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  1. I was forecast two hours of clear sky from 7pm, but 7pm came and the forecast changed to cloudy :( And then five hours solid of heavy rain from 11pm. What a joy! James
  2. It's probably worth checking that your copy of EOS utilities etc. still supports the 350D properly, too. I have a sneaky suspicion that in more recent releases Canon have dropped support for older models. I think a file called ksd291a_installer.zip (used to be downloadable from Canon) should do the job if you can find a copy of that. I have a copy, but my broadband connection is quite unpleasantly narrow, so transferring it elsewhere is not that easy. James
  3. What software were you using to control the printers on Mint? James
  4. I do as a rule, but I've not been able to find any printer control software for Linux that I get on with yet. I did try Repetier Host, but the Linux version really just seems to be the Windows version running under Mono and was a bit of a mess when I tried it. James
  5. Yes, I have the Win10 upgrade downloaded, but I've not bothered to install it on the machine in question because it only rarely gets booted into Windows at all (just when I want to run the 3d printer, really). Most of the rest of the time it's running Linux. James
  6. Blimey! You had real plans and everything! James
  7. I believe it's possible to disable to reboots, though I could just make sure the system is fully updated before I start printing. I just wasn't expecting it to happen at all. I know it can be an issue on Win10, but I'm sure in the past when Win7 has updated it just waited for you to reboot normally rather than taking things into its own hands. James
  8. I had to leave the print running overnight because it was going to take a few more hours, but Windows updates defeated me, rebooting the machine before the print was finished I didn't think Windows 7 did that. I wonder if it's a recent change. Anyhow, I have restarted this morning. James
  9. I favour condensation as the explanation for the halos too. James
  10. Do you not sometimes get that thing where your brain thinks a word, yet your fingers type a different word of the same length and sharing some of the same letters (and not because you have one hand in the wrong place on the keyboard ? I even do it occasionally when I realise I've mistyped, delete the incorrect word and retype the wrong one a second time... James
  11. Nicely done Did you design and print the "string vest" case for the RPi yourself? James
  12. Very nice, Dave. I see the first one as too magenta, too. James
  13. Been a while since my last update, but I've slowly been making progress with the little stuff. This weekend I finished off the internal window which means it's not held in by sandwiching it between some screws any more. I have been considering extending the length of the rails so the roof can run off a bit further and give the third pier a slightly better view of the NCP, but I think that can wait for the time being. Plans for getting a fixed network connection have unfortunately gone a little awry. The intention was to dig an additional trench for the cabling when we had the foul water system put in for the barn conversion, but our planned system turned out to be painfully expensive and we had to settle for something simpler which didn't involve putting trenches in where we originally planned. I can live with that for the time being though. The arrangement I have seems to work sufficiently well for now. James
  14. I've completed my first board now. I had a bit of a pause whilst other stuff was happening, but finished things off over the weekend. Then I set to with FreeCAD to design a box to put it all in which is printing out at the moment, at which point I can start testing. The actual dew heater bands might have to be a home-brew design. I have a design in mind that might use a 3d-printed "spine" to hold nichrome wire. Bills for the barn conversion have started coming in large and fast so astro toys that I can't make myself are going to have to go on the back-burner for a few months I think. James
  15. Beyond limited use of Sketchup and what's possible in OpenSCAD (where you actually design things using a simple programming language) neither have I. Happy as I was with OpenSCAD I found there were some things that were awkward to do unless I planned a lot of stuff out on paper first, which slightly defeats the object of using a CAD system So I went looking for an alternative and FreeCAD seemed to fit the bill. Mind you, some of the online/youtube tutorials are shockingly bad. I gave up in the end having decided that I could probably muddle through things by myself for a while and still be less confused. I'm far from sure I've done things in the most efficient way with my current design, but I'll just be happy if it works James
  16. When I did my mount alignment I couldn't see the display in the warm room of my observatory, so I ended up installing Kstars/Ekos on the laptop, plugged it into the mount directly and did it that way. Perhaps in the future I'll try to be a bit smarter about it :) I have much the same problem with focusing, but I think that just means that remotely operated focusers lie in my not-too-distant future... James
  17. I am just starting to print out my first attempt at a case for my Robert Brown dew heater controller. Also my first design made in FreeCAD, though I stuck with the solid geometry workbench that's more similar to OpenSCAD rather than using the sketch-based workbench. It wasn't too hard once I got the hang of the controls. James
  18. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it were the USB socket on the camera. I've never liked the mini USB connectors for this sort of thing. If it's just a case of replacing the socket though, it might not be too expensive to have done. Otherwise as a replacement guide cam I'd probably go for any of the AR0130-based mono cameras that are around at the moment (ASI 120MM-S, Altair GPCAM and others) or something like the QHY5L-IIm as already suggested. If you want smaller pixels then perhaps one of the IMX290 models available from ZWO, Altair or QHY. Touptek, Risingcam and others probably have similar offerings though if you're after ASCOM support you'd probably need to check that first. James
  19. I have to admit that the persistent gloomy and wet weather down this way is starting to get to me a bit now. Not just because of the lack of astronomy, but because it's utterly soul-destroying. James
  20. If you're worried about the longevity of PLA perhaps a revisit of this post might help: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/322302-3d-printers/?do=findComment&comment=3710662 James
  21. Thank you. It does appear very nicely put together all round. James
  22. I was thinking that, too. The motor drive arrangement in particular looks near identical to the Baader mechanism. I really liked the old Steeltrak design, but the Diamond version is a struggle for me to justify cost-wise. I may well look at one of these next time I'm after an upgrade though. Any chance of a pic of the underside of the focuser, Michael? James
  23. It seems to be something to do with the reference frame that causes the problem. If I disable the reference frame then they stack quite happily. If I pick a few OIII frames at random though, they appear to be a pretty reasonable match for the reference. James
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