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  1. JamesF

    Astrokev's ROR - The Build

    That's an excellent idea. I shall consider doing something similar with mine. James
  2. JamesF

    What did the postman bring?

    It's a neat little solution to make a travel-friendly counterweight, though when I needed one I just taped three cans to the end of the counterweight shaft James
  3. A couple of days ago the forecast for early Monday morning was clear for the entire period of the eclipse and I was planning to watch the entire thing. Even told the guys I work with that I may well not be around that morning. You can guess the forecast now though, can't you? I'll probably have a bit of a late one tomorrow night, see how the weather is looking and take it from there. James
  4. JamesF

    JamesF's observatory build

    Oh, whilst I remember I did take a photo with the first sheet of ply down. I have no idea how that leaf got inside.
  5. JamesF

    JamesF's observatory build

    I spent some of this morning fitting more of the ducting under the floor to each pier, realising in the process that I was short of a few elbows and will probably need another length of tube too. I might nip out and get those tomorrow morning. I also set up a light so I can see what I'm doing without opening the roof. This afternoon I measured up for the next sheet of flooring. The sky was looking a little ominous by the time I lifted a sheet of ply onto the trestles to cut out the hole for the pier, but I thought I'd get away with it. There was after all no rain forecast for this afternoon. The first raindrops were falling just as I started the cut for the last side Then it was a mad dash to get electrical tools out of the rain, cover over the remaining stack of ply and get the one I'd just cut into the observatory. I didn't have time to cut the holes for the ducting, but those can be done in situ. Once I had everything tidied up I went back to the observatory and fought the new sheet into position. I'm sure 18mm ply never used to be this heavy. It did at least drop very neatly over the pier block which is good news. Then I sat inside for ten minutes listening to the rain hammering down, waiting for it to ease off a bit so I could get back to the house. I have also discovered that I have a similar "leak" to Astrokev recently discovered in his own build, with water running back along one of the roof rails and then dripping inside, possibly in part because the unfinished roof covering is tending to channel water onto the inside of the track where it runs next to the warm room roof. I'll probably adopt a similar fix to him, too. For the moment however I've just stuffed the gap with an offcut of membrane to keep out as much of the water as possible. I'm also toying with the idea of lifting the rear sections of the rails off (which I can do without taking the roof off) and squeezing a big dollop of silicone across inside the raised section, so that should any water get inside the "V" of the rail it won't have anywhere to go other than out of the far end. James
  6. JamesF

    Gingercat's Roll Off Roof Observatory

    I might have to buy some of that. Not for the observatory, mind. The bottom step of our cellar stairs is a cast concrete block and not level, so I want to level it out before covering it with some decent flooring. I've only been able to find it in large bags with far more coverage than I need, but for £10 perhaps I shan't be too fussy about having a load left over. James
  7. Bah, just typed a response only to have it wiped out by a page switch when I clicked to see the latest posts Basically my point was that we need to make sure we all have the same understanding of the word "driver" here. There are the low-level drivers implemented in the SDK from Altair, and there are the indilib drivers, layered on top of that SDK. The first ones, the low-level drivers, can possibly be switched out for different versions depending on which entrypoints are in use for indilib. I've done exactly that with other applications and gone between having the MT9M034M working and not working (whilst another camera works in both instances). James
  8. Do you know for certain if the old GPCAM MT9M034M works? That would be a useful datapoint. James
  9. Yes, that's what I meant. I wasn't very clear about it the first time :( I'm not sure what the fix will be for the moment, but oacapture is going to suffer from the same issue. I'll give it a few days to see if I get an answer on the Google group. If not I'll start to look for other solutions. James
  10. The Altair drivers for Linux are not open source -- Altair actually supply a pre-built library containing the drivers. That same library has actually been part of the AltairCapture distribution for some time, so I've been pulling it out of there for a while. James
  11. I'm still not convinced this camera is supported in the current library. I've asked about it in the Google group, but not received any response as yet. It certainly used to work, but with the last three library releases I've not been able to get it to work. Switching back to the older version at any point is enough to fix things. James
  12. Exactly which model camera is it? James
  13. In that case perhaps a dual imaging rig should be called Biceratops :) James
  14. JamesF

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    Ah, yes, nations separated by a common language and all that... Slices of potato (hopefully) with many and varied flavourings. Are they called "chips" in Canada, as I believe they are in the US? ("Chips" in the UK being what are known as french fries in other places.) James
  15. JamesF

    Show us your set up in action at night.

    I thought that was a bag of crisps. I see it too. James

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