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  1. Yes Thanks everyone for the Welcome back I have been seeing some pretty nice skies around here when the clouds permit Where I am is wall to wall vineyards mainly and its not too difficult to find some reasonable dark bits pretty hect with all the growers new wine festivals this week but had one evening where I did manage a look about naked eye it was good viewing conditions amazing the details you can see without your scope in a good location . Must dash off again these German fellows work hard and play hard too almost as much as some of we Brits :-)
  2. Just a quick Hallo from me a few lines of explanation. I have not been around much on the computer I am staying here in Bad Durkhiem Germany for I guess another 5 or so weeks Raining heavy right now but we had a brilliant looking sky last night only thing was I had no scope with me and also had a lot of the very nice local Reisling wine inside its a great looking website as ever just going to have a browse around it now before I catch some sleep regards
  3. Can I just add it would be a really good idea for you to set up and practice using it in the daylight of course it goes with saying DO NOT LOOK ANYWHERE NEAR THE SUN with it but if you practice moving it about during the day you may well be surprised just how much it will help you gain confidence for using it for real give it a try you will soon get to grips with it then hope this helps you Clear Skies
  4. Trudie and Trevor can you please send on this message for me Thanks so much. Patrick, I am so glad to read you are back on the road to recovery, and I must appologise to you for not being in touch for so long. I hope that this is a turning point for that! (not been that good myself ) As always you have never been too far from my minds eye, such is the inspiration you have brought to me. I very much look forward to chatting to you again soon.Trudie will no doubt inform you I have asked what could be the best time. I wont keep you any longer other than just to say Speedy recovery hope I can mee
  5. Wow Thanks for the huge welcome back I did not quite expect that responce I can see I am going to be an awful long time on here trying to catch up but will ease into it I guess. Can I reply first off everyone who sent my greetings back, a really happy and prosperous 2010. I do not have much of a garden here out back and its got a rather large wall running along it although that is on the eastern view I will be able to get a little joy ESE and South if I can set up the Scope. The front garden is open plan so it will also give possibilities albeit the fact its a little bit over polluted b
  6. I hope you all missed me not too much I used to live in Leeds Yorkshire but now I live in Tamworth Staffs. Yes I have been having health issues for quite some time which has kept me away from many things in life At this time things are not so bad and I will endevour to try make a proper comeback and see I can post fairly often from this point Sorry that I have not kept in touch at all but hope I can reaquaint myself to all the fine members that this great website has,
  7. :shock: I have not opened one yet thought I would keep em wrapped until I could get close to a full build Anyone else doing the same thing as me I wonder? or is it just me who is very odd?
  8. The Moon Whets our appetites once again it seems :-) Oh no he's back !
  9. Well done Trev you are the MAN !!!!!
  10. radioactive

    new member

    Welcome to Stargazers Lounge forums, Its good to have you join us all.
  11. Welcome to Stargazers Lounge forums, Its good to have you join us all.
  12. Welcome to Stargazers Lounge forums, Its good to have you join us all.
  13. Welcome to Stargazers Lounge forums, Its good to have you join us all.
  14. Welcome to Stargazers Lounge forums, Its good to have you join us all.
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