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  1. I do not have any book on Swift . Nice looking scope .
  2. Very nice reading all the posts I still like old scopes over new scopes, I got this D76.2 F1250 think it was last year try it did not like it back in the box till now , Was clear just before dark tonight and the scope been outside for just over a hour , Usein the old Swift Japan (T) 40mm with x2 then a 12mm and the Moon was looking good. still easy to move about for home to garden with just one hand ,So a lot of fun without lots of setting up. So it save for a bit longer.
  3. Will a 12v to 24v wire or wireless monitor that come in reversing kits any good.
  4. I used strimmer wire, lasts a lot longer.
  5. I mark on the tube was made by the tube ring so when on mount you not see it. this scope have got to go £175
  6. its got 64 bit gamma and linear floating point what is that for.
  7. Something in my head going back 2 years , some say green is better then red for night vision , I never seen a hand set that show green.
  8. I still have the program on my computer, I give up AP a year ago . The program never worked that well , and thinking it was made from the same man that started PHD.
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