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  1. Counter weights query

    When I had my heq5 I got 2 counter weights 1 was about 2 kg and 1 about 3 kg that only come black think you can still get them .
  2. M45 the pleiades

    Very nice and not over done .
  3. Polar alignment help?

    If no one do a post I do one after tea , is your eq5 a goto, Do you have a laptop, a hand set with your mount, I am looking for the easy way out I hate doing long posts.
  4. You can get this in garden centers to hold new trees up with a cane and are adjustable.

    Frist image I seen from Ray , have you thought of going for the Turner prize.
  6. Polar scope on AVX?

    Have you try phd2 dev 3 that have got PA on it.
  7. Signed up to an Astronomical Society

    Were are all the bats gone .
  8. Best portable tracking mount for DSLR

    PE stand for periodic error . in a mount when looking in EP the star may move off center . you can record this and play it back after you made the ajustments and save it and that will keep the Star center of EP.
  9. Have you tried restarting the computer and keep pushing ESC key , my windows 7 was in there.
  10. Playing Old (and new) Vinyl Records

    Here my set up from the 80s , 2 x rotel bridged mono amps 400 watts each, going to audiolab 8oooq only have volume and gain, 2xcd players, + tanoy , turntable under the bed somewere. I still love the sound with or with out the turntable .
  11. Who can tell me somthing new

    OK it come up in the west and back down in the West.
  12. Down time

    new kit in nov test till dec and go on the floor till next aug or sep when I start setting up again .
  13. Who can tell me somthing new

    Can not rember that post so thanks. Galen Gilmore WOW what a nice looking galaxy,