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  1. American enthusiasm over the moon!

    I do think it's sad that so many people have either little or no knowledge of any kind of science.
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    Hi, welcome to SGL

    Hi, welcome to SGL
  4. Hi from Dundee, Scotland

    Hi Ronan, welcome to SGL
  5. Kidderminster newbie

    Hi Ande, welcome to SGL
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    1. Cornelius Varley

      Cornelius Varley

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  7. Hi from Dorset

    Hi, welcome to SGL
  8. The Great 40mm Plossl Blagging

    I have the old black and orange Celestron 40mm Plössl. Despite it's excellent image quality I find it too claustrophobic. A 32mm is much more pleasant to use and gives the same fov.
  9. Here's hoping you've found something. Good luck!
  10. Hello from Atlantic Canada!

    Hi Garbus, welcome to SGL
  11. Indeed. I feel there's also a lot of wishful thinking going on here. 100mm is 100mm no matter what spin you put on it. You canna change the laws of physics as an erudite colleague once said
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    Hi Bob, welcome to SGL
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    Hi, welcome to SGL
  14. Hello from Argentina

    Hi, welcome to SGL
  15. Clavius and Plato

    Good looking images.