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  1. Nice pics Charl I managed to have a look at the sunspot earlier today. It's quite well positioned at the mo. cheers Ian
  2. Hi Helen Glad you got some observing done. good pic the AR is very visible now.
  3. Hi Charl Good pics. Some great fine detail. Cheers Ian
  4. It was clear in my 15x70's last night. The Moon was rising but did not interfere too much. Cheers Ian
  5. I saw it last night in my OMC250 at x70 It was fairly bright. I looked at it several times and was quite surprised how far it had moved across the sky. Cheers Ian
  6. Vixen Orthoscopic eyepiece. 12.5mm Twin illuminated wires. £75 o.n.o.
  7. Very good images Hughsie, I hope to get the PST out tomorrow and have a good look at Sol. Cheers Ian
  8. James Very good set of images
  9. Very good pics Dave. Some excellent detail. It has been nice to get out and observe the Sun.
  10. Adam Very good mosiac When the seeing settled there was plenty of detail to see on the disc and you have captured it well. Cheers Ian
  11. Charl Good Pics When the seeing settled the AR and the filaments were clearly visivble in my PST. Cheers Ian
  12. Hi Charl good shots. You are right about a decent AR needing to arrive soon Cheers Ian
  13. Very nice shot David. I got a glimpse of the AR today but conditions were far from ideal. Well done on getting the pic
  14. Great pics steve. The Sun is fairly quiet at the mo but you have got some very nice subtle detail
  15. At the end of my observing seesion last night I thought I take a few pics of the Moon last night. The phone is a Samsung J5 (2017) The pics are hand held. The scope is an OMC250 and the eyepiece a Panaview 32mm One od them came out slightly over-exposed but this seemed to give better detail in the craters. Cheers Ian
  16. Good pics Gav. I was looking at the Sun yesterday and thoight I could just see some small sunspots and they are in your images. Thanks for sharing
  17. Congrats on getting something Not a chance here...
  18. Looking very good Thinking of a Tiger shed as a base for my obs when I am ready. Cheers Ian
  19. Hi Charl Very good pics There was a prom not far from AR2671 around lunchtime today. Like you the cloud has got the better of me as well. Cheers Ian
  20. Very good images John. I had a good look at AR2671 today. It is quite an impressive sight Cheers Ian
  21. Very nice David, The seeing here was variable but I did spot the sunspots Thanks for sharing
  22. Ewan Excellent detail, well done on beating the conditions Cheers Ian
  23. Charl Good pics the disk is pretty quiet at the mo. but hopefully more sunspots will appear soon. Cheers Ian
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