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  1. I'm not sure I'd consider it legal, but they may argue that it isn't a device normally intended for domestic use. I think that would be pretty weak given that it says "your personal cloud" on the box though. Ah, I think there's some sort of fudge over external power supplies though. Perhaps just ones combined with a plug. Is that the case in this instance, Dave? James
  2. Whilst the view to the south from here yesterday afternoon was heavily clouded, I could see a fair bit of clear sky to the north and I was thinking someone in south Wales must have managed a reasonable view James
  3. I think that's dedication above and beyond. Looks like absolutely horrible weather. James
  4. A very nice set of images :) James
  5. That second image is very nice. Well done. James
  6. I don't feel so bad about the state of my monitor now. Well done for catching it :) James
  7. I scrolled down the page and saw lots of grey rectangles where the images hadn't loaded yet and thought "Yes, that's how it looked for me, too". James
  8. You're not posting from Mars, are you? James
  9. Some very nice images there. James
  10. That second one does have a certain appeal. Sadly it didn't even get that good for me James
  11. Well done. I can't believe the solar disc is so utterly featureless at the moment James
  12. I have a suspicion that ZWO develop and build some cameras that never actually make it to full production runs. I guess it's possible that vendors know about some of these plans before they're actually ready to go to market and then the camera gets withdrawn? James
  13. Same here, John. I couldn't even point to where the Sun is right now to within less than five degrees James
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