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  1. Hi, welcome to SGL
  2. It's nice to be able to get this region. Impossible from here!
  3. Hi Richard, welcome to SGL
  4. What annoys me is the names they use. Why would an alien have an Earth name? Why would an alien race live on a planet with an Earth name? The Centauri spring to mind (B5). Star Trek TOS was more guilty of most. Probably due to the era; not many people knew anything about astronomy or science. A farming colony on a planet orbiting Omicron Ceti (Mira) - yeah, good luck finding a planet at all there!
  5. Hi, welcome to SGL
  6. Hi, welcome to SGL
  7. I've never looked through a Mak-Newt. I do find the concept very appealing. Is anyone bringing one to SGL2017? Would love a shufti
  8. The term 'apo' refers to an 'apochromatic refractor'. It's just an abbreviation or shortening of the name 'apochromatic refractor' to 'apo', a much easier name to write. Although Newtonians are apochromatic in an optical, the abbreviation 'apo' does not apply. Some people do say 'Newt' though.
  9. Welcome back Jody
  10. Hi

    Hi Andy, welcome to SGL
  11. Hi Taledo, welcome to SGL
  12. Saturn is currently in the low part of its orbit. It will take a few years to get higher (its orbit takes 29 years) but it will get there.
  13. Hi Bill, welcome to SGL
  14. Hi, welcome to SGL
  15. I'm pleased you had a good night. Saturn can by the most impressive sight when just right.