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  1. This shows the wide variety of comet orbits! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7l16fVKKURs
  2. Great, thanks Mark We can keep adding here and I'll consolidate at intervals. Helen
  3. Welcome to the Hairy Astronomers Club! Sorry, the Hairy Star (Comet) Club This is the place to be if you fancy contributing to science by observing, analysing and reporting comet positions and brightness. We'll be developing guides and tutorials in conjunction with some BAA colleagues, to build competence and consistency. That way the results should be useful to researchers as they try to understand better the enigmas that are comets. We'll be learning together, which should be fun! And ultimately our contribution may be cited in research (hopefully in mine!!). Over the coming year or so we expect good targets to be comets 46P, 29P, 17P and then 67P (Rosetta's comet). We'll put up details of where the comets will be when, and what observations will be most useful. We can then also share observations and start building combined light curves Exciting times ahead Helen
  4. Here are some good sources of information on what comets are visible. Comet Watch: http://www.cometwatch.co.uk/ Heavens Above: https://www.heavens-above.com/Comets.aspx?lat=0&lng=0&loc=Unspecified&alt=0&tz=UCT JPL: what is observable (comets and asteroids) from your location https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbwobs.cgi
  5. Minor Planets Centre: The place for all the core data on any comet (or asteroid) https://www.minorplanetcenter.net/iau/mpc.html Jet Propulsion Lab JPL Small-Body Database Browser https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi#top Including Orbits like this: https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=46p;old=0;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb Horizons : detailed ephemerides / positions https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/horizons.cgi
  6. Helen

    A big thank you

    I was sorry to miss this Stu - I was rather busy panicking muttering at software preparing for my session which followed yours Are you going to post up the presentation as I'd love to get some tips! (On a more general note we could put all the presentations up if presenters are happy to do so...?) Helen
  7. Ooh that's a nice start John - I like the colours coming through Helen
  8. Thanks and it was enough to post on Facebook and encourage my friends and family to take a look Getting nice feedback too.. Helen
  9. Nice conjuction of the Moon and Mars at the moment Helen
  10. Helen

    A big thank you

    Meeting with old friends, making new friends, talking astronomy, learning, playing, eating and drinking are what make SGL star parties special for me (although adding observing with friends, showing new people new things, and playing with lovely equipment make them super-special!). The organisation is like the gracefully swan..... with legs going like crazy below the waterline So a big thank you to Grant and Daz for the main organisation, Steve and the FLO guys for backup (including the marquee- BIG plus this year!), Stu for organising the talks, the speakers, Michael for the quiz ( on a per head basis I think our team won ), cake makers etc etc etc See you next year everyone! Helen
  11. Lesson 1 - Note to self Check field of view of camera/scope and size of object before choosing telescope.... D'oh But we do have the centre of a lovely galaxy (this is just a quick look save) Files available from here: https://archive.lco.global/?q=a&RLEVEL=&PROPID=&INSTRUME=&OBJECT=ngc253&SITEID=&TELID=&FILTER=&OBSTYPE=&EXPTIME=&BLKUID=&REQNUM=&basename=&start=2018-10-18 00%3A00&end=2018-10-18 23%3A59&id=&public=true The unpacking is rather fiddly - here are the instructions: https://lco.global/education/observing/fpack/ I look forward to seeing what you can make of these Have fun! Helen PS it might be good to re-run with the 1m and 0.4m scopes to see the difference resolution/light gathering/fov make - what do you think?
  12. Here are a few of mine - lots of adults very helpfully testing some of my 'outreach' activities, lots of wind and water, and friends sharing expertise in the cafe (summed up my weekend ) Great fun everyone! And special thanks to Simon and Rhiannon for their help in both preparation and implementation of the outreach materials Helen @AndyUKsmelling a comet (once in a lifetime is probably enough!) @Steve @Antand @James try out the 3D comet views and take an internal tour of the Space Station (consensus on ISS - messier than you image) VID_20181013_133740.mp4 VID_20181013_133434.mp4 VID_20181013_133434.mp4 Mrs Daz (Tracey) checking out the 3D planets and the 3D book 'That's amazing!' The Mod and Admin team glum due to missing @barkis Help and advice in the cafe .... sharing challenges and solutions @Scott @steppenwolf @daz And the weather..... safe by just inches...
  13. For reference, all of the data taken for educational purposes is freely available from the LCOGT website Here's the documentation https://lco.global/documentation/archive-documentation/ the zip methodology is a bit of a pain, so read the instructions carefully The actual data are here: https://archive.lco.global/?q=a&RLEVEL=&PROPID=&INSTRUME=&OBJECT=&SITEID=&TELID=&FILTER=&OBSTYPE=&EXPTIME=&BLKUID=&REQNUM=&basename=&start=2018-06-01 00%3A00&end=2018-11-30 23%3A59&id=&public=true You'll see the detailed search criteria on the left. Note the different levels of Reduction eg RAW data (no calibration frames), quick look (which uses the calibration frames available at time of observation) or full BANZAI (which takes account of best calibration at end of session, solves the field, and calculates lots of other data too) So if you want data to play with..... download away! We're expanding our Science section, so I'll be looking to add FT data analysis in there too. So we share what we've done Have fun! Helen
  14. Helen

    Bringing the kids to SGL SP2018?

    Result!! Great to hear Ady Helen

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