cheers Ian
  18. Hi Dave Good pic do you take the 5000 frames in one go? Cheers Ian
  19. Hi Mark Glad it has helped. Look forward to seeing your pics. Cheers Ian
  20. Hi Keith I have included the log from Sharpcap at the bootom of the post. My process is as follows. I had let the scope cool. I use sharpcap to do the capture as it the software I know. I leave everything on Auto as it does a pretty good job. I check the alignment on the camera so it is in a pretty good N/S is up/down orientation I do a rough focus and then go back and forth a few times with the fine focus to see if I can get the view as sharp as possible. I usually take 2-3 captures before I check focus again. I stack in AS!3. I load the AVI and go
  21. Hi Keith, I will dig out the details. The scope is an Option optics OMC250. I use a very old Dell laptop. I do know it was set up maximum frame rate. 30fps. Cheers Ian
  22. Starting to get a feel for the ZWO 120 mc-s Craters; Clavius, Maginus and Tycho. Cheers Ian
  23. Steve very good pic. cheers Ian
  24. Hi Keith I have firecapture on the laptop. I might have to give it a go. Hoping to process something tomorrow. Cheers Ian
  25. I managed a short time with my ZWO a couple of nights ago. Conditions were pretty rubbish so I am sure the images won't be great but it was useful to practice focussing and have bit a mess around with Sharpcap settings. Cheers Ian
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