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  1. Starlight 1

    COMPLETED - Astro set up

    I can put this down to Sold . Please remove post .
  2. Starlight 1

    COMPLETED - Astro set up

    Iam working on the wife mac computer that got a virus and can find were all the key work so it did not get one . lol
  3. I add the camera have not done over 200 hours from new .Terry had the camera back when it was new for a update the filter wheel had a new borad this year as it was droping the usb and it was drive me mad and have bin ok running in SG-PRO ever time with no more drop outs. hope this help for anyone looking.
  4. Starlight 1

    COMPLETED - Astro set up

    Yes I did put a price £5,000 .Solarboy
  5. Starlight 1

    COMPLETED - Astro set up

    Post may not be clear , I do not come with the mount or guider scope . all filters are baader.
  6. I update post Sunday with photo. All like new and no marks all come by IK . Tak fsq106ed with tube rings , starlight 694 camera 7 fillter wheel with LRGB HA Oll S2 looking at 5,000 boxs for all and any parts that come with it from new .
  7. Starlight 1

    I call it aday and moveing on

    visually observing I am happy with in the summer at it only take one min or two to set up. the astro shed will be use to hold the new steam engine I like big toys.
  8. Starlight 1

    I call it aday and moveing on

    The time have come to say bye to to all my astro kit , hard part is working out the price . so some help please is it best to sell the scope with camera- fillter wheel and all the fillers as one unit or try to work out price for each bit . I did not get on with astro images and there is about 7k siting around not being uses.
  9. Starlight 1

    Another session ruined by insecurity blights

    I give up on trying to get any thing done , I do not like the cold and in bed by 9pm ,So I call it aday as for lights still every low round here but the day will come I looked at moving but so much land is going for new homes , so may be only 3 to 5 years you back start looking again just the way the world go round so take the good nights with the bad once and make the best of the them.
  10. Starlight 1

    Sky-watcher EQ-6 Tracking Mount

    Gone , Mod please remove post, Thanks Les
  11. Starlight 1

    Strange RA activity when guiding

    GPS is telling the world were you are .
  12. Starlight 1

    Metal micro machine

    I just pick this up for very little money still in the box and look like new. just right size to make little parts .
  13. Starlight 1

    Which APO refractor

    A lot of very nice images on here taking with the FSQ106ED. and the bad ones as well from me.
  14. Starlight 1

    Longer Guide Scope, better guiding??

    Hope you work it out Peje, after getting the azeq-6 mount I not have any luck at all.
  15. Starlight 1

    PERFEX branded TASCO 10TE-5

    Come on photos, still a lot of use on here like to see a old scopes. I have come by this name and think were I see it, yes I have some old scopes .

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