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  1. As expected there was very little time to work on the observatory today. Most of the day was spent getting the polytunnel to the point where the new cover was on and held down sufficiently well that it will not blow away. I did however manage to finish off the observatory door liner, lower the opening for the window between the scope room and warm room and fit a couple of bits of cladding below the door threshold. It's been a bit of an odd day weather-wise. The sunshine was certainly warm, but it was at times accompanied by a very cold north-westerly breeze. I spent all day wearing a fleece top to try to stay warm, but have just caught sight of my face in a mirror and I've clearly caught the sun a fair bit as well James
  2. Lovely idea, Carole, and very well executed. And obviously as it only covers 2008 to 2018, there's the opportunity for further volumes James
  3. Nice piece of work. Well done. If I had to build an observatory without a roll-off roof it's the sort of design I might well use myself. James
  4. Managed to spend perhaps half an hour on the observatory at the end of today, having spent most of it working on the polytunnel and then taking my son to swimming. That was enough to get the sides of the door liner made up, but I still have the top to do. If things go well with finishing off the polytunnel tomorrow (and there is quite a lot of work still to be done, to be fair), I might be able to finish off the liner and measure up for the door. James
  5. It does look excellent. All we need now is some improvement in the weather :) James
  6. The BBC carried a news story earlier this week about the regularity with which dead bodies are now turning up on Everest as the ice is melting :( James
  7. Hah! Wikipedia even has a list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_landings_on_extraterrestrial_bodies#Luna_(Earth's_Moon) James
  8. This stuff is probably peanuts compared with the stuff we've deliberately crashed into the Moon, to be fair: SMART-1, Kaguya, Chang'e 1, LADEE. And that's only the start... James
  9. Actually, even that was quite impressive. I was driving back from Wellington to Wiveliscombe at about 4pm. The route I took (through Langford Budville) gives a lovely view north across to the Brendon Hills before dropping down into Wiveliscombe, only further improved if you mentally edit out the local electricity substation. Yesterday the Brendons were covered with fingers of cloud creeping over the top and down the southern slopes with just the top of a radio mast visible above them. It looked stunning. Unfortunately that road is a little country lane with nowhere convenient to stop and take a photo otherwise I'd have done so. To my surprise exactly the same thing happened this afternoon. Of course the end result is that the cloud eventually reached far enough south to smother us in fog, but just this once or twice I'm prepared to forgive it. James
  10. Spent the hour between stopping work and chicken bedtime tonight trimming the threshold to size, planing a slightly wider chamfer on top and making it fit. It looks rather nice, even if I do say so myself No photos unfortunately, as once I'd shut the chickens in it was too dark. Door liner next, but I'm busy tomorrow evening and I'm hoping to replace the cover on the polytunnel over the weekend, so further progress might have to wait until next week. James
  11. It does look quite neat. I wonder how much backlash there is in the gearing though? That could be quite irritating for astrophotography. James
  12. Since I've decided I need to get on with the door I thought I'd best look out some timber for the lining and decide what to do about a threshold. I dithered over the latter a fair bit before remembering that I had some bits of oak lying about left over from other jobs, so I found an off-cut from a shelf, the scrag end of the apron in our stair well and a bit of skirting, glue, screws, and... tada! Little bit of work with the plane, trim it to fit, varnish, and I'm sorted James
  13. Seems amazing that it doesn't just completely fall apart given how fast it is travelling. Stunning photographs. James
  14. It's often work keeping an eye out in the classifieds or on AB&S for filter sets for imaging. James
  15. JamesF


    Especially the man trap, the Rottweiler and the snake pit? James
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