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  1. Come to think of it, that's probably no more silly than the Liverpool Telescope being in the Canary Islands. A bit like Leeds Castle being in Kent. James
  2. Whoever names these things is having a bit of fun I reckon. There's already the VLT (very large telescope) and the MMT (multiple mirror telescope), the LBT (large binocular telescope) and now the ELT. I suspect it's only a matter of time before they get to the ILT (infeasibly large telescope), HLT (humungously large telescope) and MLT (mind-numbingly large telescope) -- the latter also just known as the MT (mahoosive telescope). James
  3. I've just been re-reading Ade's threads linked above and noted his comment about the mirror having a piece of masking tape on the rear with "ND 72" written on it. I wonder if that's a reference to the focal length? John suggested that it is the 12" f/6 model which would give a focal length of 72". James
  4. It says on the page that stash_old linked to: "NOTE: Due to SDK availability, the SVBONY SV305 is only supported on 64-bit Linux." which possibly means the RPi isn't going to work :( James
  5. It's actually surprisingly light (though it doesn't have the mirror in at the moment). It's the size that makes it awkward more than anything. I think I might make a barrow for it, just to make it easier to move all in one go. James
  6. Today I've had a pleasant drive down to see @AdeKing thanks to his posting in the classifieds at the tail end of last year looking for a new keeper for his 12" Darkstar dob which needs a bit of attention to get back into use, as documented in these two threads of his: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/292817-monster-new-12-dob-new-to-me-anyway/ https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/292758-restoration-of-a-12-dob-advice/ which I now need to go and re-read. Ade made sure I knew how big it was before I committed to taking it on, but finally standing next to it I discovered there's a difference between "knowing" and "understanding" :D It's, err, quite large. About 6' 6" when on the base, in fact. Good job I took the Octavia estate down rather than my Fiesta. (it did actually fit into the Octavia without any real bother, though I'm not sure I could have taken a passenger too.) Thank you, Ade (and to the other SGL members who I understand have contributed parts to help out). I'm looking forward to having it working already. I have been speaking to the school my children attend about doing some astronomy outreach as they do an astronomy co-curricular course and I hope to use it for that, either here or at the school. If it seems to go well then I'll get in touch with other local schools to see if they're interested. I'll post pictures in a new thread as I make progress, but there are plenty in Ade's threads so for now here's just one now it's standing in my workshop waiting for me to get a plan of action together. James
  7. The mono imager does seem to be losing out a bit in the rush to CMOS sensors. There appear to be so many different OSC CMOS cameras around now yet very few mono models, and those there are often have technical flaws. James
  8. Indeed so. Gorgeous detail in there. James
  9. I've shut up shop now. The cloud came in very fast and by the time I'd parked the mounts and closed up the observatory it was covering half the sky. Somewhat to my surprise I disturbed an animal as I walked back up to the house. It must have been quite happy whilst I was closing up from inside, but made a dash for it as soon as I stepped out of the door. Could have been a badger, perhaps. It was very mild tonight given the clear sky and the time of year, too. I don't think the temperature crept much below 2.5C and there was very little dew. James
  10. No. Looks like you're running 1.8.2. James
  11. Yup. Lost my guide star. Game over for me I think. James
  12. I can definitely see cloud coming in from the south now. James
  13. I think I'll give it another fifteen minutes and stop there. I've work tomorrow and the forecast has changed from clear until 3am to cloudy from now, so there may be little to be gained from staying up longer anyhow. And I'm hungry, too James
  14. I've just looked at one of my machines and it's very confusing. Some things are at 1.8.3 and others are 1.8.4. Perhaps the best way to tell is to run: $ dpkg-query -l libindi\* which gives me 1.8.4 on this machine. James
  15. Just had another automated meridian flip happen, though this time it wasn't quite as successful. I'd told Ekos to pause the capture process during the previous sub so I could check to see if there was a problem with the guide scope dewing up that was giving poor star shapes for guiding on. When it reached the end of the sub it obviously decided a flip was required, stopped the guiding, flipped and recentred the target. I checked the lens, found nothing and unpaused the capture, but it didn't then restart the guiding, so I had to stop it again, restart guiding and then restart capturing. I think I may have worked out what the problem is with the guide camera though. I suspect the diagonal is causing an issue with the field not being flat. The sooner I can work out how to sort that out the better, clearly. James
  16. 1.8.3 was last week. Just checked. James
  17. Looks like an excellent idea. I shall try to remember this when I build one. James
  18. Actually, it might be 1.8.1 that I'm running, 1.8.2 that had breakages and 1.8.3 that I haven't dared to try yet. I lost track a bit when I had to unbreak my Atik camera. James
  19. There definitely have been some breakages recently. I'm running 1.8.2 and that seems to be ok, but 1.8.3 definitely had breakages and I've not dared to go as far as 1.8.4 yet. James
  20. I have a whole pile of Kstars/Ekos/INDI updates waiting, but last time I tried it broke control of my Atik camera, so I've not been keen to retry. Perhaps I should give it a go whilst the weather is rubbish and iron out any problems before it's an issue. James
  21. I can see a bit of cloud on the southern horizon, Gina. Perhaps that's you James
  22. I tried it with an earlier version of Kstars/Ekos and it was a bit of a mess. Clearly things have improved since then I have no dome to move -- my observatory has a roll-off roof, so it's a bit less complicated. James
  23. For the moment I'm still using the internal guider. James
  24. Coo, I just had my first ever Ekos automated meridian flip! I was busy chatting to one of the other people I work with at the time and the mount just started moving. It recentred the frame, recalibrated the guiding and off it went again with the imaging. Very pleased James
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