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  1. I tried last night but seeing was so bad Sirius at x200 was the size of the moon lol
  2. Taken just seconds ago. All ready and waiting (for cool down) Heavily processed, but, it is nearly dark out there!
  3. Hi Steve, welcome to SGL
  4. Mr Spock


    Hi Dave, welcome to SGL
  5. Slippery slope? Well, you know what they say - once the avalanche has started it's too late for the pebbles to vote
  6. The only reason to get a 2" diagonal is if you are going to use 2" wide field eyepieces. It won't make any difference to 1.25" eyepieces and will be considerably heavier than a 1.25" diagonal.
  7. Hi Dave, welcome to SGL
  8. Arrived today! Very nice quality - matches my scope perfectly
  9. Mr Spock

    Hi folks

    Hi Jon, welcome to SGL
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