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  1. Earthshine Part 2

    Nicely done. This is something I've wanted to have a go at for ages. James
  2. Moving terminator study

    I think it's an excellent idea. Good luck with it. James
  3. I wonder if some of the metadata for the mov file is wrong. I'll have a look at this as soon as I can, but it will probably be a couple of weeks. At the moment it seems that my available free time cannot be expressed as a positive integer James
  4. Not that one I don't think. The USB ones have a model number like DMK21AU and the firewire ones are DMK21AF as far as I'm aware, so I believe the one in the picture is the USB model. James
  5. Updated ! What they think of us !

    It has been known as the "International Playstation" in our house for quite a few years James
  6. furrysocks2 has also done some work on debayering the PS3 Eye camera, including getting 10-bit raw colour data out of it. James
  7. Looks like it may not have a manual gain control though, which can make it a bit awkward to use for imaging. James
  8. I imagine we're getting towards the stage where some of the cheaper used CMOS cameras are no more expensive than the commonly-modified webcams were a few years back. James
  9. Science Cafe

    Is this a regular Radio Wales thing? If so I might have to see if I can get some sort of signal from Wenvoe and record it. James
  10. The whole "optical format" thing seems bonkers to me when applied to modern camera sensors. One might as well give the resolution in pixels per foot-fathom or the speed of light in furlongs per fortnight. Much more helpful to use actual physical dimensions (and in helpful units James
  11. As it's been touched on by others... Without wishing to pick on a single manufacturer as there are a few, I have for a while been wondering about the apparent proliferation of cameras based on different sensors that have come to the market over the last few years and struggling to justify to myself whether there's really a need for quite so many. I have some consternation that it may lead to some having quite a short shelf life and leave owners without support after far less time than might reasonably be expected. For example, I see the drivers for one brand actually support over forty different camera models. Obviously different cameras (and perhaps more specifically, different sensors) are suited to different applications and it's perhaps helpful not to have to fight with reducers and barlows and other parts of the imaging train to try to get close to one's preferred imaging scale, but have things gone a bit far? James
  12. The police turn up? Not a ghost of a chance. It's dead quiet there. I'll, err, get me coat James
  13. Ubuntu mate terminal commands....help...

    Most likely 16.04 for Ubuntu MATE on an RPi3 I think. I don't recall seeing anything later as yet. I've been meaning to download it and stick it on an SD card for a while myself. It's probably a good choice for astro, too, as it's a "long term support" release. James
  14. Arduino Based Weather Station

    Oh dear! It has been a bit fierce though, hasn't it? We're having some work done in the cellar at the moment and have to empty it, to which ends I've bought a cheap prefab wooden shed that was delivered today. Unloading that from the delivery truck was a bit more exciting than I anticipated James
  15. This is very true. Even in Wellington, which is really quite a small town, the effect of light pollution on the sky seems horrendous compared with what I'm used to out here. James