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  1. It was too grey and dark here today to even be able to see what the weather was like. James
  2. You're not kidding. We've been absolutely crucified by prices for some stuff for our barn conversion this year. "White goods" have been an absolute nightmare and the prices just seem to keep going up. Mind you, our builder told us he knew someone who had driven a 300-mile round trip to get six bags of plaster that cost him twice as much as he'd have paid this time last year because it was that or not finish a job. It's not just down to the C-word causing manufacturing and delivery issues either. I was looking to order some seeds earlier this week and the supplier whose website I was looking at had a message up saying that because of the B-word and in particular uncertainty over supply and regulations their garlic supplier has stopped dealing in it so they have none to sell this season. I suspect it is going to take quite some time before things are back to anything vaguely resembling what passed for normal, say, eighteen months ago. Until then I think a very hefty dollop of patience is going to be required when trying to source pretty much anything with a dependency on imported goods and materials. Frustrating as that is, sometimes I can't help wondering if it's actually not such a bad thing... James
  3. Indeed. Absolutely stunning. James
  4. Thanks. That sounds like it might be worth a try. James
  5. I've used zip ties before now, but I've known other people use weights attached to magnets. James
  6. I did wonder about that when I looked back at this photo Fortunately we have a different tablecloth now. James
  7. A good point. I'm clearly out of practice with all this OSC stuff :) James
  8. I seem to recall that when I did mine I set the OTA up on a tabletop and then went around the front end, trying to align my eye with the optical axis, about a metre or so in front of the OTA. If you're not even close, I think you see reflections of the mirrors drifting off towards the edges of the OTA and you need to adjust the collimation to bring them into line with the optical axis. I feel certain I also used a collimation cap for some purpose or other, but it was such a long time ago I'm afraid the reason escapes me for the moment. Things are so bad these days that if I can remember what I did last week I count it as a bonus, to be honest :) James
  9. My Mak has similarly gone "gold" in places. In fact I think the corrector cell is partly gold and partly black where the end cap was in place but it doesn't completely cover the anodised area. That particular OTA used to spend a lot of time outdoors on sunny days for white light solar viewing and imaging and I've always assumed that was what caused it. James
  10. I'm assuming you're using the standard finder shoe on the Mak and that is offset to one side of the OTA to mount the Evoguide? I think I'd be tempted to add a bit more weight to the other side of the OTA to balance it out, to be honest. Or you can probably add the weight elsewhere if it would be more convenient. The alternative is probably to add a second shoe to the OTA in line with the axis so the weight of the guider is balanced when placed in it. James
  11. The filter is an optical element of the imaging train. Light refracts through it. And at the relatively steep angles of incidence occurring at small f-ratios perhaps that results in focusing/bloating issues as well as light loss due to the greater amount of material through which the light has to travel? James
  12. I assume that's partly what the seal is there for. If you screw up the back until the seal is nipped in place but not completely squashed, it will deform a little further during collimation, but hopefully stay in place. I guess if you start with the "pull" collimation screws as far out as feels safe and then refit the back you'll probably only ever be tightening the back against the seal rather than loosening it, if you see what I mean. James
  13. You can blow some of that dust off the mirror now, too James
  14. The seal wasn't a ring when I took my 127 Mak apart either. I just put the same seal back when I reassembled it. Seems to be fine :) I can't recall how I kept it in place during reassembly though :( In my case I think it was the black mounting ring at the bottom of the picture that screwed inside the main tube and the backplate was fixed to that with the "pull" collimation bolts. If yours is wobbly I'd guess that either the collimation bolts have worked loose or the mounting ring needs tightening. Assuming it is constructed the same way as mine of course, which is not necessarily a given. James
  15. I printed a PLA mounting for the anemometer and wind vane of my weather station that has been outside since December and it's still looking fine. It is a bit "over-engineered" perhaps, but I really wasn't sure how strong it needed to be. It's not solid: 30% infill, as far as I recall. James
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