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  1. It takes a lot of imagination to see an owl in there!
  2. Here is my new (as of tonight) view towards Aquila. Taken just now. Absolutely speechless...
  3. Hello from NYC

    Hi Andrew. Excellent images! Welcome to SGL
  4. Hi :)

    Hi Scorpy, pizzas and margarita shooters all round! Welcome to SGL
  5. NASA's Unexplained Files - Discovery channel tonighr.

    I saw a couple of these NASA Unexplained... programs. Complete pants. Discovery is definitely not what it used to be. Sad.
  6. RIP Melvyn Taylor!

    I know Melvyn from the BAA VSS having been a member for many years. Very sad loss. RIP Melvyn.
  7. Hello from Portugal [Cédric Pereira]

    Hi Cédric, welcome to SGL
  8. New Canon IS Binoculars

    My 12-36s are really good. I don't use them much for astro, mainly birding.
  9. Hello from Croatia!

    Hi Marko, welcome to SGL
  10. Hi All

    Hi Rob, welcome to SGL
  11. Globular clusters are so boring.... not!!

    Excellent targets and fine images of them. I always find globulars more interesting than those fuzzy blob thingies
  12. 35mm Nikon die-hard upgrading

    I'd go Nikon. Canons are way behind on sensor technology
  13. Hello to all from Cliffm

    Hi Cliff, welcome to SGL
  14. Hello, New from WA state USA

    Hi, welcome to SGL
  15. Hello from Cambridge

    Hi Harry, welcome to SGL