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  1. It appears to work fine for me on an Intel Core i5 machine with 16GB RAM. There appear to be very few external dependencies and they're very common ones, so I doubt you're missing any of those. I think the first thing to check would be that your CPU supports the AVX instructions. You should be able to do that just by running: $ grep avx /proc/cpuinfo If that produces any output then it looks like you should be ok for that. If it doesn't then you'll probably need copies of the tensorflow libraries that don't require AVX support. James
  2. Presumably if you buy from TS you'll have to pay shipping, duty, VAT and admin fees on top of the purchase price which could inflate the total cost to something closer to Altair's price. And then if there are any problems that mean shipping it back there's a bundle of fun going through the customs stuff again in both directions. In the case of Astroshop you may need to confirm the actual price with them. My understanding was that for purchases of this sort of value the retailer doesn't charge VAT and you have to pay it yourself on delivery, yet their price claims to be inclusive of VAT.
  3. I can't help you with Windows 10 I'm afraid, as I don't use Windows at all unless it's totally unavoidable. I believe the camera does still work on Linux and therefore should work with a Raspberry Pi, for instance, but that doesn't help you much :( James
  4. I can try it here if that would be helpful. Probably would be useful if you gave me the exact link you downloaded from, just so we can be certain that I'm running exactly the same thing. James
  5. Ah, yes, that looks like it is the reason. There are a few more details here: https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/issues/24642 It looks like a workaround is possible if you build the tensorflow stuff yourself. Or possibly it can be installed from MacPorts. It appears that v1.15 is available for Snow Leopard from MacPorts, so perhaps it will also be available for 10.11? James
  6. I'm not certain, but it looks as though it may well "just work" if you can find a suitable version of python for El Capitan and then follow the instructions on the github page for the project. James
  7. Welcome from just down the road James
  8. Same here. It was over 8C on Sunday and almost 13C yesterday after a week of mostly sub-zero temperatures (even in the daytime), and the minimum temperature overnight last night was 8.5C. James
  9. I do actually want to make a version of oacapture that's more immediately suited to all-sky photography (oacapture can probably be made to work as it is, but I wrote it primarily for planetary imaging). James
  10. That sounds like a good plan. The RPi can struggle a bit with host-powered peripherals unless it has a decent PSU. Even then I still get the occasional "low power" warning if I overdo things. James
  11. With the Altair camera does the "Actual FPS" figure get above zero? James
  12. That it shows up in lsusb is a good sign. Not sure where the zip file comes from though. I think the source code is the only file that's ever produced as a zip. Not sure why you can't download the files. I wonder if it's something to do with HTTP vs. HTTPS. Can you try downloading these: https://www.openastroproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/raspbian-10/oacapture_1.8.0-1_armhf.deb https://www.openastroproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/raspbian-10/libaltaircam_1.47.17497-1_armhf.deb If you already have INDI installed (for example) then you may not need the seco
  13. I've definitely tried Altair cameras on the RPi, though not specifically the 178. First thing is probably to check that the RPi actually sees the camera as connected. If you enter "lsusb" at the command line you should get a list of connected USB devices back. I think for the Altair 178C you should see a line containing "ID 0547:4000" if it has connected ok. The output of "dmesg | tail" immediately after plugging the camera in might prove informative, too. If you do see that the camera is connected then perhaps it's worth installing oacapture and the Altair library (if you've not
  14. I assume you mean classic orthos there? If they're Genuine Orthos at £49 each I think I might be buying myself another set :D James
  15. Showing?! Sounds like it might have a big neon sign over the top saying "Get your naivety here" whilst a full marching band complete with majorettes parade around it playing "When the saints go marching in" :D James
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