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  1. Thanks both Will try later and report back! Helen
  2. We crossed! Pleased to see success 😀. Can you explain to a numpty how I need to do this please?? Thanks Helen
  3. Watching this with interest as my win 10 laptop doesn't play nicely with sll 😕
  4. Just had a look with the pillar and an EQ3 tripod. It doesn't look possible as the base of the pillar is wider than the indent on the tripod and the peg gets in the way Helen
  5. But with an az goto mount daytime accurate alignment is easier as you can just align on the sun Helen
  6. Hello Boys (and Girls) .. I'm Back!!!!!!!!

    Hi Jon great to see you back! Helen
  7. https://www.berlebach.de/?bereich=details&id=123&sprache=english FLO are going to start stocking them Helen
  8. Not without an adapter (eg the Berlebach one). The pier also has just a 3/8 fixing - so will fit on a photo tripod. Helen
  9. FLO has kindly provided me with the loan of the new Pronto mount https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-az-pronto/sky-watcher-az-pronto-alt-azimuth-mount-tripod.html for my trip to the US for the eclipse It arrived today, well packaged in a triple boxes. Here are some pictures and my first impressions (indoor testing only as the box also contained significant rainclouds ). The elements are: The head (which has large knobs for tightening the axes), slow motion controls (with metal screws rather than the plastic sometimes used and a screwdriver to tighten them), an extension post (the top comes off to access the screw for the head and then is held solidly by chunky screws), the tripod (tommy bar on the screw underneath) and the tray (slots on and then twists to lock and brace). Assembly is straightforward. So.... what do I think so far? The head is quite lightweight, but robust. It was a rather stiff to start with, but a few rotations loosened it. I'm not sure it is yet smooth enough to be used without the slow motion controls, but with those it moves very nicely. I was worried about balance given the scope sits above the axis of rotation, but the Alt axis can be tightened sufficiently to effectively hold the scope (well at least my Borg and a Delos) with no slipping (again, without slow motion controls this could be a issue, but is fine with them). In use with the slow motion controls it seems to move smoothly. The extension is solid and well build, the fixing mechanisms work well. It might be heavy for airline travel though... The weakest part of the package is the tripod. It is lightweight, and maybe some stability has been sacrificed for the weight/cost? eg the head has cut-outs rather than being a solid plate. There is flex/twist at the head. When the legs are extended there is more flex. I haven't been able to test observing yet though, so I don't how much this will impact on practical use. (I'd also like to test with different tubes for a balanced review.) Not sure when the weather will improve enough for real-life testing... but my initial view is that the head certainly has a lot of potential as a lightweight, easy-to-use travel/grab and go mount for my Borg Helen
  10. Yes, indeed! The legs have one extension, with a twist lock. Helen
  11. Thanks My initial experience of the tripod is that it compromises stability/rigidity for lightweight and cost (I remember someone saying that everyone wants a cheap, light, stable tripod, but you could have at most two out of those three!). The pillar is rigid though. But at least with a 3/8 fitting it is straightforward to upgrade to a better tripod! Helen
  12. How do you connect?? (I know the staradventurer uses usb and that is hugely convenient) Thanks Helen
  13. It's all kicking off !

    ...and the rain arrives Helen
  14. Indeed - arrived today 😎 Will start another post with pictures and first impressions 😉 Helen