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  1. Jon I may be turning up on Friday, but if the weather turns out as bad as it's being forecast then I'll hope to make Decembers date instead. cheers Keith
  2. Hi Jon, We met last night at the MAD viewers gathering @ the Red Lion. All being well I'll be coming along next friday (16th); as you suggested i'll give Charles a bell just to confirm. cheers Keith
  3. As has been said already a super smooth image Martin. I must confess that of the two I like the Ha mono the best, I think personally the mono comes across as the more dramatic - probably down to the incredible range of contrast you have achieved. Keith
  4. Having your camera modded makes quite a bit of difference over mine to the amount of Ha (Red) picked up in your image Craig. Some fine stuff too may I say. The difference shows up particularly so in pickerings triangle, I think. The rest of the colour difference I think comes down to post processing choices in photoshop. Keith
  5. Bit of hiccup with the tech last night as PHD was dropping the guide star after only a couple of minutes despite it being perfectly adequate. After I'd done a dark in PHD it behaved itself from then on. This is the second time I've imaged this target but having used the C8-N previously it had taken up most of the frame, so I was curious what I could get with the ED80. There's some parts of Pickerings Triangle showing but not surprisingly it isn't very obvious (my camera is unmodded). Details: 13 X 10 minute subs, DSLR @ ISO800 on ED80 Guided using a QHY5 & PHD cheers Keith
  6. Hi Peter, With hindsight I probably could have doubled the sub length for this, its probably down to the fact that I use my F5 reflector for a lot of imaging - so when it comes to using the ED80 @ F7.5 I tend to forget how much slower it is - we live a learn:rolleyes: Keith
  7. Hi TJ, thanks:icon_salut: What I really wanted to have a go at last night was the moon with the x3 barlow I got about 4 months ago! but its not really in a good place for me until OMG in the morning and I don't think I can face waiting up that long. Well at least not on a work day. Keith
  8. Its been a fair while since I posted anything here and starting up the scope last night it was evident that it was at least a month since it was last used. Not surprising really with the light evenings only just finishing and keeping the kids amused over their summer break. This is just an hours capture, target is nothing special just really getting back in the saddle after the summer hiatus. Details: Prime focus DSLR on ED80, 5 min subs @ ISO800 Guided with QHY5 on C8-N using PHD Processing: DSS; PixInsight DBE; PS CS3 cheers Keith
  9. Thanks for the comments - you know its funny how it takes someone else to confirm your own thoughts -yep it is a bit on the green side - bit of a sick elly so to make amends I've given the levels a tweak and he's feeling much better now Keith
  10. Following my earlier go at IC1396 with my ED80 I decided on Friday night to give the elephants trunk area a try with the C8-N. This is a crop from the full frame. Details: Prime focus unmodded DSLR @ ISO800 on C8-N, 21 X 7min subs Guided with QHY5 on ED80 using PHD Processed with DSS, PixInsightLE DBE, CS3 cheers Keith
  11. After what has seemed like far too long a break for me I finally got the chance to get the scope out and do some imaging again last night. As this target is big I was using the ED80 for image capture - so at F7.5 I decided to up my sub length to 10 minute subs, but to counter the 350D's noise reduce the ISO to 400 - I must hasten to add that the camera is unmodded so the nebulosity is somewhat muted. But, I'm happy with the overall effect and it was a worthwhile experiment as I mainly image using the C8-N so it was a bit out of my comfort zone . Here's the details: Prime focus DSLR on ED80, 11 X 10 min subs @ ISO400 Guided using QHY5 on C8N using PHD Processing: DSS, PixInsightLE DBE, CS3 cheers Keith
  12. It's been longer than I care to remember when I last had the scope out, but like Dave it was clear for me too last night ....well at least till 1 a.m. That gave me the chance to get some imaging subs in on IC1396. I had a bit of an experiment - so not sure if the results are up to anything . All the same it was nice to be out under the stars once again after what seemed like such a long break. cheers Keith
  13. Thanks for all the comments:). Frankly I was surprised at the amount of interest generated by it. I've been away over the weekend and with work the first half of this week, so I've not had an opportunity to dip into the forum for a few days. Mark - no problem with your fine cloning job, I'm sure Rob's asked the same question about the propellor before ?? The technique I used for the re-stack in DSS was in effect a stack of the three sub stacks for each exposure time, with each of the three sub stacks having been through PixInsight DBE to get a flat field before going back into DSS. cheers Keith
  14. Decided to scrape together all the data I had accumulated over three different sessions and stuck it into DSS to see what came out in the wash so to speek. This is a mixture then of 5, 3 & 1 minute subs, I guess amounting to something like 50 mins maybe more in total. Glad to say I'm happy with the result. cheers Keith
  15. I decided to give M13 a go last night but in the end only got three subs before some cloud stopped play. I had to laugh though coz by the time I'd packed things up it was clear again Still I'm surprised the result is as clear as it is with the propeller quite prominent. So this is just 3 X 3min subs, prime focus DSLR @ ISO800 using my C8-N cheers Keith
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