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  1. Such a useful tool the router... Just started following the thread. Nice job!
  2. Very nice. I wish you a happy new year and an even more experience rich journey in 2020.
  3. Wow that's a beast. I'm trust that you put it in a good use.

    1. David Smith

      David Smith

      Long time no see, how you doing?

    2. Tzitzis


      Hi Dave, I'm fine. I'm having long periods of malfunctions with my pc and i'm on the hunt for a new one. Too much work as well. How about you? :) 

    3. David Smith

      David Smith

      Great thanks. Like you too much work and not enough astro :mad:

  5. Welcome to SGL Nikola
  6. I still remember when I saw Jupiter through a 60mm refractor for the first time. I could just make out some colour and the moons where 4 tiny bright spots. I couldn't convince myself it wasn't fake.
  7. For me I think its Galileo Galilei. Not only for his contributions generally in sciences or the use of telescope and his astronomical findings (Jupiter's moons, Saturn's rings etc) but mainly for his defence of the helliocentric system against the catholic church.
  8. I can only imagine Saturn being always low in the horizon. Down here we don't have these problems. So as I always say...Come to Greece! Lots of sun and stars!
  9. Charl great work mate. Love the second and third one. Keep it up!
  10. Charl delivers again! Nice set of pictures.
  11. Very nice Charl as always!Love the second one mate! Jupiter seems nice too. Keep up the good work Tzitzis
  12. Charl, I'm back mate! Glad to see you still keep up the good work! Posting everyday I presume..? Cheers from sunny Greece Tzitzis
  13. Damn... My pc broke down and here I am a couple of months after. Hope I didn't lose much :D

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. barkis


      Must have been a difficult repair to take two months.
      I hope it behaves itself now, and lets you catch up :icon_biggrin:.


    3. Tzitzis


      Yeah finally. Lost almost all my files. Lots of music - a bit hard to find. No worries though, it's going to be aaaaaallright.

    4. Dave In Vermont

      Dave In Vermont

      This is why I have two back-ups on two (kept separately) external hard-drives of all my files. I hope you can find them hiding somewhere.

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