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  1. Incredible detail for such a small disc. Nice to see what a C9.25 is capable of. Now, if only I had your skills...
  2. I have a neodymium which doesn't get any use. I don't really like filters for planets, the natural view always seems better to me. It was good at cutting out orange streetlights, but, we don't have those anymore.
  3. I've seen their stand quite a few times and been tempted. I still have my Webb's 'Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes, Volume Two' which was purchased in 1973.
  4. Fabulous scopes. Shame not to use them
  5. Nice detail. Not sure about the colour though, it's a bit too pink for me.
  6. I guess it's like these folk who see images in clouds
  7. Interesting. I do wonder what happened to the Lego I remember. Blocks, wheels, plates - you could make almost anything without all this fancy stuff.
  8. Remember, in space, no-one can hear you scream
  9. Yes, the image quality makes you forget how old this lens is.
  10. Mr Spock


    Looks really good. There's lots of detail. I'm never sure about bi-colour images. I suppose it's down to personal taste as to whether they are good or not.
  11. Top shot. Those centre regions are looking great.
  12. Looks really good. Still not seeing a monkey though! I don't know where these names come from...
  13. It's one good thing about an SCT - the eyepiece is never too far away from being comfortable. Refractors and Newts seen particularly bad for this. However, whatever I use, my slipped disc will have some 'input'...
  14. Really nice image of such a delicate object.
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