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  1. Daz, I'm really sorry that you see it that way, but it happens, and I know that you are not so naive as to believe that it doesn't. Nobody on this forum, least of all me, underestimates the 'behind the scenes' work that you admin guys (and mods) put in, to keep this now very large forum running as it does. We all know that SGL is the best of the astro forums currently on the web, but nothing in life can be so perfect, as to never need reviewing. Something I'm sure that admin does as a matter of course. Also, lets us not forget that while without the admin team , we the members would have no f
  2. "I too am just voicing a personal opinion here" Fair comment Jamie, and as is indeed your entitlement. However, whether or not you intended the following to 'come across as it did, there is/was no other way it could be read/interpreted, I'm sorry to say. Old I may be, but a fool I'm not. "Some how i don't think that the POW judges will take too kindly to being asked/told that the would be better off retired as judges just because someone doesn't see the value of SGL's POW any more....." Anyway, its 'water under the bridge now', and best fogotten. I really should have known better than to 'pos
  3. Oh dear Come on Jamie, having had the pleasure of meeting you, that doesn't 'fit' at all well. You, and every one else reading this 'thread', knows full well that it not at all what I was suggesting. I will now have to ask (PM) the judges, if that's how they see it, and if so, I will apologise to them. I had hoped for constructive discussion, not provocative. Disappointing Dave
  4. Thanks Steve and Dean, two 'sides of coin', nicely balanced. I did say, that there was a degree of 'learned skill', which to agree with Steve, does indeed hold the interest. However, I'm sure that if I made my obsy and relatively dark skies available to those less fortunately placed, then they too would quickly assimilate the 'learned skills', and produce results that they cannot achieve from their home location, and within their available budget. Clearly, based on Dean's comments, and I'm sure he is not alone, PoW does create an impression of 'eliteism' to some. If this truly is the case, the
  5. I fully agree Steve, but that not to say that the 'lay membership' can't voice an opinion, and open it up for discussion. Provided of course its constructive, and with the best interests of the forum at heart. As I said, our PoW 'judges' would never complain, and perhaps we, as the people the people that are generating their ever increasing workload, should not take their goodwill for granted. Dave
  6. I've been thinking about the value of Picture of the Week competition, in the now very large, and still growing SGL. Here is my 'take' on it (and yes, I have had a couple of POWs). In the early days of imaging, getting good results, with meagre equipment, and basic image processing software, was quite a challenge. Some of the early DSO images produced with modified web cams, and the like, were testament to the operators skills and achievement. Also, imaging was far less common place, than it is today. With the proliferation 'ready made' imaging 'kit', IMO imaging today, is much more a case of
  7. Mine will be to widen the aperture (slot) in obsy roof, to give me more time before having to rotate the turret during imaging sessions. This will entail making a new (wider) sliding roof hatch to go with the wider slot. No rush, so sometime over the summer will do nicely Dave
  8. Hi Matthew, and welcome to SGL. Good luck with the B&B venture. Dave
  9. G'day Laurie, and welcome to SGL. I have several relatives living in WA (Perth, Northam, Mandurah and Bridgetown). My daughter and family, live in Baldivis, and we visit there pretty much every year. I have made some good friends with members of the Astronomical Soc of WA, and go along to their meetings (and their Star Party), when I'm over. BTW, we have several Aussie members here on SGL. Enjoy!! Dave
  10. Hi Colin, and welcome to SGL. Dave
  11. Hi Daryl, and welcome SGL. I left the S at N forum in Feb 2007, as it got VERY silly, and started to lose its sense of direction. I note that some of the orginal 'wooden spoon brigade', still reside there. Good news really, as it keeps them away from the more 'grown up' forums, like SGL. Enjoy!! Dave
  12. Hello, and welcome to SGL. Dave
  13. Hi, and welcome to SGL. There's no doubt the Southern Night Sky, has a charm all of its own, and I'm looking forward to my fourth visit 'down under' within three years, nearer to Christmas this year. I spent Christmas in Oz, in 2007, and it does indeed seem strange, having it in the middle of summer , but a nice sort of strange Dave
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