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  1. The river a few hours ago...!
  2. New members less than 10 posts and 30 days membership there is no access to the edit options. After that it's either 14 or 28 days (I cannot remember which). Thanks Ant
  3. Ant

    SGL Curry

    The quiz
  4. Ant

    SGL Curry

    Another from the currry.
  5. Ant

    SGL Curry

    The SGL curry was as good as every, Scott seems to be enjoying it to. Just about to start the quiz. Ant
  6. Ant

    SW EQ3 or 5 Tripod

    No worries, just thought I'd mention it.
  7. I live in the Fens - the Earth is flat here....!
  8. The Earth isn't flat? I didn't realise that this thread was supposed to make sense.... sorry about that lol
  9. Annoying the guys that I met up with last night (that I originally met at the Texas Star Party back in 1989) for dinner, were in Bath yesterday. They could have picked the mount up. They picked me up some Sally Anne Buns (never had them before) -me on the right. If you can deliver via PM I'll be really impressed Don't suppose that you're going to the SGL star party? Ant
  10. Please can i have first dibs on this? I agree the price, just need to sort out how to ship. Thanks Ant
  11. Damn youhaveit bad lol Do not under any circumstances let her work out the price per image that you get from your kit. Thats when the trouble starts ant
  12. Thanks for the comments guys, we are discussing it at the moment. I can assure you we have plenty of space, that wasn't a consideration in trying out this change. Ant
  13. Ant


    You imaged M42 in August!!!! That's a early start! Nice one.
  14. I drive further than that to get to work... I'd do 60 miles for a pub lunch if this is still around I might be interested. I've sold all my kit and I'm trying to work out if a really nice solar scope is going to float my boat. ant
  15. I get that. But you specifically asked for pictures of the motors in the sky watcher upgrade kit - that guide shows pictures of the motors in the sky watcher upgrade kit. Ant
  16. Here is a guide I created while adding the Goto kit to my standard HEQ5, to add the Pro functionality. Maybe the pictures will help you. But the EQ5 mount and kit are different. Cheers Ant
  17. Sorry mate, this is sold to Dominic. Cheers Ant
  18. Couple of filters sold. Thanks guys. Any takers on he CLS or FR? Cheers Ant
  19. HA filter sale pending to John. Cheers Ant
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