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  1. Integrated WiFi - The Future?

    The paranoid bit of me would prefer to see hard-wired network connectivity rather than wifi, especially on kit that requires a power supply anyhow so would already have cabling in place. Even then the security considerations make me twitchy. We already have far too many networked consumer devices with dubiously-secure embedded operating systems that either can't be or don't get upgraded. James
  2. ITMA - oacapture 1.2.0

    Perhaps this needs more consideration then. There is already an issue raised against the same problem on github (#196). I have added it to the things to be looked at for 1.3.0. James
  3. Not too far from Guildford there's Upperton Vineyards. They produce sparking wines called "Nebula" and "Aurora". Unfortunately they have included phonetic examples of how to pronounce the names on the bottle labels (because they're Latin, dontchaknow) which strikes me as so condescending that I'd not drink the stuff on principle. James
  4. It is certainly somewhat unexpected Years back I did a couple of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust exams (it seems I received a "Grade A with Distinction" in the Level 3 course!) and Chateau Musar was one of the vineyards that came up for discussion. It's hardly the most peaceful country in the world even now, but back then it was pretty much a permanent war zone. I feel sure there were suggestions from bemused students that the unique terroir might produce wines with subtle hints of cordite and napalm Even the Wikipedia page for the winery has the comment "wine has been produced at the Château every year, with employees sometimes working under high-risk conditions" which surely understates the situation somewhat. I see Virgin Wines do a 2009 Chateau Musar for a mere £24 a bottle. Perhaps I can ask for one for Christmas James
  5. ITMA - oacapture 1.2.0

    Might be worth trying the option to split the controls into a separate window?
  6. Altair Astro GPCam and Linux

    Sadly no, it won't work on any ARM device as far as I'm aware. There's no reason why it shouldn't, but Altair don't provide ARM binaries at the moment. James
  7. Earthshine

    Nicely done James
  8. ITMA - oacapture 1.2.0

    Thanks Dave. Much appreciated. Testing is becoming an ever increasing nightmare, so feedback from real users is very helpful. If your forecast is anything like ours though, the next sunny day might be quite some time off James
  9. ITMA - oacapture 1.2.0

    Oh, I forgot... On Intel Linux platforms Toupcam cameras should now be supported. Altair cameras will also work on both Intel Linux and MacOS, but I can't really support them out of the box because it would involve distributing their own software too. I can explain how to go about making them work if anyone wants to try though. That's probably also true of Mallincam cameras, and Toupcam cameras on OSX. James
  10. paying for astronomy software

    Free software is great, and there's a huge amount you can achieve with it. Much of the internet only exists because of software that is free. But on the other hand I really don't begrudge those who ask for a small payment for the fruits of their labour. People who write software have to pay the same bills as everyone else and it can be hugely time-consuming to create. James
  11. Yes, it's that moment again... oacapture 1.2.0 is now available. Mostly a bugfix release, this, but there are a few notable changes such as the upgrade to the 0.6.0901 release of the ASI SDK, some Spanish translations and a complete re-write of the camera control management internally, which should be for the most part invisible to the user but unfortunately will mean that saved camera control settings will be lost. In all just under eighty issues have been cleared up with this release. Ubuntu 17.04 and 17.10 and MacOS "High Sierra" should be supported but have had very little testing. One issue I am aware of with both Ubuntu 17.x releases is that Point Grey GigE cameras are not supported because their libraries won't install. That will have to wait for Point Grey to release a new version. Downloads from the downloads page. Work on 1.3.0 will start very soon, one of the high priority issues being to move to the ASI v2 interface as the v1 interface is no longer supported. Our very own "furrysocks2" has contributed changes recently, so I need to get those incorporated too. James
  12. Damian Peach's C14 for sale on ABS

    Have you seen the "Omen" films? Well he wasn't in them. James
  13. Damian Peach's C14 for sale on ABS

    I was surprised for exactly the same reason, Jake. Perhaps he took the view that it wouldn't do any harm if the OTA had aftermarket cooling fitted and perhaps it might help a small amount. I keep looking at second hand C14s in a wishful kind of way, but I think budgetary constraints will ensure that wish remains one. Unless of course we can get this planning permission sorted for the barn and offer holiday lets with dark skies. Then I could write it off as a business expense James
  14. Once in a life time... Heads up

    "the best chance to spot it in the wild" ?! Is it so hard to find the rest of the time because they keep it in a private zoo or something? James.
  15. Damian Peach's C14 for sale on ABS

    I'd noticed that. I reckon I'd need quite a few Christmas bonuses if I were going to buy that. Wildly sticking a finger in the air I might guess at £5,000-ish? Off the top of my head I don't really know what all the add-ons are worth. On the other hand, it's probably seen an awful lot of photons and who knows what they might have done to the optics? I bet he hasn't even counted them. Could be billions. He should really have kept it covered up and complained about the weather like a proper astronomer would. Some of them might still be in there just waiting to bounce out onto the unsuspecting CMOS sensor. On that basis I don't think I could take it off his hands for more than <beard-strokey> £2,500 and I'd be cuttin' me own froat. James