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  1. Observing Meet - December 15th

    And now its cloudy ☹️ Never mind, a quiet night in the warm beckons! Helen
  2. Observing Meet - December 15th

    The Mountain Centre car park band grounds are accessible all the time. I've been observing there many times. It is sheltered, has seats (and usually toilets with hot air blowers useful for hand warming 😁). It would be my preference. I will probably not be able to get there until between 7:30 and 8 though. Helen
  3. Observing Meet - December 15th

    Thanks Simon That looks like it could get a bit 'interesting' if it is clear and cold tomorrow night! I'm not sure I'd feel very comfortable personally How do people feel about meeting somewhere more accessible/less exposed? Say the Mountain Centre? Helen
  4. Observing Meet - December 15th

    Take care though Simon!!
  5. I too struggled to find it, but did so with a 8 inch sct in moderate skies after reading a description of it being like a thumbprint. What also helped was reading of the technique of tapping the scope when looking for something faint. Our brains are excellent at detecting movement, even of a very faint patch of distant light! So tapping the scope makes the object move slightly and your brain detects the difference. And averted vision, looking off centre and then back can help too. Helen
  6. Yes, a larger fov would have made life easier, but using something already set up and working minimises the risk! I decided to set up my Atik460 for live viewing using the Infinity software, but that required new drivers, so I duly installed those. The result was the Atik 460 worked nicely with the infinity software.... but stopped working nicely with Maxim So the planned sequence of starting with Maxim to plate solve to be sure of location and then moving to live view was scuppered. But did get there in the end Helen
  7. Oumuamua

    Here's a paper my PhD supervisor worked on https://arxiv.org/abs/1711.11530 Helen
  8. Great catch. I managed to get it a couple of nights ago. I use Cartes Du Ceil for mount control and it is easy to update the asteroid/comet database from MPC and so use CdC for goto. Like you it took a couple of shots and blinking between frames to spot it. I then did a couple of longer exposures to show the travel. Good fun getting something travelling at over 30km/s! Helen
  9. Show us your set up in action at night.

    And after I'd finished 😉 I was out with it, but in the partial protection of the warm room with a couple of heaters!!!
  10. Their R&D department has been really busy! 😎
  11. Chances for tonight??

    I managed some fun - even if the quality of the output leaves much to be desired! But I did get asteroid Phaethon - this is a single 90s sub. (Don't stretch it or you'll see the frost showing up the dust bunnies etc!) Heading into thaw out now!!! Helen
  12. Show us your set up in action at night.

    Tonight in the frost...
  13. Chances for tonight??

    Well I'm out 😁 Had to get Mike out in his wellies to unstick the roof, and then Windows kindly upgraded itself... So just getting the mount aligned etc. Might be a short session - freezing!!!!! Brrr Helen
  14. Chances for tonight??

    I've just had another look out and I think it may be the same here Mark. Bright stars are visible, but.. Forecast says improving around 9, so will give it another look then.
  15. Merlin Mount £140

    This is a nice robust little mount which has the advantage of attaching to a standard photo tripod, or being used table-top. It is easy to transport and copes well with a short frac or solar scope - which is exactly why I got it for the eclipse trip!! It shows a few signs of having spent a month travelling the states (all cosmetic), but is in full working order. It has the new v4 handset and the righthand bracket which is great for a PST or spotting scope. Only selling to replace with the new AZGTi which will take my longer scopes. £140 + postage at cost. Thanks Helen