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  1. I would calibrate the images with any Darks and Flats etc then stack the images. Next I would combine the RGB then once combined you can 'calibrate' the colour with as suggested above Pix-Insight or similar. Then you can adjust levels and curves and other processes. Regards
  2. Happy New Year to you and all :). I decided against going to the star party due to my knee injury and the fact that the weather was going to be bad
  3. Glad to be of help Scott, nice to see it in action
  4. Hi Stephen I have merged your for sale thread in the SGL 11 star party board into an existing for sale thread.



  5. I have the following for sale Orion Sirius EQ Mount which is identical to a Skywatcher HEQ Pro Mount with Synscan handset. 5 berth Vango Orchy500 with canopy, carpet and foot print ground sheet. 8 berth Vango Tigris800 with Porch Extension, Carpet and foot print ground street.
  6. A great set of initial images Pete, well worth all the effort Regards
  7. A superb image Maurice it really pops out at you on my new monitor. That would look great as a desktop , great work on the processing. Regards
  8. The Astrotrac system is very compact and portable fitting in an easy to carry cylindrical bag. It can carry a lot more weight than the SA and will be more accurate at tracking. If you need the extra load capacity and intend to use it abroad then it will prove it's worth. If you use small lenses on a DSLR at home or setup out of the boot of a car in the field then the SA would be up to the job and you will save some money. The Astrotrac is very well engineered and is intended to be highly portable yet strong so hence the higher price.
  9. I have seen this at Kielder Forest a few years back with a pair of Canon IS bino's the view was amazing when the image stabilisation was switched on. As other have said it is a large widefield object best seen with the naked eye or bino's Regards
  10. That must have been a lovely sight. Very nicely framed shot Regards Kevin
  11. A great time lapse Kev, really atmospheric stuff Regards Kevin
  12. I don't think it's possible I think the counter weight hole on the HEQ5 weights are smaller than the shaft diameter of the NEQ6 Regards Kevin
  13. Somerset would probably be the darkest area out of the places you mentioned, with places like the Somerset flats that are quite dark. The only problem is the fact that you will need to live on a house boat
  14. Many thanks to Grant and all, I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice meeting old friends and making new ones. Thanks Scott (Auspom) for the lift to the out reach event and it was good to have your company Pete (Psychobilly) for the last nights imaging session