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  1. I'm currently in Spain and brought a camera, scope, mount etc etc with me. No rechargeable batteries allowed in hold luggage. My rucksack went through the x-ray machine twice, but other than that no problem ☺️ Helen
  2. Yep 😋 (we couldn't afford the 2.5m or 3.5m here 😱 ) Helen
  3. If anyone fancies getting involved in the study of this have a look here I've got some data here on field trip (Calar Alto) using a 1.23m scope Need to process it tomorrow to do some analysis, but here's an unprocessed sub in V band. Helen
  4. Thanks 😀 We were stood in snow doing these!!
  5. I'm on a field trip to the Calar Alto Observatory in southern Spain. Here is my first ever star trail picture - rather a mini star trail due to just playing with a new camera and having to manually release the shutter. Now off to research remote apps! Sony alpha 6300 with a Zeiss zoom lens at the 16 end. JPEGS loaded into Startrails app - no processing of individual frames. Hopefully I can improve on this as the week goes on Helen
  6. My normal maxim is indeed 'take everything just in case' (much to Mike's frustration!) - my quandry is that we are limited in luggage space.... I'll try packing it all up, and see what space I've got (that's part of the testing!) Helen
  7. I'm off to Spain tomorrow for a field trip at the Calar Alto observatory I was planning on taking my solar set up as a bit of practice for the eclipse trip, but there is so little activity I'm really wondering whether to give my back and weight allowance a break and not bother....?!? So... how much is it worth from you lot for me to not take the kit - it would undoubtedly mean that the sun suddenly had a frenzy of activity for a week Helen
  8. I've used one of these and the serial cable that came with the handset - once set up it worked fine And actually I need to check it works with my little Merlin AZ mount ready for my trip to Spain tomorrow!! So any problems I'll report back Helen
  9. Now off to the post office to pick up a solar filter holder for my SF70 for my little borg ready for Spain on Friday... It has been snowing where we're going though Helen
  10. Just got a completely blank disk in white light - can't even see an granulation Blue sky is a nice change though! Helen
  11. I'd like some guidance on wide field timelapse photography please 😀
  12. Flying Bristol to Malaga airport on Friday and will have a scope, solar filters, mount and cameras in my rucksack. I have had to explain solar filters in the past, but I generally pre-empt questions by telling seurity what is in there before the x-ray machine sees it Helen
  13. Mak now sold too. Thanks Marcel (Cosmos) Helen
  14. Can I get one by Tuesday to wear to my PhD interview??? 🤣 Helen