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  1. Yes, a single camera for Uni students to use over the next few years. I think the Primalucelab ones above looks interesting, but the extra power required would negate the advantage of simplicity I think. The students already have access to a mono ASI camera (although I think it is uncooled). Helen
  2. You need to visit the spectroscopy section on here Cheap way into spectroscopy - fit to a DSLR seems an easy way to start gathering data (analysing it is a bit more of a learning curve though!) I was looking at WEX for secondhand (this is an official University purchase so its easier to go through a supplier) and they don't have 550 or 600, but this 750 looks interesting https://www.wexphotovideo.com/canon-eos-750d-digital-slr-camera-body-used-1719488/ articulated screen, but also wifi for transfer and control. Would that be ok? Thanks Helen
  3. Hi, I've been asked to recommend a DSLR for students to use when starting mobile imaging (less stuff to carry when you don't have transport!). The likelihood is it will be used with a standard lens, probably a staranalyser, and also an ED80. My feeling is a Canon for best compatibility with software control, but which one? Thanks Helen
  4. Well the moon looked good from 35,000 feet - shame we had to come down through the clouds to the drizzle . But it was a late flight, and it's been a busy few days in Edinburgh, so bed calling anyway! Helen
  5. Thanks for this . That will be really useful! Helen
  6. Assuming it is the standard robo focus output (Dconnector) Hitec do a standalone motor controller. Also Pegasus https://pegasusastro.com/products/dmfc/ Helen
  7. Another option for a shroud is Proplex https://www.wickes.co.uk/Proplex-Black-Surface-Protection-Sheet---2mm-x-1-2m-x-2-4m/p/118670 It is really light and easy to cut and keeps the circular shape well so doesn't end up in the light path. You just get a very big sheet, so good for endless projects!! Helen
  8. The murk has arrived - that's Altair Ah well, fun for half an hour! Helen
  9. Playing with trying to learn to focus a spectrum
  10. So.... what are you bringing? I'm bringing a 15 inch Ultra Compact Obsession dob (finally has a shroud ) - happy for people to come and test drive it For grab and go, a Tak 100DC. For solar/wide field a borg71. Vixen SX2 mount . A few cameras and eyepieces (and undoubtedly a crate full of 'bits' ) Helen
  11. I'll have my 15 inch Obsession dob if anyone wants a play
  12. A rather cheaper purchase than the last one! A stepper ring to fit my staranalyser to my DSLR
  13. Well they did get it a little bit wrong - and I have had a short session doing some testing.... but who knows when next... Helen
  14. For data you could try the LCOGT site. This has data from scopes (2m, 1m and 0.4m) located around the world. You can download freely, either reduced data (already had flat fields, darks, bias applied) or raw and calibration files if you want to go the whole hog on processing from scratch. https://archive.lco.global/?q=a&RLEVEL=&PROPID=&INSTRUME=&OBJECT=&SITEID=&TELID=&FILTER=&OBSTYPE=&EXPTIME=&BLKUID=&REQNUM=&basename=&start=2019-06-01 00%3A00&end=2019-12-02 23%3A59&id=&public=true Guidance here: https://lco.global/documentation/archive-documentation/#ui-download Downloading and decompressing is a bit of a pain, but easy if you do it the way set out in the attached word document. Have fun! Helen Unpacking fz files.docx
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