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  1. One i have,nt done for a while now , wanted a wide field of this one ,hidden in Gemini this faint Planatery Nebula is sometimes hard to get , but tonight the sky was kind and gave some nice subs back , captured 32x10 min subs on this one , you can see just a whisker of outer nebuloosity i know hangs around this neb, very faint , maybe 15 min subs would have helped ,oh well .imaging scope Equinox 80, guide scope Equinox 120 , Guide camera QHY5 and guided PHD. processed in Maxim and Photoshop.imaging camera ATIK 314L+. Cheers Rog
  2. Ok so it was foggy, but managed to keep just above the main batch of fog, looking for 20 subs but at 18 the fog finally caught me up , but still i,m pleased with this difficult Nebula. So 18x 12 min subs to get this one , still using the Equinox 80 for the imaging scope and the Atik 314l+, COOLING SET TO -12.5 .Guide scope the Equinox120 , guided phd and guide camrea QHY5, processed in Maxim and Photoshop.done a bit more processing on this now smoothed out the image a bit more ,redone curves. Cheers Rog
  3. Excellent job Mike ,with lovely detail ,look foward to the colour version Rog
  4. LOL no worried Ron, i laughed hhehehhehehe ,u know me dont take life soserious ,lets have a bit of humour:D
  5. Hi Carl, no settings like that to do on the ccd,just the exposure time,and binning , 1x1 binning, for the highest resolution, basically using the right filter and the rest and hardest is the processing. Rog
  6. Got out again last night, just had a few hours ,so decided on the Rosette as i have not paid that one a visit last season , came out well and managed a few before the moom got in the way, 18x10 min subs , usual kit ,processed in Maxim and PS . Rog
  7. Very nice indeed Martin and an unusual approach to this one , makes a pleasant change , top drawer stuff as usual .
  8. It was just 3 Month ago that the gears turned on the EQ6, i tell ya , i forgot everything ,even tried putting the date time in the wrong way around lol , and that was just the start ,wont go into other details ,anyway ,i just had to have a go at ole Horsey as he is fast going to the south west and i only have a small time to catch this one due to the house trees etc. Lovely bright sky , so out comes the 6Nm HA , never expected much to be honest , but i think it has to be my best Horse to date lol . Anyway 26x 8 min subs imaged through the Equinox 80 ,and guide scope Equinox120 , imaging camera
  9. Spot on Martin a truely great image , nuff said .lol:D
  10. Great shot Martin, love them both, but pretty pictures are sure to take over before to long
  11. Had to be done ,another clear night, so an early start to grab the Cocoon , just 15 x10 min subs , Atik 314l+used and imaging scope Equinox80. Cheers Rog
  12. Thanks guys ,not done much imaging anyway for months Mike ,a bad year ,a very bad year , oh well , Rog
  13. Very nice indeed Mike ,looking really good Rog
  14. At last i get out , with the new Atik314l+, using the Equinox80 Ha filter , guidescope Equinox120 , run subs of 22x 8 mins .processed in Maxim and Photoshop ,using Noels latest Spikes pro software. Cheers Rog
  15. Now that Ron, is a mark of a skilled craftsman , everything looks well planned and finished to a high standard, i shake your hand in magnificant work, Ok so now we start the imaging , and i know you have been taking in all the info for a while now ,so we should see some stunning results . Once again great job Ron Rog:icon_salut:
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