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  1. Nice shot 😀 Would photos of the fog nebula be eligible Stu?? 🤣 Helen
  2. We're off to the US for the eclipse , but are making it a special month-long holiday (to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary). We'll be taking an Alaskan cruise as well as visiting quite a few national parks etc. I always struggle keeping within a weight limit so packing for a month, including cold and warm weather gear, would be bad enough, but with adding astro kit for an eclipse, this time is going to be a real challenge!! So any small savings in weight will be useful. I'm looking for a mirrorless camera that will be able to cope with all the usual holiday photo requirements but also be good for night shots too. Mike's hobby is photography so we have lots (!!!) of Canon gear and usually that would be my first choice, but from some initial research the canon mirrorless offerings are very underwhelming. So I'm wondering what other people are using and would recommend. Thanks Helen
  3. I admit it, the only involvement of a scope was as a balancing aid (but the Mesu wasn't actually moving - that was the whole point )
  4. Venus cradled by a tree (I HATE THAT TREE!!) Nexus 5 (rested) on a mesu mount Helen
  5. I've got the PI book for Christmas, I expect that technique is in the advanced section though 😉
  6. The moon over Cardiff Bay (tree). Hand held (badly) Nexus 5, auto everything and no processing (and it shows!) Or how about Over the Moon with the Fireworks?? Helen
  7. I've asked Santa for a little travel mount , a lightweight filter wheel, and the Pixinsight book (had PI for years, but never used it in anger, so time to finally get to grips with it!) 😀 Helen
  8. Interesting - looking for some help with DSLR focusing and a Y mask would be easier to make for a camera lens Helen
  9. I've found one of these really useful (with red tape over it!) You can clip it to loads of things and the lights can be used as 1,2,3 or 4 LEDs to adjust brightness - easily switched wearing gloves, and bendable to get light where you want it I got a music stand as a book rest too Tough water-resistant paper notebook great for taking notes in dewy conditions. Helen
  10. Thanks Just come in - tea and toast to thaw out! Report tomorrow I think..... Night everyone! Helen
  11. I'm just in to thaw my feet out a bit and have a cup of tea before going back out for a last half and hour or so, but it is just lovely out there night. I think I'm in love with my new Tak fc100 - haven't had this much fun observing in ages. Simplicity: alt az mount, frac, stool, telrad and book (and lots of warm layers!! Just being a tourist and loving it! Full report to follow Helen
  12. Hmmm an ADM saddle on the vixen porta, hadn't thought about that. I'll see if I can relocate one from another mount/side-by-side bar - although I'm not raising my hopes as hole spacing always seems to be an issue when I try this sort of thing!! I usually leave all my tripods at lowest setting for stability and use a stool, but my two brief outings so far have shown that this isn't practical with a longer focal length refractor (well without knee pads!!!). So I need to think about height/stability. Going to test my (old) TV gibraltar with it too - not lightweight, but very stable, and has encoders. Thanks for the links for travel options - my husband has a nice gitzo tripod, so options which use that would save some room/weight I'll do a proper initial impressions review later... Helen
  13. Congratulations in new scope Tried mine on a vixen porta on Thursday (first light actually as it only arrived Wednesday ). With the standard Ali legs at lowest setting and with no eyepiece tray there was quite a lot of vibration. It was easy to carry the scope and the mount together though (and I'm only little ). It is rock solid on a giro ii on heq5 legs - but I wouldn't risk carrying it set up. Lovely, lovely scope looking forward to using it more! Helen
  14. @Baggy1982 Welcome I think you'd be better buying a proper telescope from a proper telescope shop This is about the same price, but will be more stable and usable, and the accessories are better too If you wanted to go a bit bigger then this one is good too. Good luck Helen
  15. Double like for this Its all about having fun, however you do it