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Mr Spock

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  1. Mr Spock


    Hi Rav, welcome to SGL
  2. Mr Spock


    Hi, welcome to SGL
  3. Mr Spock

    Hello, I'm new here

    Hi Richard, welcome to SGL
  4. Mr Spock

    50 Shades of Grey

    40 for me - and it's definitely grey
  5. Mr Spock

    Mars 11-06-2018

    Excellent images
  6. Mr Spock

    Hello there

    Hi, welcome to SGL
  7. Mr Spock


    Hi Héctor, welcome to SGL
  8. Mr Spock

    FC-100 DF Takahashi £1450

    Can people take their conversations elsewhere please and not drag this thread off topic - the OP is trying to sell something. Thank you.
  9. Mr Spock

    Another rant at other social media sites

    Social media is full of people who just visit to get a quick fix for their inadequacies. It's made too easy for them to troll and get a (temporary) boost in esteem by hurting others. That sort of behaviour is completely absent from SGL. Members are polite, courteous and respectful to each other despite our great diversity. Indeed, SGL has equality and diversity unmatched in all the sites I visit. We can have open discussion on a variety of topics; sometimes intense and heated, but never unpleasant. SGL is a home to many and long may it remain that way.
  10. Mr Spock

    How good is this?

    Amazing image. Looks like Chile is the place to be
  11. Mr Spock

    Hello from maryland

    Hi Tim, welcome to SGL
  12. Mr Spock

    What are my 30-40mm eyepiece options?

    I'm using a Meade 32mm 4000 Plössl. Not that expensive but super sharp and a nice dark background.
  13. Mr Spock

    First post: hello from The Netherlands

    Hi, welcome to SGL
  14. Mr Spock

    Greetings from southern Germany

    Hi, welcome to SGL. Excellent image, I hope you'll show us more.

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