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  1. Helen

    Computer control of SW EQ3

    EQMod is straightforward and brilliant Martin. It works really well with CdC too. (I soooooo wish the Mesu would run with it!). Helen
  2. Helen

    Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    Well when the weather next cooperates I am going to test with a WO 123 FLT scope and the AP Barlow. I'm thinking of keeping the magnification as low as possible and seeing what happens. It will certainly be a test of operating on non-ideal conditions (conditions are never ideal in suburban damp Wales!) Helen
  3. Helen

    Complete telescope beginner

    Hello and welcome! That is a fantastic set up and will give you loads of pleasure Here's the manual http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/documents/148.pdf I'd suggest just setting up on the moon to start with and getting familiar with how it moves etc before attempting any astrophotography. Have fun! Helen
  4. Helen

    What did the postman bring?

    Today from a secondhand bookseller of ex-library books The irony is: That's the University where I did my Observational Astronomy BSc course, and where they've now closed the course It is in pristine condition! and will actually serve as a reminder of my very enjoyable time doing that course!! An AP Barlow also arrived - with added clouds... Helen
  5. Helen

    Opportunity's final messsage.

  6. Thanks Olly, I picked that link up yesterday - and now have the said Barlow on order I've also just put the 6.3 fr on the C11 along with the zwo 1600 colour. The weather must have been odd today as my counterweights were covered in condensation and the corrector had problems too. My dehumidifier has become a bit temperamental, so time for a new one I think. Will give everything a quick going over tomorrow and then hope for clear skies for galaxy hunting Helen
  7. Helen

    What did the postman bring?

    I ordered a book on comets!! (They have refunded my money and said I can keep this one ) and this to make my office look properly academic when I write lots of equations on it Helen
  8. Thanks Dave. I was thinking about a refractor/cat maybe an Edge. Like you I think bigger is closer to C11 and therefore not much advantage. So I think as a start I'll put the 6.3 reducer on the C11 and a AP barlow/flattener on the 123 (with the atik 460) - and see where that gets me. The camera question has just been answered - I bought the ex-demo 1600 colour that FLO posted earlier (cheaper than ODK!!) to try with the C11 (looks a good match using FLO calculator) Rain for weeks now..... Helen
  9. Helen

    Julian Shaw's sombrero - with a surprise!

    A lovely image! and I think gives an answer to my question in this thread Worth a go! Helen
  10. Helen

    SW 80ED - convert to 10:1?

    There's always the marmite/jamjar lid mod Michael (drill hole in lid and place over focuser to increase diameter of knob and so make focus finer) Helen
  11. Helen

    Hi all!

    Hi Vicki (and Deb!) Welcome to SGL sounds like your both off to a great start! Helen (PS the improvement to the gender balance is also very welcome )
  12. Just wondering how I would put a 2x powermate into my refractor image train while keeping a flat field. I'm using a flattener not a flattener/reducer. Would I go flattener then barlow, or the other way around? and how would the flattener to chip distance be affected?? (If it was flattener then barlow then I'd also need a t-thread to eyepiece holder and that would add rather a large distance!) Thanks Helen
  13. Has my husband knobbled you??? But seriously, thanks for the input! That would certainly be easier and cheaper than the alternative. I've currently got a field flattener on the refractor, so may need to think about how the image train would work with a barlow. And then of course there will be longer exposure times. But worth a go. If I was to do deep sky with the C11 I might be tempted to pick up a colour camera (I know that mono theoretically gives better results, but Welsh weather is not good, so getting usable images more easily works better for me ) Helen
  14. It is and my birthday is coming up... so musing about telescopes. I have a 'few' scopes. My main imaging combination is a WO 123 with a atik 460c. That has 720 fl, and fov of 1x0.75 degree. I've got a couple of smaller refractors for wider views, and then a C11 (fl 2800) currently with a ZWO1600 mono giving fov 0.36 x 0.27 degree. I find it a bit daunting imaging at such a long focal length though, and so usually it only gets used for planetary and lunar. (I also find collimation a challenge). So.... any recommendations for a scope to slot between the fl of the two scopes? Thanks Helen

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