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  1. .... and I blame @JeremyS for the fact I have now been asked to speak at the BAA Christmas meeting.... Helen
  2. A bit of progress - I've ordered the cable I've also had another look inside and at the lens: How does this look? (I'd rather replace before I put it outside if needs be) I am a little concerned that there is some significant movement between the lens and the collar (not the screw part) - I think there might be a little grub screw? so will have a better look in the light tomorrow. When moving this about I found a loose foam disk - any idea where it should go??? Next on the list is a bracket, and downloading the software... Looking at the weather forecast there's no rush Helen
  3. I can empathise with having a big scope and not using it.... I've had a lot of just plain fun with my Tak 100 and the azgti. The Tak is quite lightweight and easy to handle. The azgti is the same as your solarquest but with different functionality, so will work as brilliantly with your tripod. You could then use the Tak for white light and cak too. An alternative would be a small Mak with an azgti for planets etc. With an asi camera you can do live viewing or planetary very easily. Helen
  4. Thanks All I'll get the extra bits for attachment and wiring, check the guidance, download the software, and join the list too. Watch this (cloudy ) space! Helen
  5. Quite a while ago I picked up a meteor/allsky camera set up from ABS. I bought it for the watec camera, to do lunar TLP imaging, but its nicely set up so I thought I'd give a go for its designed purpose. Here are a few pictures. I can't remember the spec, but it looks like a zoom rather than fixed lens (to get a look at the other side of the lens would mean unscrewing it all). The housing may restrict some sky? The case includes a small heater, so hopefully dew won't be an issue. So, I'm thinking about where to site it, which direction to point it, at what angle, and what I need to connect it to... My house is in a housing estate, and my garden has trees to the south (the back of my house faces SSW). I have a roll off obs with power and a PC. I'm thinking a pole of some kind on the corner of the obs, and then connect to the obs pc (possibly with an extra hard drive?) or set up an old laptop - does that make sense? If so, how high should the pole be? and which direction and at what altitude might be best for first experiments? And finally, what software are people using? Thanks Helen
  6. And if you want to explore on cloudy nights try aladin and simbad together https://aladin.u-strasbg.fr/AladinLite/ for browser or https://aladin.u-strasbg.fr/ Helen
  7. So... is the back-end self contained for solar (ie the front part is a standard telescope)? If so, if they sold that unit on its own I'd be interested (I have enough suitable telescopes...) A reliable alternative to daystar quark? I'd happily pay more if it worked Helen
  8. So a large package from Amazon...containing a small box (rather over packaged!). This converts the back of my ETX to sct and then T - to take the little helical eyepiece holder for fine focus . Hopefully the peg in the original focuser will now be redundant! And I'll get no mirror flop either Off to Milton Keynes again tomorrow, so hoping for some clear skies to test this grab and go kit Helen
  9. If somebody fancies a little photometry exercise there's a lot of data on lcogt archive https://archive.lco.global/?q=a&RLEVEL=&PROPID=&INSTRUME=&OBJECT=betelgeuse&SITEID=&TELID=&FILTER=&OBSTYPE=&EXPTIME=&BLKUID=&REQNUM=&basename=&start=2014-05-01 00%3A00&end=2020-02-10 23%3A59&id=&public=true Helen
  10. Looking good! It is well worth spending some time in the light (and warm) getting familiar with the scope. Learn how the focuser works, see how the different eyepieces change view. Then I suggest you align the red dot finder - you'll only be able to do it roughly indoors - get a recognisable object in the scope and then adjust the red dot until that is over the thing you see in the centre of the scope eyepiece. Learning to use an equatorial mount takes a bit of practice (like clutch control on a car!), so I suggest to start just watch the red dot finder as you use the slow motion controls - you'll see the movement isn't simple up and down! Experiment.... But have fun! Helen
  11. PM incoming... Thinking these might be good for outreach Helen
  12. So @JeremyS talked me into doing an article for the BAA Journal.... https://britastro.org/journal_item/20634 Thanks to those who have completed the survey - still open Helen
  13. Thanks Neil, lovely group on the Orion course so its been fun. I'm thinking of joining the Moon course as a student! Helen
  14. Hi Bryan Lovely mentors on the current futurelearn Orion course You can also access it via OpenLearn which has no time constraints, but no mentor/other learner interaction. https://www.open.edu/openlearn/comment/26597 Have Fun! Helen
  15. Been fettling a bit Padded rings, nice solid ADM dovetail, new red dot finder (thanks @Frank the Troll) and a particularly high tech focus knob aid And another lunar mosaic Helen
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