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A big flying saucer! NGC 4565

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Here you are Ron, this is the DSI pro image from this sort of time last year.

I'd only recently finished the obs and hadn't got started with autoguiding yet so this is all 1 minute subs...can't remember how many offhand.

Not too bad TBH :angry:



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Replied to your PM.

This is an encouraging image via the DSI. As you say "Not Too Bad", I say it's a lot better than not too bad.

I was very interested because I have a DSI, but not used it in anger yet, so to speak. I also bought a SX MX916, as I thought it was a good price. I intended to just resell the DSI, but having seen this Image, I will put the sale on hold for a while.

Thanks again Rob. :angry:


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The DSI pro is a good camera Ron, a bit prone to bloated stars and you have to be meticulous with your dark frame temperature matching your lights, but quite capable of good results.

A cracking guide camera too.

The DSI Pro2 knocks spots off it though.



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