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  1. Hmmm. I'm not sure I'd describe the "compatible" firmware as a kludge. That was more the original firmware. Basically it forced the camera to work outside the USB spec in order to increase the data rate, which was ok on some systems and not on others. As far as I'm aware, the "compatible" firmware just returns the camera to USB-compliant specification, at the cost of a lower frame rate. One could quite fairly argue I think that the original version of the camera shouldn't be claimed to have a "USB" interface because as far as I'm aware you're not really allowed to use the name unless you comply with the spec. ZWO aren't the only people to have done this, to be fair. I think QHY have tried the same trick in the past. As chance would have it, there's a very early USB2 ASI120MC on my desk right now. I've just plugged it in and with my software (oacapture on Linux) it works fine, albeit with a frame rate of about 10fps. A quick check shows it is the same on MacOS (again with oacapture). I'm unsure therefore why it should struggle on Windows unless there's some fundamental hardware incompatibility that might be specific to the model or group of models of machine you're using. I have a vague recollection that there were chipsets that were known to be troublesome when the camera was originally launched, but as it worked for me and the discussion of the problems tended to revolve around Windows I didn't pay that much attention. Does the camera not even show up in the device manager? James
  2. Sounds like a replacement fan is required James
  3. Same here (last night, at least). I just can't see that part of the sky from my observatory so decided I'd set up somewhere else with much simpler kit. Took me a while to remember how it all worked, but got there in the end James
  4. Well that's rather disappointing. It'll be light by 6am And it's looking so good tonight, too. James
  5. I'm feeling that the separation between it and Menkalinan is obviously larger today than it was yesterday, but I'd say it's definitely brighter too. Just capturing some shots with the DSLR at the moment. It's a bit of a strange thing, using a DSLR and timer. I'm a bit out of practice. James
  6. They look correct to me based on the labels in the tabs -- remember the first is Ha and the second is OIII. James
  7. I believe that if you're using it on a roof then you're supposed to tape the layers together, Dave. I seem to recall our building inspector mentioning that. I think it's supposed to be so that the wind can't drive rain (or snow) upwards between the layers of membrane. For the observatory, I'd just forget it. Fix it on without the tape. James
  8. Going to be another hour or so for me I think. Even Capella is still behind the trees. James
  9. I thought I'd replied to this, but I must have lost the plot somewhere... I did mine all by myself. I started at the doorway and stapled the membrane to the door frame in one place, to get the height correct (I knew I'd need more than one layer to get the full height of the observatory so lined the first section up with the base of the walls), then pulled the membrane to the corner and stapled it again at the correct height, continuing all the way around in a similar manner until I got back to the door at which point I cut the membrane and went around stapling it all the way down. After that I repeated the process, starting at the door, fixing the membrane to the top of the walls (which gave me a nice overlap). Once back at the door I cut the membrane off and went around stapling it all down properly again. In the end it really wasn't that hard or even particularly time-consuming, though choosing a day when it's not too breezy is probably a good plan. James
  10. Thank you, Helen. Every little helps, as I believe someone says... James
  11. If you'd be so kind, would you all mind facing east and blowing for a few minutes this evening? There's a bank of cloud way down on my northern horizon that doesn't look too hopeful from the point of view of seeing Neowise this evening. If you could encourage it to move on a bit I reckon that would help enormously James
  12. It was my final view of the comet last night too. I was a little disappointed that I didn't have a camera set up, but it was about 3am and I was quite tired anyhow so I didn't have the energy to organise anything. Well done to all those who did get a photo though. It was an outstanding view. James
  13. My last view of the comet as I was walking past the window on my way to the bedroom at about 3am was very similar to this (and the photo that John posted earlier), with the NLCs slightly to the west. An absolutely stunning view. James
  14. I've just spent a fair while observing it through bins. Had a fair bit of trouble with low cloud on the horizon, but that cleared eventually. The tail is absolutely stunning. Even naked-eye I reckon it must be a couple of degrees from end to end. I shall set something up with a view to imaging it tomorrow night. James
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