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  1. JamesF

    JamesF's observatory build

    Thank you, Alan. I know I was planning to wait until Wednesday, but there's some rain forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday, so I sneaked out this afternoon before shutting the chickens in for the night and did the second layer of membrane on the walls. Once again it was pretty much dark when I finished. It does mean that the only gaps for rain to get in now are the gables and the sides of the rolling roof. Need to come to a decision about cladding in the very near future so I can get that ordered. James
  2. Lovely image :) I have found hat Registax can struggle to stack some large images where Autostakkert doesn't, even when I've cropped them as far as possible with PIPP. In that case it was easier to use the latter for stacking, then save the image and load it into Registax for further processing. James
  3. JamesF

    What has caused this please?

    :D Always good to have a suggestion confirmed, nonetheless. James
  4. JamesF

    What has caused this please?

    My first guess would be the aperture blades in the lens, too. It's pretty much unavoidable because any "edge" in the lens system will cause diffraction, just like the spider vanes in a newt. If you haven't noticed them in the past perhaps you had the lens wide open at the time? What you could try doing if you don't like the spikes is to make a circular aperture mask from card or (probably better) black plastic sheet for the aperture you want and then leave the lens aperture wide open. Diffraction still happens, but because there are no straight edges acting to cause the effects to reinforce itself in specific directions, the spikes shouldn't appear. James
  5. JamesF

    JamesF's observatory build

    I'm sure I used to have a copy of that :) I can only find "In Flame" and "The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome" at the moment though. James
  6. JamesF

    A dream come true

    Get you with your observatory with its own apricot tree :D Though in fairness I'd have to fess up that mine is on the edge of our orchard :) It would be very pleasant if you could wander out to the observatory of a late summer evening and pick a few apricots to keep you going through the night though. James
  7. JamesF

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    Are they peafowl, Kev? Unbelievably noisy animals. The hinges look pretty hefty to me so I'd hope they'd be ok. We have a number of large (3' x 6'8") ancient solid wood doors here that don't use hinges any bigger than what you have and there's never been a problem. In fact I think some of them only have two hinges. James
  8. JamesF

    JamesF's observatory build

    And thank you Alex, Gina, Kev M and Lee for your kind words :) James
  9. JamesF

    JamesF's observatory build

    Getting the second layer of membrane on the walls should be pretty quick to do. I have to take some time off on Wednesday afternoon to go to school to discuss my son's options for the sixth form, so I might take a bit more time and try to get that done beforehand. The rest I can probably close off piecemeal to keep the rain out and use a bit of the tatty old ply that I currently have on the floor inside to make up a temporary door. Progress is likely to slow down over the next couple of weeks though whilst I catch up with other stuff that I haven't done thanks to focusing on this. James
  10. JamesF

    50/50 Roll off build

    It is amazing how easily the rails and wheels allow things to move. At the moment I reckon my roof contains about 70kg of steel and around 40kg of OSB. The EPDM I put on today is 30kg-ish. So that's somewhere in the region of 140kg in total. And I can still push it open and closed with one finger (though it has become a little harder to start it moving with everything I've done this weekend). James
  11. JamesF

    JamesF's observatory build

    Today it has been beautifully sunny all day. Barely a cloud to be seen. Sadly the sunshine was accompanied by a rather chilly north-easterly wind that definitely took the edge off the warmth from the Sun, but another layer under the overalls took care of that and it was once again a pleasure to be outdoors. First task of the day was to finish all the OSB on the roof. I'd ordered five sheets of OSB, knowing that I had two plus offcuts left over from the Beer Shack project and that should be sufficient for the entire roof. One of the older sheets plus some offcuts went on the warm room and having used all the new ones this morning I pulled out the second left-over sheet and cut it to size. As I stacked the offcut with the two from previous sheets that I'd cut to the same size I had a moment of panic when I realised my new offcut was a couple of inches bigger! Berating myself for being an idiot unable to use a tape measure I rushed out and measured the piece I wanted to find that it was in fact the right size. It was only when I read the sprayed-on labelling that I realised my old sheets were Imperial sizes (8' x 4' sold as 2440mm x 1220mm) whilst the new sheets are metric (2400mm x 1200mm). Panic over, I got the last two pieces up on the roof and screwed down. I couldn't reach the last few screws on the end over the warm room roof from my ladder, so ended up crawling out onto the warm room roof through the gable and working from there. And here it is, all done: I'd kept the tarp out in case I ran out of time, but I really wanted to get the EPDM in place if I could. I was starting to feel tired at this point though. I've had a mild cold this week and despite being really nothing much it seems to have taken a lot out of me. I was struggling to lift the 30kg of EPDM when I'm normally quite happy to carry two 20kg bags of chicken feed around. As it happens my father-in-law wandered out and offered to help, so I decided to have one more go. We re-folded the sheet a different way and I slid it out onto the warm room roof, following it out the same way as I had done earlier. Then it was just a case of lifting it two feet onto the rolling roof at which point it unrolled itself as planned down each side. After that it was just a question of dragging it along the roof, which was relatively easy, and squaring it up. It fits very neatly with the edges wrapping under the OSB sheets far enough to reach the steel frame. Anyone might imagine I'd planned it For now it's just held in place with some battens and clamps. I'll sort something a bit better out shortly as I think it's going to be a while before the weather is reliably warm enough for me to use the adhesive. Darkness seems to fall very quickly these days, so I got in a quick bit of astrophotography whilst I was at it: Finally, because it wasn't quite pitch black yet, I got one run of breathable membrane fixed on the walls before calling it a day. It really was dark by the time I finished that. The camera couldn't even find anything to autofocus on Did I mention that it was dark? I'm so pleased to have got this far, albeit three weeks later than I was hoping. There's still some way to go before it is weatherproof, but it's mostly jobs that can be done in small pieces now, whereas the roof has been something of a marathon. James
  12. JamesF

    50/50 Roll off build

    Indeed not a race. More a case of "If these guys can keep things going, what's my pathetic excuse going to be if I don't?" James
  13. JamesF

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    That's a very shiny door sill :) I'd not want to step on that for fear of making a mess of it. James
  14. JamesF

    50/50 Roll off build

    Keeping it moving forward Alex, that's the important thing I'm actually finding it quite helpful having other people also documenting their builds at the same time as I'm doing mine. As everyone else's progresses it keeps me wanting to maintain momentum on my own build. James
  15. JamesF

    JamesF's observatory build

    It does tend to focus the mind, this getting dark early thing Lovely as it is not having to wait all evening for astronomical darkness, at the moment the opportunities for getting things done outdoors feel quite restricted. You can't have it all ways, I guess... James

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