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  1. Ace scope matey. I hope to see it at future star parties
  2. Nice one Gerry Look forward to seeing some pics of the beast.......
  3. I found that an H-Beta filter gave quite pleasing views when I observed M42 with my 20" scope. It certainly gave a different view to the more usual filter appearance.
  4. As above. I've not seen or heard of anyone making kits that small.
  5. No worries then buddy. Have fun with it
  6. May I ask what the panaview was recommended for.........?? What I mean is, if one already has an extensive eyepiece collection then adding a 32mm will do no harm at all. If on the other hand this is ones first eyepiece purchase I would be hesitant to recommend that you were to start your eyepiece collection off with a "big wide". These "big wides" are nice to own but TBH are of limited observational use in a 10" Dob. What I mean is they show only one or two objects better than more usual focal lengths. 99% of DSO's will look better and show more detail through other oculars. My
  7. Instead of lifting the Dob why not just sit down to observe? I always sit down when using my 10" Dob.
  8. I would agree with Nigel. Use the SW cell system and arrange it to fit in a mirror box of your own design.
  9. I assume the OP has posted in "Getting started equipment help and advice" for a reason............ Do you think your posts encouraging a newcomer to the hobby to start out his observing experience by ignoring Dawes limit is the best advice?
  10. The 2" riser and 4" riser base plates are useful for helping to ease neck strain when using a Telrad on smaller scopes (I use one on my 10" Dob)
  11. Mount it where ever it is comfortable to view through.
  12. Don't see why not mate. 20" only gives more image scale.........you don't need that for the HH......just dark skies
  13. I agree Iain. I am pretty sure I could pick it out with my 10" from some of the dark sky sites I take the 20" Maybe this winter I will take the 10" and give it a bash.......
  14. For a 10" Dob I would go with the Nagler 22. My 20mm T5 is easily my most used eyepiece when using my 10" Dob.
  15. Ace report Damo. Best view of the quintet i've had mate (I need to get to get out to dark skies more )
  16. Depends on your travel options but I would look at making your 8" Dob less immobile if at all possible. TBH I would happily use a small set up in London but when at dark skies I want aperture. For me, If one is making the effort to get to dark skies one should make it as worthwhile as possible.
  17. Nice report Cal Couple of pics of the you boys observing and the night sky over the cottage Cal with his 18" Damo driving his 22" The cottage and Milky Way
  18. Or "blink" an O-III filter over the eye lens that can also help find the little critters
  19. Good shout. Having a go, is always the best policy when it comes to deep sky.
  20. Hiya matey There is a guy that has been to the south wales star parties (Bob) and he has an 18" dob that the built himself, and that uses plywood split blocks. As far as I know he's never had any issue with them and they certainly seemed to work fine every time I've seen him with his scope He is a member here but I I cannot recall his user name for the life of me, hopefully he will see this thread?? Good luck with the rebuild buddy
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