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  1. Remember Orion Optics quote their prices before VAT (why???), so add 20% ☹️ There are a few other suppliers though and they sell head only which may go on your az3 tripod (worth checking) Helen
  2. Probably best if I lock this one to avoid confusion Showcase here guys Helen
  3. Cracking little mounts - mine is really battered through the amount of use it has had! Brilliant for solar with a small refractor Helen
  4. I had the same question when I bought mine But that's not possible with the aluminium one, hence the work around! Enjoy your interference-free mount (if the weather ever improves!!) Helen
  5. Ah a sibling What Gitzo model is that? Thanks Helen
  6. And I'll make it a sticky
  7. Put it between the mount and the tripod (over the retaining bolt) and then the controller block (the funny shaped one not the handset) will clip on to the round tube on the left. I think it is because initially the mount come with round legs, but more recently with aluminium flat legs and so a mounting point which earths is needed. Helen
  8. Thanks Paul. I've now sold the AG, and had another potential buyer (see above).😉
  9. The extension is Very tempted myself 😉 Helen
  10. Fascinating, thanks for sharing! Helen
  11. OK, you have first refusal ☺️ Helen
  12. Hi Kirk, I need to find the case, but sure I still have it, and will include a 1.25 adapter (just unlikely to be the original) Pm your address and I'll let you have transfer details. Helen
  13. And returned. Sale pending to Stu 😀 Thanks for the interest everyone Helen
  14. Hi Kirk, Thanks for the interest. Happy to sell for £45 including postage. Helen