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Every now and then, the mod/admin team decide to have a Avatar Theme. Just a bit of fun :)

It doesn't last very long, a week or two tops. Sometimes they are topical, sometimes like this one they aren't.

We never plan these things, someone in the mod team usually says "how about...." and we do it if we fancy it. This one should be fairly easy to work out...  if you do work it out please feel free to join in.

Remember to keep them clean though :)



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I think it's already been announced - you need to work it out from the current Avatars here. This is going to be much easier for over 40's in the UK. I'm sure someone will let you know soon, if you don't work it out :)


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I like to add one but can not see how to do it. I like to put Jim Carrey in there is a link. 

If you click on your avatar it will take you to your profile. Click on the bottom left of your avatar there and a box will come up asking you for an image :)



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1 hour ago, Chris Lock said:

Hmmm? I was thinking it was 70's celebs until I saw Spocks Fifth Element avatar, now I'm totally confused?

Edit, ok I've now got it :)


:eek: You should be banned for that one :D 

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6 hours ago, Tzitzis said:

I have no idea what the theme is lol. Maybe old actors..? :p 

nor I anymore, I thought it was Monty Python to start with, then... I've just got it, better go change mine.

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