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  1. Sir Patrick would like to say Via Trudie and Trevor. I am shattered by the number of good will messages I have received from you all. I really dont know what to say and am lost for words. I am getting better although it is a very slow prosess, but I hope to be back in action as soon as I can. Just as soon as I am well I will go through all my messages and answer what I can, although to respond to you all individually would take me to Christmas 2010. so once again thank you all very much and a happy 2010 to you all. Very best Ever Patrick.
  2. One from Christmas Day. Trev.
  3. Kieron. You have answered your own question I think, try knocking the frame rate down to 15fps and make sure your histogram is about ¾ the way up, try and keep the gain low. Trev.
  4. A copy of the World Record Lunar image (one of only 3 signed copies on canvas) signed by all the team & Sir Patrick Moore is up for sale on ebay.... All proceeds from the auction will be going to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, so even if you don’t actually want it for yourself, please let as many people as you can know about it & hopefully we’ll raise lots of money for CFT http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140334910178
  5. There is just something about the atmosphere at Hersty in the evenings surrounded by those old domes and telescopes, when the Yapp was built in the mid 1930s it cost something like £15000 in those day’s a 2/3 bed roomed house cost about £1000 so if you have never been it’s well worth a visit, to visually see M 27 fill the field of view in the Thompson Refractor is something one never forgets. Saturday afternoon was quite busy with lot’s of children using the exhibits and we showed quite a few some shuttle launches and an old Apollo 11 launch video, the evening session kicked off with a talk fr
  6. Just a reminder of this event this coming Saturday 18th July. We will also be showing the full size Lunar Image measuring 2.0m x 2.5m as shown here: http://lunarworldrecord.com/ Regards Trev.
  7. Thanks guy’s for making this a sticky, it’s for a very good cause. Now please remember to donate thank you Trev.
  8. Some of the activity on the 17th May. Tried a close up shot of the AR it’s somewhere about F/50. Trev.
  9. Nooooo I name my Prom’s after human body part’s, it’s Pete that names his after Animal’s lol
  10. Here’s a shot from early afternoon, quite a few proms visible today, could this be the start of something??? Trev......
  11. Quite a way to go before it’s completed. The reason to announce it was to show that the imaging attempt has already been completed at a said date before anybody else submit’s a claim, which maybe quite likely although theirs probably will come under different submission terms. Edit: Nick made sure it was covered see page 7 here: http://wasnet.co.uk/NWAS/May09.pdf
  12. I think Nick’s original estimate was a tad out, just between Nick and myself we must have run off nearly ¾ million frames about 600 Avi’s and over 200Gb of data.
  13. Well it’s about time this was let out of the bag so to speak. We completed the run over the evening of the 4/5th April and hopefully when all the processing is finished it will work out ”famous last words” Personally I ran off 116 Gb of data 319 Avi’s Over 370000 frames Trev. Imaging Team Aim for the Record Books An ambitious project to create the largest amateur image of the Moon, and enter the Guinness book of records is set for this Spring. A team of people, comprising of some of the worlds foremost Astro Imagers, are meeting up with a barrage of Celestron SCT scopes and Lumenera cameras t
  14. An informational post....... From: http://wasnet.co.uk/NWAS/May09.pdf Mountains and the Moon 4/5th April 2009 Been quite a busy month this month, started with the world record attempt at Sir Patrick Moore’s house in Selsey. The team, comprising of Damian Peach, Dave Tyler, Pete Lawrence, Bruce Kingsley, Nick Smith, Trevor Little, Dave Moran and Mark/Lea Irving, were either on site or imaging from home (which in the end worked out quite badly for Bruce Kingsley, as sadly he got clouded out half way in to his run, as did Dave Moran). Still, we think we have captured all of the images needed. In
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