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  1. A little over 3 Kilo ( 3.5 Kilo boxed) Martin
  2. you should have had a 2" adapter and a 1.25 adapter with the scope, it is a common mistake to have both fitted at the same time which will cause a problem with focus. if you have only the 1.25 adapter in place and have this problem, you will need to contact the supplier I think martin
  3. You need either the 2" or the 1.25" adapter fitted, not both Richard martin
  4. Martin 2

    First Light Optics...They open?

    PM'D you Martin
  5. You can change the slewing speed by selecting the rate button on the handset and then pressing a key between 1 and 9, 9 is the fastest and 1 the slowest, this will not effect the tracking rate that the scope tracks the target Martin
  6. Martin 2

    Polar Alignment

    Pmd you martin
  7. Martin 2

    NEQ6 not behaving

    PM'd you Martin
  8. C/F 14.5 kilo Steel 15.5 kilo Please research the Quattro, collimation is critical with these telescopes martin
  9. Martin 2

    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Just posted a message to you Martin
  10. I understand that they are now shipping with the correct saddles again, Martin
  11. Martin 2

    Setting the time on a synscan handset

    Put in your time where you are, (24 hour clock) it will ask later on if its daylight saving or not, time zone for the UK is the choice 1st shown ie 0000, dont forget to use the american style for date ie mm/dd/yyyy Martin
  12. Get all the balancing done before you start the alignment etc. If you release the clutches after aligning you will need to go through the alignment again. Martin

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