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  1. Hi Brian, welcome to SGL. I hope you get some good weather to try out your scope!
  2. Hi Patrick, welcome to SGL
  3. Excellent image!
  4. I used to have an OMC-140. I fitted the 2" back and that allowed me to use a 42mm LVW. Worked just fine though a little restricted; I reckon I was getting about 1.2°
  5. At a guess around 10°. Most inexpensive eyepieces will have a field of view of 50°; with a magnification of x5 that gives 10°
  6. Orthos have a special 'feel' to them. If you can tollerate the restricted field of view and eye relief then nothing else comes close.
  7. Top quality image!
  8. Here's a review of the 10mm NLV v Radian I did a while ago. Eyepiece Review: Televue Radian v Vixen NLV Much the same really. I ended up selling the Radian as I thought the NLV views were a little cleaner.
  9. My EQ-6 does this. As far as I'm aware the behaviour is quite normal and no cause for concern.
  10. By eck it's grim up north
  11. Doris is going like the clappers here. I was going shopping this morning but somehow I've gone off the idea
  12. Hi Ian, welcome to SGL
  13. Hi William, welcome to SGL
  14. Hi Ron, welcome to SGL
  15. If it's for photos, then most photographers use Lightroom. Personally I don't like it. Apart from being expensive I can get my processing done easier in Nikon's NX-D (which is free) and the occasional extra bit of cloning in PaintshopPro 7.