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  1. A fantastic set of images by all well worth all the effort put in. What a stunning image by James the composition is just perfect.
  2. Fantastic picture Martin making me wish I had been there.
  3. I will be bringing along the following if anyone is interested. Orion Sirius Mount EQ-G ( Exactly the same as a Skywatcher HEQ5) QHY8 CCD Camera Skywatcher MN190 Maksutov-Newtonian
  4. Congratulations to all the winners what an amazing set of images
  5. Most of my work has been done with a Orion Sirius EQG mount which is exactly the same as a Sky watcher HEQ5 and it performed admirably carrying a 10kg+ load. The image below was captured using this mount albeit with a good scope and reasonable CCD. The EQ5 should be able to get you going as Scott says to test the waters. But if you are serious and can wait to save up the difference it would be worth looking at the HEQ5. Rob (Uranium 235) has done some amazing images with some relatively cheap kit such as skywatcher pds150
  6. I will most likely bring along the following Orion Sirius Mount EQ-G ( Exactly the same as a Skywatcher HEQ5) QHY8 Skywatcher MN190
  7. Pretty sure this isn't NLC's this is more likely a Mackerel Sky https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mackerel_sky
  8. I would calibrate the images with any Darks and Flats etc then stack the images. Next I would combine the RGB then once combined you can 'calibrate' the colour with as suggested above Pix-Insight or similar. Then you can adjust levels and curves and other processes. Regards
  9. Happy New Year to you and all :). I decided against going to the star party due to my knee injury and the fact that the weather was going to be bad
  10. Glad to be of help Scott, nice to see it in action
  11. Hi Stephen I have merged your for sale thread in the SGL 11 star party board into an existing for sale thread.



  12. Beyond_Vision

    For Sale

    I have the following for sale Orion Sirius EQ Mount which is identical to a Skywatcher HEQ Pro Mount with Synscan handset. 5 berth Vango Orchy500 with canopy, carpet and foot print ground sheet. 8 berth Vango Tigris800 with Porch Extension, Carpet and foot print ground street.
  13. A great set of initial images Pete, well worth all the effort Regards
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