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  1. Helen

    What did the postman bring?

    So this arrived today just in time for Rhodes tomorrow. Hope the star adventurer mini can cope. The Sony camera is quite light so hopefully weight won't be a problem, but at 135 I'll probably need decent polar alignment (and @James knows how great I am at that) Helen
  2. Helen

    Star Adventurer Mini - opinions?

    So I've been playing a bit tonight... Good fun! (lots to learn about both the SAM and my Sony camera though!)
  3. Lovely! I'm very much a novice on this DSLR lark, so must remember to overexpose for earthshine next time! Helen
  4. Got them before they disappeared behind next door's roof!
  5. The new thin crescent moon and Venus are quite close tonight - the moon underneath Venus. It has to be worth a look Helen
  6. Helen

    Star Adventurer Mini - opinions?

    Thanks for this I took the plunge and ordered. It arrived today. My first reaction was 'how dinky!' it is much smaller than I expected. I'm looking forward to experimenting with lenses and the Borg. I've got the choice of a Gitzo or a Manfrotto carbon tripod. The Gitzo is lighter, but doesn't have a centre column. Thanks for the heads up on connection - thinking about it I remember that being a problem with the scope on the full size star adventurer at the eclipse! I was wondering why my tracking was suddenly getting much worse Watch this space... Helen
  7. Helen

    Pic du Midi Observatory, Pyrenees

    I've just heard that I've been accepted on a Europlanet workshop being held there in mid July - excited, moi? I'm happy to report back... Helen
  8. Thanks for this, it has made me even more excited - yesterday I heard that my application for a 3-day workshop at Pic Du Midi has been accepted I get to go, and use the scopes, in mid July. Helen
  9. Yes, I saw you got some nice coverage Guy
  10. Helen

    First for ages...

    Thanks Rodd Helen
  11. ...well according to the Daily Express! First rough animation of 2010WC09. I've got more files and need to get rid of that satellite trail too, but was chuffed to locate it so thought I'd share asteroid WC09-2.avi Helen
  12. Helen

    First for ages...

    It is ages since I've posted a proper deepsky image. This is from last night: M3. 1 hour 15 minutes in a combination of 180, 300 and 600s (well just 1 600s!) with an Atik460c on a WO123FLT. Combined in DSS and just a bit of processing in CS2. DSS seems to be having problems sorting out my hot/cold pixels though - getting weird artifacts on the stars - so this is with cold/cold dealt with manually!! (hope I got them all). If anyone can suggest what to do to get DSS working properly again I'd be very grateful Thanks Helen
  13. Helen

    What did the postman bring?

    This was delivered by hand by Padma from NASA
  14. No, the mount creates its own wifi so you just join that and so don't need phone signal Helen

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