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  1. Fantastic image, Trevor - loads of detail in there! Well done, Trev
  2. Great image, Gordon - lovely colours and well resolved right to the centre :-) Trev
  3. Thanks, Bob :-) DBE is "Dynamic Background Extraction" in PixInsight LE - it effectively subtracts the sky glow from the background to remove gradients, etc. Having looked again, I agree - the 2nd is a nicer image even with the gradient. Trev
  4. Great detail there - love the deep orange/red colours :-) Trev
  5. It's been a long time since I last posted anything - a combination of clouds, new jobs, etc have meant I've only had my scope outside for maybe 5 nights in the last year! However, on Friday night, the sky was just too clear to pass up, so I had to have a go Took a while to get everything set up again, but I got there in the end and set to work trying to remember how to find things again - Turn Left at Orion once again proved its worth and I managed to see Cor Caroli, M94, M3 and M51 in Canes Venatici, M65, M66 and Algeiba in Leo, M53 in Coma Berenices - a very productive couple of hours tha
  6. trevboyd


  7. There's a side-by-side comparison with and without the SW filter here: http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-discussion/88194-skywatcher-2-lpr-filter.html Hope that helps a bit! Trev
  8. The last version is a really nice image, Euan - well worth the hard work! Lovely colours. Trev
  9. Looks really nice, Rob - I love the filament detail in M1 The background info is interesting as always - thanks for sharing! Trev
  10. It's amazing how well they work given the very low price. I can only assume that the (much) more expensive ones work even better. Trev
  11. Very, very nice TJ - I love the great contrast and colour range you've got there! Trev
  12. Thanks Harry Yeah, I know the frames overlap badly - I accidentally moved the scope and had problems getting it back to the right place again... a night of problems really! I do like your quick version though. This is my final attempt, I think I've learned some new ideas through this, so its been a very useful experience even though I don't have much of an image to show for it at the end. Trev
  13. Very nice Daz - a pic to be proud of! Trev
  14. I agree with Peter, the right hand one is my favourite also - nice images you have there! Trev
  15. OK, here's my latest effort trying to follow Dennis' guide (which is very good by the way - well worth reading - I like the advice to use the cursor keys to adjust the points in the curves tool) Still a long way to go, but its better! Trev
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