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  1. +1 for solar capability. Perhaps think about getting a lodestar too - great for live viewing (stacking on the fly) and as a guide cam Helen
  2. The sort out continues... A few Celestron SCT bits: Unused 1.25 inch visual back 93653-A new £25 asking £17 incl postage 2 inch SCT mirror diagonal (Japan) - a bit dusty and no 2-1.25 adapter - £27 incl postage 10mm basic kit eyepiece unused still in bag and box with both end caps - £5 + £2 postage 13mm FMC plossl unused still in bag and box with both end caps - £10 + £2 postage Will happily combine postage for multiple purchases Helen
  3. Not booked with astrotrails, we're doing it independently. Have done Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Lowell and Kitt Peak though - all awesome in their way. Fantastic trip! Helen
  4. That's a nice start I never managed a decent mosaic!! which was why I needed to upgrade to a bigger chip... Helen
  5. I too will be in Wyoming (Jackson Hole area). I'm reading this in preparation... Enjoying it 🙂 Helen
  6. Completely agree.... dismantling an Obsession UC last night.... all the poles were clanking, but I reached a point of no return and then just tried to decide whether quicker and noisier was better than long drawn out..... and then a motorbike goes past, and someone slams a car door, and I wondered why I was worrying Helen
  7. There was a discussion a couple of weeks ago about Freestar etc as a cheap way of getting the Hyperstar concept for video astronomy. I'm having a sort out and have an original Celestron Fastar lens and counterweight (the counterweight screws on to the thread at the back of the scope to provide balance for the camera at the corrector end for fork mounted scopes). It works great on smallish chips like the watec, and more recent offerings. It differs from the hyperstar in that it is not collimatable (is that a word?). I had a lot of fun when I started out with this set up. (Then the full astrophotography bug hit and my bank account hasn't been the same since!). Looking for £100 for the Fastar and counterweight plus postage at cost (the counterweight is heavy!). To go with this is my watec (video) camera. Watec 120N mono - this was my first astrocam. It is a liveview cam which integrates on the fly. When I was sold it by Bern at Modern Astronomy he said it was like adding significant aperture to your scope but without needing a bigger guided mount. I successfully used it on an alt az C8 and can vividly remember the thrill of clusters appearing before my eyes as the integration mounted, and the Orion Neb, Ring, Galaxies etc... Output is through an aerial socket to either a TV screen (which allows viewing without needing a pc) or you can use a capture card to PC (if I find the one I used to use then I'll include that too!). I also understand that Watec are considered great meteor cameras. Not sure about price on this one! A google shows prices for the 120N+ at 500 Euros!! but thinking £175 plus postage may be more attractive. I can add a small TV screen for £25 too. Thanks Helen
  8. Wheeley bars sold, but AzRok still available. Open to offers before sticking it on ABS Helen
  9. And now the before and after pictures.... A big improvement I think Now off to find some online lycra (can I get a matching star pattern for the shroud??? Helen
  10. I use a Pentax Pat - works very well too. It is good to be able to have a wider fov to start with, and then tune the view to the seeing Helen
  11. Glad to be of service The little Maks are great for this - I think my best Jupiter was with the 125. Have fun, and let us know how you get on Helen
  12. @Mark at Beaufort
  13. Scratchy would not be good Stu All will be revealed later... Helen
  14. For my new Dobby
  15. Awww cute