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  1. Just Came across this thread and like everyone was deeply shocked to hear of Per's passing. I can't add anything to what has already been said many times already except that I always looked out for Per's posts on the forum as I knew they would be hugely informative and entertaining (even for a non- 10 Micron user!). He was such an immensely capable person yet generously shared his knowledge to help others with their tech problems. The hobby of Astro-imaging has lost a very special individual. Sincere condolences to his family and friends. Mark
  2. Excellent presentation Per, your input is always highly informative. Nice to see a vintage Seagull outboard on your balcony as well! Mark
  3. That's a great result Stuart, I was imaging this from NZ a few weeks ago with my Astrotrac and 6D (unmodded), so I sympathise with your southern PA issues! You've got some lovely detail there so you should be well pleased with your efforts. Did have time to you try the Carina Neb as well? Mark
  4. Absolutely superb image, Rick.
  5. That's going to be superb with the RGB John. Have you tried using an OAG with your RC?
  6. Super result with lovely colour Stuart, very impressed that you got that on your Astrotrac!
  7. Very nice rendering with super structure in the nebula, Martin. Obviously a well collimated MN190!
  8. Many thanks Sara, Michael & Martin
  9. Just managed to do some imaging again, the familiar NGC7000/IC 5070 summer targets as a two pane mosaic. 8x900sec for NAN section, 10x900sec for Pelican. WOZS80EDII,0.8 reducer, Baader 7nm 2in Ha filter in SX wheel with OAG/Lodestar/PHD, SXVR-H18 (KAF8300)camera, EQ6Pro. Captured/processed- Nebulosity 3/ PSCS/Astro Actions/Photostitch. Cheers Mark
  10. Thanks again guys. Yes Jeremy, real darkness is in short supply up here at this time of the year! Mark
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